Arsenal given HUGE double boost for Chelsea clash

Because of the circumstances in the Premier League and Champions League, both Arsenal and Chelsea are badly in need of a win in the London derby at Stamford Bridge tomorrow. This is always a tasty fixture and even more so with Jose Mourinho in charge, because of the palpable tension and dislike between him and Arsene Wenger.

After the disappointing Champions League defeat to Dinamo Zagreb, Arsenal are in need of bouncing back fast and with a five point gap between us and the league leaders Man City, we really need the points as well, while Chelsea got a morale boosting UCL win at home to Maccabi Tel Aviv but that will count for little if they do not get back to winning ways in the Premier League.

So the news that two of their key attacking players, Willian and Pedro Rodriguez, are out of the game with injury problems is a huge blow for Mourinho and the Blues. It is a huge boost for Arsenal as well of course, especially as their best players Eden Hazard, Fabregas and Costa are all struggling for form at the minute.

What this injury news might do, however, is to tip the tactical scales for Mourinho and encourage him to roll out that famous Chelsea bus. I hope not because a more open game would suit us a lot more, especially with the pace and movement of Theo Walcott up front.

Have these two Chelsea injuries just made Arsenal favourites for the points?

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  1. Pedro and Willian may be out…

    but are we able to score goals and win??

    Chelsea will be parking the bus, the plane and everything….playing physical and stopping play

    Will Wenger change his style?

    Will Wenger has a plan B ?

    1. @Hafiz
      Chelsea will only park the bus if they get the 1st goal.Its their home game, and they need the 3 points more than us..even a draw wont be good enough for them. JM plays to get atleast 4 points from the top teams in the league (3 from the home game and 1 from the away game). We have to make sure they dont get the 1st goal.

  2. Well that’s a good news, but Matic and Fabregas are still there, alongside Diego Mo***Fu*** Costa.. So not a very good news. a Win is a must

    1. You should be more mad about Gibbs and Debuchy’s performance. I mean, they were lined up not only for resting our primary full backs, but to show that they can perform better. I still expected them to do their basic jobs i.e. sticking to their positions… Its okay if you are not producing stellar performances, I will understand the fact that you are rusty. But that doesn’t mean you ignore your basic duties as a defender. Both goals were a result of that.

      1. I don’t get the hate on debuchy I thought he played well given he is still rusty and lacking match fitness. Gibbs on the other hand gave the exact performance I’ve come to expect from him. I think he is our weakest link in the team, defensively he is terrible and I think his offensive output has gone down.

        But I expect way more from the Ox and I just think that was the worst game I’ve seen from him. Even his attitude was terrible

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      1. Yeah, at least, I tried to cheer my self up mate.

        Otherwise I am always annoyed and angry all the time ever wonder when will arsenal ever win EPL trophy again?

        1. You can always smoke that sensi it works for me!

          But on a serious note wait till after the chelsea game or the game against olympiacos before your all doom and gloom

    1. You are an excuse of a human being mate. Look up the article and notice that it has nothing to do with Wenger and yet you couldn’t stop taking an opportunity to parade your classless hatred towards another human being. The world is in turmoil because of people of your mindset who believe the solution to deal with people they do not agree with is to demonstrate unmitigated hatred towards them. It is a shame that you are an Arsenal fan.

  4. Let’s not get ahead too much here, sure Pedro & Willian will not be miss by us but it could have as much of an X-factor on us than on them. Let’s hope it works in our favour. Also:

    1)There firepower and what led them to the title is still there: Costa;Fab;Hazard;Oscar;Matic…enough for them to win the title last year and score plenty.
    2) Thankfully we have more stability at the back with our starting back 5: Ceche-Monreal-Kos-BFG/Gab-Bellerin…neither Gibbs nor Debuchy staked there claim
    3)Offensively is were our problem is. Giroud should not be in the 1st XI after his poor showing (even thought Wenger has a habit of casting a vote of confidence and try to help…this is not the game to do it!!!). I hope he apologized to his teammates, coach as he hasn’t done it publicly to the fans who travelled and Wenger had to clean up.
    Walcott should be leading the line after scoring almost each time he played and given more time upfront. Just one thing…get the conversion rate higher…Özil is bleeding internally a bit each time you guys miss. & we might not have that many opportunities..he could have had 6 assists by now!
    4) This is a Derby…a game where you can lay a marker against a rival and show that the community shield win wasn’t an exception that confirmed a rule but a positive trend that’s not going to stop (at least in the EPL can’t say the same about UCL)…GO GOONERS!!!

  5. Don’t keep any expectations from Wenger. He will surely try playing that awful debuchy and arteta who failed defensively all the time. Looks like after van persie left arsenal’s selection of captains are abysmal just like lies every single day starting with Sanchez rest period. Just like the majority of arsenal supporters who voted for him to stay are happy with what he performs.

    1. I think Ox will still have a solid season. But including pre-season, he’s had three defensive lapses that have cost us goals. Chelsea are a team to make you pay. Ramsey for sure.

  6. Good morning Bob. We’ve started again, haven’t we? We are looking at Chelsea likely team weakness instead of to first look at our own weaknesses for this big game and make effort to correct them and turn it to source of power. I watched Chelsea vs Maccabi and I saw how Maccabi were heavily punished for their wastefullness. And that is the problem the Gunners MUST avoid on Saturday at Stamford Bridge if they hope to beat the Blues. I believe the Gunners can beat the Blues right in front of their partisan fans and owner Abram Abramovich, if the Boss makes the correct starts of a winning starts. Can we trust the pairing of De Abreu and Koscielny at the heart of the Gunners defense line as they failed to deal with Zagreb’s corner kick that was powerfully headed in past Ospina? I want to see Rhinosacker pair Koscielny for this game because of that lapse. Walcott to start the match, is a popular saying among the Gooners. But for his physic & power, I prefer to see Giroud first start. Then Walcott can sub him later.

  7. I don’t trust Arsenal even when they play a Chelsea side with 4 key players out in Stamford Bridge. Lets focus on what we can do and how we can stop them with or without Willian and Pedro…..

    You wont be surprise if Hazard, Fabregas and Costa get their mojo on Saturday. Its so annoying that most our of form players get their form when playing Arsenal. Anyway, i’ll support Arsenal and pray they take their chances when it comes…..

  8. MaureenHO is in the better mood right now that chelshit won in UCL to maccabi.

    I wouldn’t high hope after that dinamo shocker.

    Please don’t bat your coq on it.

  9. @akin I think Wenger should stick with gab n koscielny coz they had a bad day due to poor performance from arteta and d full backs.they’ll both b more comfortable with coq Caz n rams,and then bells n concern, which is that of all of us is converting our u know who I actualy think can rescue us?RAMSEY!yea as odd as it sounds its rams who can get into those positions on his days n put d ball @d back of d net.Alexis lion should also find it good if Chelsea uses azpillicueta in place of ivanovic.I see us beating chelsea

  10. I’m just glad Chelsea is still being seen as the underdog even after our showing in Croatia. Injuries to willian and Pedro should concern us in any way. I just hope Wenger gets his tactics right tomorrow. COYG

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