Arsenal given Green Light to sign Europe’s TOP striker

Arsenal fans could be forgiven for hoping that our England international striker Danny Welbeck suffers a setback on his road to recovery from the injury that has kept him out of action since the latter stages of last season. Because if that is what it takes to get Arsene Wenger to splash the cash in the January transfer window then so be it.

Wenger said in the summer, after not signing a single outfield player to boost our Premier League title hopes, that there simply were no players available that would increase the quality of the Arsenal team, but he cannot say that this time after reading the Metro report about Europe´s top striker being available.

The player is the Gabon international star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who has scored an incredible 22 goals in just 22 games for Borussia Dortmund, with 14 of those being in the Bundesliga and putting him level on the league scoring charts with Robert Lewandowski.

The report reveals the exciting news from the German media that the pacy and prolific young player will be allowed to leave Dortmund if the right offer comes along. And it just so happens that their valuation of Aubameyang is jujst shy of the Arsenal transfer record that Wenger spent to sign Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

He is on fire, Arsenal can afford him and his club will sell, so what else can stop Aubameyang becoming a Gunner in January?

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    1. Seriously, we should get him ASAP. Dortmund aren’t even in CL so if we made it through the qualification rounds he would be eligible to play for us. Wenger please get him to SIGN DA TING.

  1. I wish we’ll get him…i’ve always liked him even before this season…but then again this is Arsene Wenger, the man who will walk straight to hell just to prove his decisions are best

    1. Tbf Wenger showed interest in him before we got Welbeck, so I could see him throw in a bid next season. But I DO NOT want Benzema or Cavani or any of the other overrated forwards soon to be on the wrong side of 30.

  2. Wenger is sooo full of ? nothing but lies lies lies ….
    The stubborn egoistic indecisive deluded old bull?ing xxxx!

    If Anyone thinks we will win the league without upgrading our squad is as xxxxed up as he is! ???

    1. Most in form team in Europe along with the likes of Bayern and Barca. Beat United, Chelsea and City this year. But I guess it’s easy to overlook the facts and jump on the bandwagon hate. I’m sure you were one of the fans that wanted us to get Pedro, Bony, Falcao, DiMaria and Michu.

  3. It wouldn’t make any difference if Welbeck does have a set back, Wenger already mugged the fans off in the summer transfer window by declaring Welbeck was back,
    Even when he already knew that the player was going to have an operation the following week!

    Wenger avoids criticism by delaying the real extent of injured player’s, blah blah blah will be back after the international break. .. but he didn’t state which break!
    Two have passed and theres still no sign of those players returning.

    Yesterday: sanchez agrees new contract extension until 2020!
    Today, Wenger : “There’s no rush for contract extension, Sanchez and Ozil still have 2 year’s left on there’s”

    of course there’s no rush, why would wenger waste his money on them now! When he can save millions by waiting 2 years!

    Wenger says that Koscielny is not mentally right because he didn’t recognise him whilst playing against England!
    So it had nothing to do with England playing well then?
    Koscielny wasn’t the only french man on the pitch that night!
    As Giroud seemed more upset about losing to England than anything else!

    Even Wenger says “life goes on and we have to be strong”
    And I add to that, just be grateful that you don’t live in Gaza!!!

    1. Ok, tell me which forward was available this summer because that’s what we needed, not a CB, not a RW but a CF.

      1. Listen gooner lad. Every player in the world is up for sale for the right price. Its hard to believe but at least try to imagine it.

        Arsenal; Good day sir. how much does this player cost?

        X team: X player is not for sale.

        Arsenal: We are bringing a bunch of cash with us and we are willing to spend it. Look.

        X team: I am listening.


        1. @ks-gunner
          They also have the right to turn down moves to teams they don’t want to go to, also. Or refuse to be sold, period…

        2. By your logic any team can buy Suarez or Lewandowski, that’s not how the transfer system works. The player has to be willing to join before we can even think of putting in a bid. And the club has to be willing to sell at the same time. In addition, the manager has to be sure the player will adapt to the PL. Look how Ozil, DiMaria, etc. struggled in their first season, we had to wait a year before Mesut could find his form but fans are demanding for immediate results. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration when buying a player is their ego, if we bought Benzema imagine the disruption he would’ve caused in the dressing room with his scandal, that in itself shows Wenger was right not to buy him. The kind of striker we need is NEVER available unless he’s being replaced by an even better striker, none of which exist today, which is why the manager decided to buy young strikers in hope they end up world class. The only realistic target we could get is Aubameyang, but he signed a new contract last season hence why we couldn’t sign him. Don’t assume the manager can buy whoever he wants, the only clubs that can do that are Barca and Real.

  4. Good luck with it, knowing what a fantastic season he is currenlty playing at dortmund.

    Arsenal has no balls for transfers. Arsene deciding to buy is like getting lucky in lotto.

  5. I can’t see the Boss signs 261/2 year old Pierre Aubameyang in Jan window if Wilshere is back or almost back and Ramsey&Campbell will be available for selection for the right wing. Aubameyang has been reported by the media to have even said, he preferred to play in La liga maybe at Barca ahead of any Premier League club. And he has never crave to play for Arsenal like some players had craved. £48m has placed on Aubameyang by his club as his release clause fee for any prospective buyer to activate before Auba can be transferred if his personal terms are met. If this report is true, how do we imagine the Boss will activate Auba’s release clause of whopping £48m even if we qualify for the knockout stages of the Ucl where his service will be more required that the Premier League. I believe Arsenal can win the Barclays Premier League without Auba.

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