Arsenal given HUGE blow in race for Arturo Vidal

It seemed like the least best kept Arsenal transfer rumour so far when it seemed all but certain that the Gunners were going to get the Juventus star Arturo Vidal as competition for Francis Coquelin next season, but now it seems very far from clear-cut at all.

Not only have other big teams become interested, like Real Madrid, but now the Juve boss Guiseppe Marotta has announced that the Champions League finalists have no intention of selling Vidal to anyone!

“I have no problem saying it,” Moratta said. “Arturo Vidal will stay at Juventus next season; he is a player too valuable to let go.

“We have nothing concrete from Real Madrid or other teams, but we know that several major clubs are watching the Chilean.

“I repeat, Vidal is a prerequisite for the organisation of team player and also for the economy of the club.

“We have no intention of putting him on the market.”

It is well known that during the transfer window many sellers may make declarations in the hope that they can persuade the buying clubs to increase their offers, but Moratta seems pretty clear that he wants to keep his team intact. It is no wonder considering they have just won their fourth Serie A title in a row and have reached the final of the Champions League.

So if Vidal is ruled out, who is our most likely target for DM now?

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  1. Good morning fellow sufferers of the AFC transfer trauma.

    Was he ever ruled in? Or was it just media generated b@llocks con-concocted from the fact that Vidal has the same agent as Arturo Vidal?

    Gonna be a long summer waiting for a Christmas that never comes.

    1. I have always said and will say Vidal to arsenal is just too good to be true. Will never happen. Sorry but I can’t see Wenger spending big for Vidal and if Vidal wanted to leave he would chose a team that offers the biggest salary and that team is not our team, sorry guys just speaking the truth

      1. You may be right but i wouldnt let a statement like that persuade me against it, of course theyll say that just so youl try entice them further.

    1. Went quicker than expected!
      How was yours?

      So how many WC or 2ndClass signings do we have? Flamini, Poldi, Diaby all gone right?

      1. @AOT
        Yep Diaby is a medical
        rehab assistant now.
        Poldi went to Galatasary
        Campbell to Olympiakos
        Ryo went back to the J league
        Flamini joined Bournmouth.
        Rosicky went back to Prague.
        Sanogo went back to France.
        Wenger bought Schneiderlin after all
        and Benzema replaced Wellbeck who went to Liverpool.
        Ramsey is the new captain.
        What do you think ..good transfers:)

        1. I would have liked Cavani but I’m more than happy with that!

          Now we have a chance! But…holdup..
          It’s inly June 6th!!


  2. Wenger is busy making love to his wife we are here wasting ink,trying to read his mind about Transfers.I know its not even clear to his mind who he will buy,just waiting for scouts report.

  3. If Juve lose the final
    he will be let go.
    But it does not
    matter because there are
    lots of decent DM’s out there.

    1. Well on the verge of the
      Champions League Final
      its not like the President
      of Juve is gonna say anything
      to upset the focus of the team.
      Lets see what he says in a weeks
      time especially if Juve lose.

  4. I remember I use to get worked up during the transfer season with all the rumours. But I know if a paper is reporting Wenger is “edging” towards signing a player, or he is “eyeing” someone 9 times outta ten it’s just to keep the rumour mill churning. I just wait and see now, and get excited come September, still love deadline day.

  5. Football feast tonight:

    Pirlo, Messi, Pogba, Suarez, Vidal, Neymar, Tevez, Iniesta, Morata, Rakitic…

    All AFC signings this summer!

    Shame Juves new signing and wonderkid Dybala won’t be playing tonight. One for the future and the 2nd Messi that got away:(

    Still we have Wellback.

    1. The Spanish and Italian
      clubs have Presidents.
      Who is the President of
      Arsenal FC.
      Hafiz Rahman?
      Lucas Podolski?
      Ivan Gazidis?
      Piers Morgan?
      🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. “so far when it seemed all but certain that the Gunners were going to get the Juventus star Arturo Vidal ” hahah ha

    that is the best line I have ever read. The daily star and other rubbish said we are looking so you decide it was all but certain!!

  7. If to sign a new top quality DM that will partner with Coquelin will become a problem for the Boss to accomplished, I suggest to the Boss to solve the matter internally. Apart of Arteta and Flamini who are no longer top quality DMs, Arsenal have a host of midfielders and defenders out of them the Boss could successfully convert one them to a DM as he has converted Coquelin who was not originally a DM.

  8. Just remember wenger bought ozil and alexis, players no fans could have predicted. So that’s who his gonna sign. Wenger won’t make more than 2 signings. I think his realized our change in play since a decent dmf came in, so im going for someone like kristoph Kramer in the german league and a left footed forward to replace podolski.

  9. Despite these comments I’d wouldn’t completely rule out Vidal leaving Juventus this summer. I think tonight’s result could have an effect on players decisions. Talk of Vidal, Pogba & Pirlo leaving I can’t see that happening a side like Juventus all in one summer. Pogba will probably move on anyway if it’s this summer or next to either Madrid or Barca. Hopefully he says this summer they’ve got Kedhira. Even if Vidal does leave I’d expect big competition for him but I belive arsenal is an attractive option for any player now. Lots of potential alternatives possibly available this summer Vidal would be my first choice if not Gundogan deffinitly available. Xhaka would be a very good option Those two would be my next two choices. Kramer, the Bender brothers seem to be off everyone’s minds now still possibilities. Javi Martinez although he’s been out injured all season maybe Bayern would let him leave. Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Krychowiak are all possibilities. I still think. Just a question of which of these could improve us or give competition to what we have.

  10. 6/1/15: Vidal is 100% an Arsenal player.

    6/6/15: Vidal is definitely not going to Arsenal.

    6/12/15: ???

    The saga continues…

  11. More like it’s a blow to you @admin.Didn’t you write an article last month, how it’s already a done deal and that someone from Chile said it in his twitter.Nobody believed it except you.why would Juventus sell him? And why would they sell him for 25mil? Which is laughable.And more than that why would he come to Arsenal?

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