Arsenal given price and deadline for Aubameyang transfer

I do not know if he is on the Arsenal transfer wish list of Arsene Wenger this summer, but if he is not then he should be, because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the hottest forwards in world football right now and even if Arsenal do somehow manage to persuade Alexis Sanchez to sign a new contract extension, the Gunners need more firepower if we are to stand any chance of reclaiming the Premier League title.

Maybe the boss is waiting to see whether the reported transfer bids for either Kylian Mbappe or Alexandre Lacazette are successful but according to a Metro report he does not have too much time to mess about with.

Aubameyang’s German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund have apparently agreed to let the pacy and prolific Gabon international go this summer, but only if they receive bids over £60 million for him. They have also put a deadline on his departure as the date when their pre-season training camp is due to begin, July 26th.

That is still over a month from now but surely this news will have clubs all over Europe on alert, especially as the price for a proven player who has scored 79 goals for his club over the past two seasons appears pretty cheap when compared with the money being talked about for Mbappe.

Over to you Arsene…



  1. Nothing is quoted by Sky or BBC so we cannot believe…. But just news getting flash on Sky that we are in talks with Lyon over Lacazzate for 44 Millions Pounds Deal…. Sky has quoted it means we can at least trust them because they are one of the trusted brand….

  2. I think sky sports sources are spot on and i reckon lazarrate will sign next week hopefully and we should go for mpabbe as well pay what ever it takes and build our team around him

  3. Biting more than you can chew, nooooo. I will rather advice Lpool to pursue him with their “£88m mirage” meant for impossible task(Mbappe).

  4. 44m for lacazette when abamayang is available has wenger written all over it. Can’t even get in the French team above Giroud but that’s wenger all over, another rubbish window with money wasted.

    1. The chance of getting Lacazette is way better than Aubameyang, because of the competition between the clubs and the kind of deal that Aubameyang will accept to come to Arsenal. It is not good to target two birds at once with one stone, we could get no one.

      I agree that Aubameyang will improve Arsenal more than Lacazette and Mbappe, considering the way Arsenal plays with the long crosses from the wings. That was why Giroud can score many goals with us, because Giroud is very dominant in the air.

      But if Arsenal can play like Atletico Madrid or Leicester City in the upcoming season, with defensive counter-attack strategy, Lacazette could be our Griezmann or Vardy. Arsenal just need a real playmaker that can dictate the tempo like Rafinha, Sergi Roberto, Thiago and Jean Seri, then we are all set.

      1. do you even watch football or atleast arsenal. arsenal rarely play long crosses which is a major reason why giroud cant get over 20 goals in PL( put him in everton = 25 goals/season). and where in the hell did you find that auba will play better with crosses. both lacazette and auba play best in direct fast football and neither is much good with their head. auba is longer & faster and lacazette is bigger & defends more.

    2. Spot on Sean, fans should go see the videos about Laz to realize he’s nothing out of the way and will stregthen the team only if Sanchez stays.

  5. I think we will either get Lacazete or Aubumeyang, Mbape is last resort (could buy 3 lacazzettes).

  6. Wat a hell are you talking about sean… do u wanna tell me lacazete no good…. it seems some fans no sabi player at all…. kip ur mouth shut if u no sabi player…..

  7. the way i see it mbappe was at first only a ghost bid to hide our attempts for another striker maybe lacazette or another but arsenal found out that they actually have a chance even small to get him. this would explain why striker deal is on hold. every big clubs in the market for a striker is waiting for the first one to complete a deal and profit from the domino effect. we used the same tactics when going for ozil.

  8. With the world on the edge of disaster either from nuclear war or Islamic invasion how can we justify even considering spending millions just to watch pre madona`s kick a ball around?

    1. Call it distraction from world problems and you won’t be very wrong. But remember man shall not live by bread alone, hence in the midst of world problems, we need to keep what gives us joy. We need our football. Would you rather wait for death from world problems or get up and do something to better your heartbeat?

  9. Truth is i would gladly welcome Audu to ArsenalFC. but if we can get Alex L plus another Mini Carzola while signing Alexis S and M ozil to new deals, then AW would have given me new belief for the new EPL season

  10. plot twist, we sign noone like every season. despite having these fantasies about actually challenging for trophies and adding depth, we refuse to pull the plug.

    hazard, dzeko, benzema among a million others… now it will be aubemeyang, lacazette, mbappe just added to the list of players we danced with and never obtained who go on to win trophies for whoever they ended up with

  11. I would be amazed if we get any of them (Aubameyang, Mbappe, or Lacazette).

    We’ll get told that “We tried” but it was “Impossible” and there was “No quality available” so Kolasinac + maybe a new midfielder (Who will get played out-of-position for the next 5 years) and onto next season we go!

  12. Come on, Wenger offer 60 mill plus a quid and say you’ve tried. We’ll believe you again, that’s how gullible we are.

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