Arsenal goals to flow after international break?

There are still a few international games to get through for the Arsenal players who have jetted off to various locations around the globe to meet up with their fellow countryman, but for the Gunners and our hopes of getting back to the serious business of domestic action with a bang, you have to say that things have gone well for us so far.

Not an injury in sight so far is obviously one of the major plus points for a club that has sometimes felt as if we were jinxed or some sort of guinea pig for things that could go wrong. A fair few of our key players have now finished their involvement with their respective countries as well; so Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny, Mathieu Debuchy, Mesut Ozil, Petr Cech, Calum Chambers and Aaron Ramsey will all be be fit and ready for action this weekend.

But for me the best thing to come out of this two week break so far, is the fact that the Arsenal strike force has found the back of the net. Alexis scored the winner for Chile in their friendly against Paraguay at the weekend, so he will be feeling a lot better about life and has a week before he takes the field against Stoke. Be afraid Potters.

It was a shame that Giroud did not score and had a pretty poor international break but he has at least got a goal for Arsenal this season and despite getting just a few minutes for France on Friday, he started for them last night and so his place in the France team looks reasonably safe, while a home game against Stoke almost guarantees him a start on Saturday.

And what about our man Walcott? Surely he must have given Roy Hodgson a big decision to make after scoring a quick fire double after coming on as a sub in San Marino. Another decent showing from him and the Ox against Switzerland tonight should see the Gunners ready for Stoke with some much needed confidence restored in front of goal.

Are the Arsenal floodgates about to open?

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    1. So goaLs will fLow?………… Will it fLow like River Jordan?…………. Hope it doesn’t fLow towards our direction tho!

  1. Club football form and international football form can be worlds apart ( as we have seen from players like Messi, Diego Costa, CR7, Bale, etc). However I would really love seeing our guns blazing again.

    Sanchez seems like he just needs one to go in before he opens the flood gates, bare in mind his a marked man now plus seems to have dropped his sharpness around goal at the moment. 10 years on and I’m yet to be fully convinced by Theo, his too inconsistent for me to lead the lines. His a better goal creator than scorer hence the wing suits him better.

    Hoping the Ox, Ozil, Rambo and Santi can open there accounts too. Funny enough the longer Santi and now Sanchez have been at the club, the less they take long range shots which is frustrating. Our play around the box is so obvious plus teams just defend deep knowing we will always try to walk it into the next.

    Take more shots gunners, its way better than the sideways boring football.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cue some more Giroud hate because he failed to score in 45 mins in an international game… zzzzz

    1. Yes, as opposed to Benzema who did. Told you, we must have paid those 100 mils for him. Worth every penny. Now is too late.

  3. Arshavin actually could play football and was very talented. But Wenger played him out of poz and destroyed him by doing so.

    Giroud plays without any competition for almost 3 years up front. and he fails and fails, and you people have the nerve to compare a talented player like Arshavin to a donkey. lol

    All of you are damn stupid and deserve everything what happens in the club.

    1. So both Wenger and Hiddink must come to you for advice on which positions to play their players, since Asharvin also played wide for Russia?

      1. Wenger doing same with OG and playing him out of position…he best position is on the left side of the sub bench next to Arteta.

  4. The next four games ( 3 in EPL, one in CL) are critical for Arsenal’s success this season. Stoke, Chelsea, and Tott, in EPL and Dinamo Zagreb in CL. Need to find a way to score goals, defend as a team, and impose Arsenal’s will on all of these opponents. Should beat all of them.

    1. Its one game at at time. What if Arsenal win 1 and draw 2 including game against Chelsea, while Man City, Man United, Liverpool, and other clubs above us manage 1 point apiece in their next 3 matches? Would that not count as ground gained?

  5. our new stricker own goals will win us the league.very dependable and doesnt get injured..thanks arsene for signing him!

    1. it makes me wonder if all these own goals jokes are for real or are jokes knowing that it is a silly matter.
      In order for other teams to score for us there has to be a mistake, they dont do it on ourpose, we cause those mistakes.
      I bet that back in the day when the Boss had like 3 own goals scorred the other teams didnt complain..
      any way…my two cents there

  6. Flow of goals against stoke???maybe zagreb at mid-week though!let’s just hope that injury and fatigue does not come knocking noting we hav stoke then comes zagreb mid-wk then chelshit. The chelshit and stoke games cld make or break our season!

  7. OT for all those Arsenal striker haters (sincehe is our only truly CF I am expanding the name). This is from the Daily Mail and I ve seen there their share of blasting Arsenal, so it HAS to be objective.

    It is also worth noting how much of a more all-round team the Gunners have become since Giroud arrived at the club.

    Remembering back three seasons is not something many of his critics are prepared to do, but, with Robin van Persie – clearly a more accomplished individual – leading the line, Arsenal were phenomenally one dimensional.

    Everything went through the Dutchman, who needed the ball on the floor to play his pretty football. It was a delight to watch, and Van Persie scored plenty of goals, but Arsenal won nothing, and played poorer football.

    The French striker misses chances, frustrating fans, but his scoring record stands at a goal every two starts

    1. Since signing for Arsenal, Giroud has scored 42 league goals in 84 Premier League starts – a ratio of exactly one in two. That is not to be sniffed at.

      and more…

      Sure, it’s not up there with Sergio Aguero or Diego Costa. Giroud is not world class, and few would even begin to argue that he is.
      But it is still the sort of goalscoring record that most players would kill for – and almost exactly matches Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney, who has 170 in 316 starts.

      So we are not talking about a sort of modern-day Emile Heskey, who was loved by his team-mates for his hold-up play but had a hit-rate worthy of a blind assassin.

      Instead, Giroud is a cultured, talented forward, one who offers his side a central focus, without demanding to be the centre of attention.

      Yes, he misses chances – all forwards do. But he also possesses that rarest of attributes, one which should be treasured – the ability to make those around you perform better.

      The Frenchman is a true team player, and a valuable asset to Arsenal. Now his critics need to start appreciating him the way that two French managers obviously do.

      1. stop giving false information to prove your argument. Giroud scored 42 goals in 101 appearance in all competition not 88.

        1. Go check the Daily ail..AS I SAID AND YOU DIDNT READ: I just copied and pasted all that info…
          Then its the Daily Mail s fault…go sue them.
          and if it is indeed 42 in 101 (maybe a non official stat from friendlies that people like u DONT takeinto consideration just when it suits the, but whatever) its STILL a very respectable stat…just sayin

  8. FOotball is rubbish without the fans. We buy tickets, we subscribe to watch on tv, we buy merchandise, etc. What da hell??? I don’t pay to watch a player stroll on the pitch like a model mad at her stylist.

    Madrid, for instance; the fans boo even Ronaldo when they think he’s done badly, like when he doesn’t pass the ball to someone in a better scoring position.

    They want us to accept sh*t at Arsenal. Even here, some folks would sacrifice their lives to make sure mediocrity is celebrated.

    Somehow, we are beginning to forget who we really truly are as a club, but we must not. This is Arsenal, not Burnley.

  9. I goals start to flow for Arsenal it won`t be courtesy of Mr. Giroud. Wenger is convinced goals will come from our midfielders and he`s probably right so, is Giroud`s job just to hold onto the ball and wait for the cavalry to arrive?

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