Arsenal gives struggling club a 12-month extension to make transfer payment

Arsenal has given cash-strapped Derby County an extra 12 months to pay their next instalment of Krystian Bielik’s transfer fee.

Bielik joined the Rams for £8m in 2019 and they are yet to pay most of that fee.

They have already defaulted on making repayments and were expected to make an instalment this month.

However, Metro Sports says Arsenal has been generous enough to consider their current financial plight and they have extended the date of repayment by a year.

Derby is currently in administration as their financial struggles threaten to run the club into the ground.

Bielik remains one of the key members of Wayne Rooney’s first-team squad and made just two senior appearances for Arsenal before joining the Championship club.

They have had a number of points deducted from them already and face an uphill task in remaining in England’s second division.

Arsenal generosity will go a long way in helping them stay afloat for the next few months, their administrators have confirmed.

Carl Jackson, from Derby’s administrators Quantuma, said on Tuesday via the report: ‘We’ve had some very positive discussions with Arsenal and they’ve allowed us to defer those payments until a later date.

‘That has freed up some cash for us and that’s been agreed in writing. 

‘It will certainly help our cash-flow over the course of the next two to three months and also sorts out any threatened embargo from the EFL at the same time.’

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  1. THIS TYPE OF DEBT WILL BE FAR FROM THE LAST TIME IT HAPPENS. Constant wage increases with now less money, not more, in top football will inevitably lead to more clubs going under.

    I have been saying this for many years past but it is constantly and foolishly ignored.

    We cannot and must not keep on paying grossly obscene salaries to any players at all and even more definitely not to run of the mill players who are nothing special.

    IF fooball clubs do, they will assuredly pay the ultimate price and go out of business.

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