Arsenal given Green Light on Dortmund star´s transfer

I must admit that I am quite surprised by the latest development on the Arsenal transfer rumours concerning the Borussia Dortmund and Germany international star Ilkay Gundogan, as clubs are not usually so open about the situation regarding their players.

But maybe the Bundesliga club have had enough of the media speculation about the 24-year old midfielder. Because Gundogan´s current contract is about to enter its final year and there has been no development over a new one, a number of big clubs around Europe, Arsenal included, have been keeping a close eye on the situation.

Now, as reported by Metro, Arsenal and any other club interested in Gundogan have been given the go ahead to prepare our transfer bids for the summer, after Dortmund revealed that their player would definitely not be extending his stay with them.

A statement from the German club declared, “Borussia Dortmund and midfielder Ilkay Gundogan will not collaborate any further longer than June 30, 2016.”

By doing this I suppose that Dortmund are trying to make the issue as open as possible and perhaps it will help them to increase the number of clubs bidding for Gundogan and therefore help them to get as good a price as possible. Do you think that Arsene Wenger should be one of the bidders? Will we be able to win the battle for him and if so, how much would you expect Arsenal to pay?

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    1. Ilkay Gundogan is a natural laying deep playmaker. He’s operating with Bender or other Dortmund’s CDM. Exact position of Santi new role pairing with Coquelin. Now, we have several players like Wilshere and Rambo in this position but none of them has discipline and long pass accuracy as Santi does. Jack and Rambo have more desire to go up front themselves in the box and score goals, living the real CDM alone. Ilkay offer the right discipline when defense and more pace to Arsenal attacking flow with his direct long ball. Off course, he also has versatility to go up front as B2B player. I think that’s the reason of Arsene has been considering about Ilkay Gundogan.

      1. Ilkay will be a great back up for Santi and bring good deepness to this laying deep playmaker stuff.

    2. Would make a great addition to the treatment room. Spondylolisthesis is no joke.

  1. There are only two players at Dortmund that can improve our team: Reus and Hummels. I know we have many wingers, but I still dream of Reus at Arsenal with his favorite player’s number 7 jersey!

      1. There rumours last season about interest in Arda Turan and Griezmann, but I can’t see any transfer with Atletico happening until Cazorla wants to leave for Spain considering they were interested in him.

    1. Hummels is as slow as Mert, we don’t want another CB who can be targeted, the PL s not Bundesliga.

      1. Unfortunately who I think will win and who I would desperately like to see win are two different people!!!

      2. Floyd. He’s hard to punch. His body moves is the best in the world. He’ll be too slick for Manny to catch. Actually, I like Manny to shut Floyd big mouth by K.O, but I think Floyd will win on score cards.

      3. both are past their best. does it really matter any more? they should have either fought 5 years ago or just retired.

        Floyd should win but pac-man might pull off a surprise.

  2. I would like him here at Arsenal, I think he could be good competition for Coquelin and we do need 2 top players for every pos…
    There is also the ability to play them both for when we need to ‘park the bus’ 3/4 the way through the game.

    Main concern isnt his injury record as we will still have Coquelin and maintaining his fitness will be easier than in recent years but his age, Beilik development could be hampered in the long run.

    1. he is not as defensive as coquelin or schneiderlin. it would be great having him obviously, but maybe we should be looking for a like-for-like backup for coquelin. we have ramsey/wilshere and cazorla to play at CM and only coquelin at CDM.

      1. Ramsey and Jack are not discipline enough to play as laying deep playmaker, that’s why Santi has been push into this position earlier.
        Rambo and Jack are tending to go up front with the ball rather than triggering through ball and utilize our speedsters. Santi has the right discipline and accurate long pass to make Arsenal attacking flow more faster and direct. That’s what ilkay has been doing for Dortmund. So, Ilkay will be right back up for Santi.

  3. Already have too many CMs. Ramsey is being played on the wing as it is because there’s no space to accommodate him in the centre with Cazorla, Coquelin and Özil. Would Gundogan get into our starting 11? I don’t think he’d join any club to sit on the bench. He’s a great talent though, and still only 23.

    If we’re raiding Dortmund for a luxury signing, put everything on Reus. Reus is a player we can all get excited about. We don’t really need Reus, but he would actually improve our starting 11, whereas Gundogan, for me, is around the same level as our current players, so wouldnt really be an improvement, though having said that he’ll probably improve with age.


    Any team in the league have a better attack/midfield than that? I don’t think so.

    1. Reus would be great. However I am very concerned about his injury record, he’s missed tons of games this season due to several injuries..

  4. The ideal DM can block
    like the Chelsea bus and
    attack like Zidane, well
    at least like Vieira.
    That’s what Wenger has been
    holding out for but they are once in 20 yr players.
    Now that he has a stopper in Coquelin
    Schneiderlin may be too similar so perhaps
    some one with more passing skills is sought?
    Pogba comes to mind but so does Chelsea and 50 mill.
    Gundogan offers more but is injury prone.
    May be Kondogbia?
    Or some unknown from Siberia.
    Of course we still have the man of steel Diaby.

    1. And attack like Zidane? You don’t expect much then? Only to attack like the best player ever lived lmao that did make me chuckle

      1. And keep Goal like Neuer 🙂
        And only cost 70p 🙂
        Thats Arsene’s type of transfer.

  5. Its true. Hummels is to slow – not faster than BfG. The best defender in germany are Boateng and Badstuber. Hummels is good with the head, has a strong body and plays good passes. He is a nice guy too, i like him. But he is to slow for a top team. Bender cant play football. If Gündogan is fit he is good enough for Arsenal but he is now at 70%. He was in bis former clubs always the 10. Klopp makes him to a 7. Reus is for me the most interesting player in germany too. I think for 50 mio he can go. The New Coach Tuchel (like diego simeone) want a new Team. He likes fighter like Müller. Reus is a diva.

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