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Arsenal going back for yet another Dortmund star?

Although Arsenal fans are still waiting for confirmation on who will be replacing Arsene Wenger as manager, it seems that the triumvirate of Ivan Gazidis, Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi are still going ahead with chasing the transfer targets that they think will be needed for when the new coach takes over.

In January, we saw the arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Mislintat’s old club Borussia Dortmund and his old team-mate Henrik Mhkitaryan, and now it seems that we Mislintat is going back to his old hunting ground to bring in another seasoned veteran from the Bundesliga giants.

Arsenal have been in dire need of defensive reinforcements for a couple of seasons, which has proved by our dismal record this season, and the need has now become even more urgent after the ageing Laurent Koscielny was ruled out until at least the new year after his latest setback.

It is being reported that Mislintat’s next target from Dortmund is the experienced centre back Sokratis Papastathopoulos, who has been linked with the Gunners on many occasions in the last couple of transfer windows, and the Greek international will come at a much cheaper price than we were quoted for the older Jonny Evans in January.

It would appear that we could acquire Sokratis for just 20million GBP, which is quite a good price even though he is now 29 years old as defenders seem to mature with age, and he could keep performing at a high level for another 2 or 3 years while we build back up our defensive options.

Who thinks he would be a good buy for the Gunners?


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal going back for yet another Dortmund star?

  1. John Ibrahim

    apart frm mvapranos…..mislintat appears to be running out of ideas….bringing his old dortmund team here….

    we might as well change the name

    1. John Ibrahim


      he didn’t do anything fancy this season……besides hes already 28yo…..

      2 season time, fans will be calling for his replacement

      1. Beaveraldinho

        Haha John, you know even less than John Snow. Firstly, how do you expect us to bridge the gap to the Manchester Cities if not to buy players who are going cheap for their level of talent? Sokratis has only 1 year left on his contract, so therefore we can get him for 20m instead of 50m. Whats wrong with taking Dortmund’s players? It seemed to work for Bayern… Are Auba and Mkhi not two of our best players?
        Finally, Seri is 26 years old and has improved his stats again for the third year running. The only reason he isn’t already at Barcelona yet is because Nice raised the price from 40m to 50m at the last minute, causing Barca to turn to Paulinho instead. He has SERIous world class potential, we would be extremely lucky to have him without CL. He is a combination of Kante and Fabregas. Look up is stats and watch some vids. Then come back to me.

        1. John Ibrahim

          hes good but not exceptional

          Was hopping for some thing different something special like Mavapronos from Mislintat apart from going back to his old club…..

          we need some tall players…..or we gonna lose out on set pieces….

          1. Abel

            How tall is Mavropanos? And didn’t he lose us the match against Leicester with his three errors (chose to control the ball instead of clearing or passing, miscontrolled the ball, dragged the player down after he was dispossessed near the halfway line despite being the last man) which resulted in US going down to ten men.

      2. Kenyanfan

        Not really.Gunners are closing in on Freiburg defender Caglar Soyuncu.21yrs at a value of £35m

    2. Lupe

      Seri is good but he is a CM in the mould of cazorla, he is not a DM which we need more that anything else in the midfield.

  2. Tas

    I like the new approach starting early in the transfer window.. if it’s true, I think waiting for the last mnt to buy when everyone knows your desperate and think you can pick up a bargain is long gone and by that time all the top players have been placed,

    I have a small felling that we will know who the new manager will be after the FACup if Conte loses his coming to Arsenal if he wins Arteta is coming, lol I’m probebly miles out but it makes sence why they haven’t approached Arteta yet?? And I don’t think anyone els is left who haven’t rolled them selfs out

    1. John Ibrahim

      Its Mislintat that decides who to sign….and Raul

      Hence announcing the manager later or earlier will not make a difference to player purchases

  3. RSH

    Has Sokratis even been good these past few seasons? Dortmund certainly havent defensively, and I dont think this guy is very good on the ball. Strange transfer tbh. I get they are looking for a senior defender, but I’d rather we look in EPL for that.

    1. A.ball08

      Here’s one to put out there
      Would we go after Toby from the spuds and bring him to us????

        1. A.ball08

          I’ll get to work on it straight away then
          If it was only that easy
          Is he out off contract now or does he still have a bit longer to go

          1. John Ibrahim

            1 year to go….and fans thinks its Fifa 18

            as if we can just sign Toby without hassle….

  4. Barren

    I wonder if raul,Ivan and sven sign their own players and arteta gets his 50mil for his players or is the 50mil included in every1’s budget? Don’t be get excited for that 21yr turkish kid guys his really good but we can always consider Evan’s over him Lol but sokratis is 29/30 maybe we also in for a young defender who will be there for years

  5. ruelando

    Sokratis is very much a Mustafi, his seasons over the past years has been riddled with errors, while in the EPL we had 3 teams that have been relegated which have decent EPL experience defenders, just do not make any sense this Sokratis story.

    I actually think arsenal has enough defenders to work with, but who did our defensive coaching was too lenient with our defenders and the errors they made was constantly repeated. A good defensive coach could strengthen our defense , i think Chambers has good organising skills and is more vocal than all the other defenders. Looking at the last few games Chambers/Mav look like the ideal pairing who should be getting most of the gametime.

    Another point with our defense is our midfield cover, a more mobile DM would work miracles for arsenal, in going forward and defending, Xhaka has not been as bad as many here would have us believe, but his mobility has been the main sore spot.

    I do not believe arsenal need a 7 players to compete, what we need is a coach who respects defensive drills and a more mobile midfield (defensive), we have an attack that can tear holes in any opponent.

    My list
    1. Goal Keeper, sell Cech and Ospina, let Martinez and a new keeper fight for number 1 spot

    2. Defensive Midfielder, get Doucoure from Watford or Indidi from Leicester

    3. Wide Attacker, leftsided would be nice, Pavon from Boca Junior, Maxmillion from Nice or the Mexican for PSV would be great additions

    Arsenal do not need much, need a coach that will drive fearin the players and not a coach to treat them like their pet.

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