Arsenal should have signed a better defender than David Luiz claims pundit

Arsenal had better options than David Luiz reckons former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood.

Tim Sherwood believes Arsenal got the wrong Chelsea defender when they signed David Luiz this summer.

It surprised the occasional pundit that Arsenal spent £8million on Luiz when they could have signed Gary Cahill for free.

Cahill joined Crystal Palace and has helped them in some big games, including picking up a draw against Arsenal.

Cahill fell out of favour with Maurizio Sarri at Stamford Bridge and was subsequently allowed to leave for free.

But for some reason, Arsenal was not interested in the former England defender and instead went for the calamitous Luiz.

Sherwood reckons the Arsenal defence hasn’t gotten any better following the arrival of Luiz. He feels Cahill would have done a much better job than the Brazilian.

You cannot score four goals every game

“Defending is an art as well,” Sherwood said.

“I always felt at the beginning of the season when I looked at Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ozil, Saka who they brought in, they brought [Nicolas] Pepe in, that they might have enough firepower.

“But unfortunately you can’t score four goals to win every football match, especially when you defend like that.

“Their problem was obvious to everybody. Not only the people who go to the Emirates, the people who watch Premier League football know that Arsenal cannot defend.

“It wasn’t a hard job to go and find better defenders than what they already had.

“An easy job, just go out and do it. Try and patch it up, find something,

“Gary Cahill, he was an obvious choice. We’re talking about someone who’s a Premier League winner, a leader-type character, and they end up going and getting David Luiz.

“Now, I agree, good value [for] David Luiz, but go and find someone better.

“They needed to do that, they haven’t done it. The recruitment’s terrible, and at the moment they’re getting results that they deserve.

“Wolves deserved that point – they deserved more, actually.”

The defence is set to cost Arsenal a Champions League place again this season unless they fix it with a good defender in the next transfer window.

Though confidence is not exactly high that they will get it right next time around. It is not as if their defensive acquisitions have been a roaring success.


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Luiz has been terrible, with our defence hitting new lows since his arrival. A ball playing CB, that can’t defend is the exact opposite of what we needed. I still cannot think of why we signed him?

    We badly need someone like Dunk of Brighton.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Lol… What about Soyuncu that Sven also targeted alongside Diallo for our Center backs?

    Even Kev was singing it that we were getting Soyuncu, but Arsenal stayed the penny pinching wånkers they were and rejected those deals because of a few millions.

    I was more glad about the Diallo deal though, but just like Soyuncu, Arsenal passed on cause of a few extra bucks

    We settled for Sokratis and Litchsteiner because our board and coach kept saying we needed experienced defenders and leaders.

    Two seasons later, Soyuncu is clearly becoming one of the best CB in EPL, Abdou Diallo is playing for PSG and we’re stuck with Luiz and Sokratis.
    Imagine what would’ve been if Sven’s duo came to pass, you would look at our team now and find Soyuncu,Diallo, Holding, Salina and Chambers.
    Arsenal board is full of jokers

    1. Mobella says:

      Believe me Eddie if those two are here they definitely have heard earful of an insult for lack of qualities. I’m not saying Sokratis and Luis are good but from where I stand we should not be buying such players because they are in twilight of their career. Imagine we signed Luis who had no or little chance of improvement and and sold Biesiek for almost the same amount. One is budding talent and the other is……That is madness.

  3. Khadii says:

    Get Sergio Ramos, and we would still have problems with the defence with this clown of a coach who doesn’t get the best out of players.
    Defence is not like the Striker Position where individual brilliance can get you through matches.

    Defence comes with a good pairing and cohesion.
    Emery prefers to win 5-4 than 1-0.
    That says it all

  4. Break-on-through says:

    There’s no denying that he has made some costly mistakes and his aggression has lowered, and us putting him in this defence sounded worrisome from the off. I was never a big fan of his but was looking forward to him showing me why he has got such a loyal cult following. I don’t think Cahill is the answer, he was a decent, honest and tough player but he wasn’t top quality and wasn’t the leader he is made out to be. He must be a bit slower now and he was never the fastest, I would’ve preferred we gave Bielik a shot, if Bielik was English teams would’ve lined up for him because he has no obvious weaknesses and he just needs to learn the game from the right instructors, while in an ideal environment, that environment is not with us, so hopefully he goes and does the business and keeps AFC in his heart.

  5. Sue says:

    It’s not like we’d be top of the league if we’d signed Cahill! Pity we couldn’t have forked out the 20-25m Villa paid for Mings!

    1. ozziegunner says:


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