Arsenal going all out to sign superstar striker

Will Arsenal actually sign Morata?

Arsenal have today been linked with Juventus and Spain International striker Alvaro Morata again, for what has already been a rumour for the past few weeks. They do say there is no smoke without fire!

Although we see this type of rumour pop up for Arsenal fans year after year, namely Benzema and Higuain being the most recent, I cannot help but get as equally hopeful when it comes to the chance of signing a player of Morata’s quality.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger announced yesterday that Olivier Giroud will continue as Arsenal’s main striker next season, but with Welbeck out yet again for a long period of time, the club could yet invest in another striker. I interpreted that to be that Arsenal may sign a striker this summer but not a quality of player that is going to be benching Giroud! Not good news for the Gunners! However anything can change in football and if there was any realistic chance of Arsenal signing a striker that could take us to the next level, a top priority must be Morata!

The 23 year old has played for two of Europe’s most decorated clubs in the shapes of Real Madrid and Juventus and has not been shy in his performances at either. Morata ‘struggled’ a little this season as he found himself behind the newly established Dybala, but his 11 goals and 10 assists still proved vital in Juventus’ title win! 11 goals and 10 assists may be deemed a poor season for Morata, but dare I say those results would be deemed as average for Giroud, just showing how much of an upgrade Morata would be for the Gunners! Plus Morata is many years junior to our Frenchman showing just how the Spaniard’s talent could be nurtured with Arsenal!

It’s also understood that with Morata falling down the pecking order at Juventus, he is becoming increasingly frustrated and could jump at the chance to join the Premier League this summer. If so Arsenal must act, and according to the Metro, Arsenal have already been in contact with Real Madrid, who are understood to be considering their right to buy back the player and then sell him on for an additional fee. Morata would surely come with some cost and The Metro reckons it would be in excess of around £50 million, once again smashing Arsenal’s current transfer record, but I personally believe Morata would be worth it. Morata has shown his talent over the past few years in both a Madrid and Juventus shirt and would seriously be worth the investment, however a cheaper option Wenger may go for could be Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, who must surely be looking to leave the club after Everton had yet another disappointing year.

Arsenal seriously cannot go into next season with Olivier Giroud as the main striker, because as the last few years have proven, Arsenal will find it very difficult to rely on him as our sole striker. Wenger must look to invest this summer and why look elsewhere if Morata could be snapped up?


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  1. Why 50miL?……why Morata?

    If we were to expend such money on one man, why don’t we Lavish it on both eredivisie talents:…. Janssen and Milik…..(one/both could probably come good with time)….that’s the best way to take a gamble

    since the Likes of Lewy or Auba is too much to ask! (Honestly, my main choice would be either of these two)

    1. Why not go for Lukaku then? Or why not even try to bid 50 mil for Aubameyang and see what Dortmund has to say to that kind of money…

    2. Exactly what i mean……….. Throw out the cash at Dortmund for Auba and see if they say NO!

      Morata and Auba are not on the same Level!

  2. I’d be very happy if we signed Romelu Lukaku.

    He’s young, already scored a hatful of goals (78) in the Premier League and he’s supposedly keen to leave Everton.

    Surely a bid of c£40M is worth a punt?

  3. So we wanna pay that much for Morata but fail to bid properly for Suarez. Oh Well….

    I don’t think we are getting Morata for such fee’

  4. Auba , Lewy, Lukaku = 1st choice

    Zlatan , Higuain = 2nd choice

    Morata, Lacazette, Janssen , milik = 3rd choice

    *Auba, Lukaku and Lewy are 1st choices due to their potency and consistency*

    *zlatan and Higuain are 2nd choices due to age barrier *

    *The rest of the Lot are 3rd choices due to their potentials*

    1. Higuain & Lewandowski have only a year difference in age- there is no age barrier for Higuain.

      I’m not sure about this buy Milik & Janssen idea, hoping one turns out world class. The quality of the Dutch league is too inferior for us to get too hyped about these guys based on scoring record alone- think Alfonso Alves, Mateja Kezman, Jozy Altidore etc. If Wenger & scouts identify Morata as the best target- then fair enough- can’t argue with his record in the transfer market.

    2. And we all that wenger does his shopping at the 3rd choice store! ? ? ?
      Add that to the fact’s that he is only looking for a striker because of Danny Setbeck’s longterm injury and that Giroud will be our main striker next season, So the answer to this equation is ” Don’t expect much”
      (Start looking for a fourth and fifth choice ?)

  5. Why not sign Lukaku or Milik or even Lacazette for that matter. Is it always Wenger has to buy underperforming players for Arsenal and the fans can’t see it. 51 million for him is not a prudent investment. All the 3 players are very good and score goals. Those 3 don’t even play for Spain and the club can’t be sure when his head will turn to Spain where one day he may want to return home.

    1. milik and Janssen for a combine 50mil is possible!

      If we can’t get the bigger boys (who says we Can’t?….unless we wanna penny pinch or play dull)…… Then get these two youngsters…..afterall, Morata is a younster too

  6. On paper Arsenal has
    many goal scorers.
    Giroud Sanchez Walcott
    Akpom Sanogo, Ox, Iwobi.
    Campbell Ozil Ramsey
    Cazorla +Wilshere

  7. Lukaku a cheaper option? ? Hahaha Hahaha ??
    Everton want £65 million, according to Lukaku’s father and I’m sure that he knows more than most.

    I’m sorry but I can’t see how Morata will improve our goal scoring issues and at £51 million ? theres better striker’s available for half that fee, You could buy milik and Jansenn and still have change left over from that.

    The rumours are that Sanchez wants out and Arsenal are getting a bit sick and tired of his ways too, turning up late for training etc, aswell as putting the club down.
    Munich’s new manager to be, supposedly wants him, so wouldn’t it be in our best interests to offer Sanchez plus cash for Lewandowski? And Maybe try and sign Gotze as well, while we’re at it.

    1. Sanchez showing up for training late? Everything I’ve read about Sanchez’s training ethic says the opposite… On days he’s supposed to be off he comes in and trains…

  8. I have analysed the stats for varios strikers in the PL. Minutes played in the PL per non penalty goal.
    It makes interesting reading
    Aguero 118 min
    Giroud 162 min
    Kane 168 min
    Vardy 165 min
    Lukaku 186 min

    To me aguero’s stats are no surprise, we know he is a quality striker. Lukaku stats are no surprise, he is playing in a poor everton team this season. The big surprise of course is Giroud.

    We watch arsenal closely, and see every chance which giroud misses. The other strikers we watch less closely and perhaps only see highlights, so we see all their goals but only a small proportion of their misses. Is it a case of the grass being greener next door?

    1. yep i would say its exaclty that case, for kane and vardy we just saw their goals and assists but not their weaknesses the scouts of arsenal will know enough about them..

      the problem isnt even giroud the problem we have is that we miss an atleast equally good striker, lets be honest we all know that giroud is a striker who has patches when he has his scoring patch he scores almost at a rate of one goal/assist per game and is in a worldclass form, the prob is his annual dry patch comes we need an equally good striker

      that tactic worked fantastically at the star of this season where walcott performed and it worked brilliantly for the team but after the injury of Theo, giroud had his dry patch and theo almost didnt even try… and the year before welbeck played reaaaally bad as a starting striker and scored 4 goals or something i think, if he had one worldclass or equally good striker as giroud, we would have enough and wenger could rotate them according to the patch/form of giroud like what he intended to do with walcott and giroud, which i had high hopes for but sadly only worked for half the season

      1. I have just worked out the stats for sanchez and welbeck. Minutes played in PL per non penalty goal
        Sanchez 187 minutes
        Welbeck 145 minutes

        Welbecks stats are not very meaningful as he played for only a short period of time, however he did score two critical match winning goals.

  9. Did I just read this correctly, Morata being described as “quality”, and a “superstar”. Morata has a terrible scoring record, and even Giroud puts him to shame in that area. I guess Giroud must be world class then!

    Admittedly, I don’t watch him play, but he’s played for two of the biggest clubs in the world, and most dominant teams in their respective leagues, yet he hasn’t scored many goals. 37 goals in 144 appearances is not impressive at all. Morata does have age on his side, but I think all Arsenal fans are sick and tired of potential! With Morata’s very poor record, I wouldn’t say there was much potential anyway. I think one would have to be mentally unstable to bid £50 million for a striker who doesn’t score many goals. He’s worth £16 million, tops, but I hope Arsenal don’t go for him as he’s only of squad player quality, we badly need a proven goal scorer! I’d rather see Campbell or Akpom be given a chance, then waste huge money on Morata.

  10. I wonder if Wenger coughed up that extra €2 million that he tried haggling over! (Pinching) for Xhaka.

    You do know that this player is a bit temperamental, right?
    (Red cards)
    And at £35 million, I would rather we get Kante £20 million and Wanyama 15 million + loan out The Ox to them for two seasons… Thats two solid DM’s for the price of one and what with our injury record, that would be a more logical investment.

    1. Wanyama has a worse disciplinary record than Xhaka, and Xhaka can supposedly do what the other two cannot, play well in Santi’s area of expertise. Elneny looks like he can replace Coq, which is what Kante would be expected to do. I rather like the idea of more options for the position directly next to the holding midfielder. Wanyama Kante and Coq would be too much of one/similar thing and not enough of another, then Elneny too. Strong solid yes / clever and creative ..could use some more.

  11. Morata is a very good striker, and being the man @ Arsenal would definitely see his yearly goal production gradually increase. Youth is also on his side. He would be a prudent investment if Wenger and CO were searching for the potential finally piece of the Arsenal puzzle, not the current Swiss cheese version that has transparent holes all over the pitch.
    Icardi, Mane, Kante and Minolas, plus the sale of Walcott, Gibbs, Ramsey and Debuchy(around $45-50M spent) could equal or come close to the ridiculous figure that has placed on the Spaniards head. Again quality player but for roughy the same investment Arsenal could trot out this starting eleven(if AS stays)

    *Number spent will be even less if Wenger decides to sell Campbell, Ox, BFG or Wilshere(instead of Ramsey) Arsenal IMHO have to sell two of Jack, Ramsey, Walcott, and Ox to afford BETTER players in midfield.

    Kante….El Neny/Santi

    Bench…Will vacillate depending on players in/out and who is sent out on loan.

  12. The reality is, Giroud is a decent striker, but we need ANOTHER decent striker both to provide competition for Giroud, and to provide more goals over the season.

    That extra striker is NOT Walcott or Sanchez or Welbeck who are all more natural wingers with striking ability.

    Another orthodox striker will give us more goals, and alongside a quality playmaker and another defender would give us a bit more for next season.


  13. And just to add, that doesn’t mean going to the end of transfer window sale, where all the players no-one wants are left over. Get in there early!

  14. If true, I think the reason Wenger likes him is because of his unselfishness in front of goal and his ability to make a decent pass/assist. I prefer strikers who want to be the leagues top dog, shooting at almost every opening. Henry wasn’t like that but he didn’t have to sacrifice one so to be the best at the other, because he was best at both attributes numbers wise. Morata is a good team player, he really tries, but goalscoring instinct does not seem to come natural to him. I like Soopa’s idea of getting the two hottest prospects from Holland, they are very different to one another, which can be very useful, as gambles go this one sounds decent. Lukaku, I am not so sure as others are. He is a good player, but how would he find things with Arsenal forwards having no space anywhere near the D. Its a different ball game at Arsenal, at eve he might only have to beat one or two at the most. How would he find having to be involved with Arsenal’s intricate play. I might be over thinking it because Ozil you’d imagine will find him. I’m not saying he would or could not shine, I’m saying he hasn’t got the same assurity as a Higuain or Zlatan, but people speak as if he would be. And that’s allot of money to fork out for a player who is not world class (yet?), and that’s how much was written into Suarez’s buy out.

  15. £50 million for Morata? Are you kidding me? With an extra £5 million we can get Abumayang. And with that amount we can get Icardi or Lacazette with change left. And both are more proven prolific strikers than Morata. For goodness sake Morata is being benched by a young Dybala in Juve. Besides that kind of price tag will put too much pressure on his shoulders and he is not a player with a very strong personality. And before you know what’s going on we’ll have another Torres on our hands.

  16. Xhaka yes yes yes but 50 mil for Morata having scored 7 this season and 8 last season?

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