Arsenal given Green Light to complete EPL defender transfer?

If the Arsenal boss has any real transfer interest in the West Ham and New Zealand international star Winston Reid, then we should soon see some action from Arsene Wenger. Because the defender’s current boss Sam Allardyce has given the biggest hint yet that Reid will not be staying at West Ham and all but encouraged any interested parties to come and get his player.

No football manager is ever going to say so outright, but the recent words of Allardyce, reported by Sky Sports, is about as clear as you will get. With Reid’s current contract due to expire at the end of this season, his boss has declared that there is not much chance of the centre back still being a Hammer next season, leaving the club with the choice of cashing in now or losing him for nothing.

The West Ham manager said, “There is no future for Winston Reid at West Ham United at the moment. The only future for Winston at the moment is his contract finishes on 30 June.

“He hasn’t said that he is going to sign, he hasn’t said that he is or he isn’t but you’d err on (the side) that he isn’t by the look of it.

“I would say it’s highly unlikely that Winston is going to sign (again) for us based on what people are saying to me.”

So with Arsenal in dire need of defensive options and cover and with other Premier League clubs including Liverpool and Tottenham apparently interested in Reid, surely Wenger must either make his move now or never. But which will it be Gooners?

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  1. Reid is a decent defender. He is tough and tough tackler, works hard. Yes he is NOT Hummels but will do at a bare minimum

    Obviously I’d prefer Hummels, Schar, Van Dijk but It’s Wenger’s decision, not mine.

      1. 3 cookies but can not eat them till
        we sign a world class DM and not
        before Wilshere stops getting injured.

    1. @rightsaidfred

      why are we dealing with bare minimums tho
      we go for winston, man u go for hummels?

      thats fine then, lower ticket prices, season tickets, shirt prices to reflect where we are in the foodchain.

      ivan will sort you the cookie, probably old and half eaten but still valid
      (shouts to kim kallstrom)

      1. Hummels has been constantly injured and inconsistent this season. Everyone wants Hummels just because he’s the bigger name, but he’s not the hard tackling dependable CB everyone thinks he is. He’s much more of a ball-playing CB like David Luiz (but is still much better at defending than him). I would much rather have someone like Howedes honestly. Dependable, rarely injured, as well. Hummels I just dont see stabilizing our back 4.

        1. finally someone who’s talking sense. hummels has been horrible for dormund this season. take a look they’re bottom of the bundesliga and partly because their defending has been abysmal. we need a pacey, strong, intelligent defender. for now reid will fit the bill

    2. Why Wenger relies so much on short and weak injury prone players for our midfield is beyond my understanding. And why lone Podloski when the likes of Diaby and Wilshere are still at the club, these guys can not play more than 4 games before getting injured, the same applies to Ramsey, Arteta and Flamini. Can someone tell me why we are the only team with weak central midfielders. We have been relying on Wlshere and Ramsey and yet we know their injury records, Arteta was bought when he was injury prone the same with Flamini. I get it, they did not cost more than 10m, Hahaha, they always say cheap things are always expensive

  2. You Arsenal fans are so easily hoodwinked by your Manager’s slimeyness! Why do you go by every word he tells you? I do not believe we will be buying anyone of note this transfer window especially when we have Coquelin ”playing very well”, Abu Diaby ”will be like a new buy”, Ozil and Ramsey ”coming back from injury” and so on and so forth.. The man is a clown if you ask me and no wonder most of his ex-players like Arshavin, Gervinho and now Podolski are having a potshot at him.

  3. Dis is Dat time of d season when Wenger announces players returning from injuries as new signings , lol.

  4. Reid is a good player. I’d be happy if we signed him, he’d definately improve our defence.

  5. Apparently wenger has said that szczesny most likely could feature against stoke! I dont know about you guys, but i would feel more comfortable with david ospina in goal!

    1. I personally would be outraged.

      Yes, schezer smoke your lungs out and
      Have a mare in goal and I will still play you in the next game.

      And to discipline you some more I will make you sleep with my wife.

      I sincerely hope that AW has the balls to show whose boss and to do the right thing by giving ospina his chance.

  6. We should have bought Serge Aurier as long term replacement for Sagna and William Carvalho as long term replacement for Arteta, Flamini & Diaby as he can do the job of three men. Still, we have Carl “the white dani alves” Jenko learning how to defend properly under big Sam and we will prob get whichever semi-half decent cheap defensive midfielder/centreback Wenger can extract maximum value for using his special Wengerquation

    age*talent / ( value Y / wengersvalue Y-£3m ) – ((wengersdeadlinedaydiscount-%20)x(frenchyness)-(injurybility rating)) *

    *injurybility being the probability of a player getting injured where 0 = never and 1 = diaby

    Now considering we unbelievably started the season with just 5 defenders (not counting youth team players like Bellerin and Chambers) its absolutely ludicrous we haven’t already done our business. How can we not have lined up our recruits and got the deal in place for opening day rather than deadline day?!?!. I am in no way advocating that we circumvent FA rules by speaking to agents and players behind club’s backs. Although I probably should as we are clearly one of the few clubs who dont.

    Who’s it gonna be folks?

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