Arsenal great delivers worrying words about EPL rivals

Arsenal may have picked up the pace in the Premier League after the poor start that saw us head into the previous international break languishing down near the bottom of the table, but we are still not seen by too many in the football world as realistic contenders to lift the EPL trophy next May.

Despite the three wins and a draw that has seen the Gunners climb back up towards the right end of the league table, going above our early tormentors Liverpool and level with Chelsea on points, Arsenal are still some way behind the pace setters from Manchester.

We are not exactly blowing the opposition away either and have not really looked like world beaters, with both United and City have been drawing a lot of praise for their performances as well as their results, so we really need something to knock them back a bit.

Perhaps the loss of Sergio Aguero might do that to Pep Guardiola’s team, but that would still leave Jose Mourinho’s men and even if this injury to Romelu Lukaku turns out to be worse than first feared and the Belgian misses some matches, the former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry seems to think they would still be okay, as he has heaped praise on another of their forwards Anthony Martial, worryingly suggesting in a Metro report that the young Frenchman is better than he was.

The Gunners great said, ‘Anthony Martial is a far better player than I was at that age.

‘He can become a world class player’

Not good news for Arsenal, Gooners, is it? Have we got any chance of beating both Manchester clubs to the title this season?



  1. Goonermikey says:

    Change the headline to “Really great ex-player with no experience whatsoever of managing a club says……..blah!” and there goes your story. If you want to be better than the tabloids just be smarter than them and stop quoting people with unsubstantiated opinions.

  2. HA559 says:

    Continuing from the last post. If Sanchez really wants to go to City, he will have to do with being benched in many games, solely because of his passing accuracy. Even though he is a really good player, he does give the ball away a lot of the times especially with when forcing ball to create chances.

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

      Plus I heard Pep doesn’t like chubby players. Apparently that’s why he got rid of Nasri

      1. Sue says:

        Haha nice one

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Henry is correct

    United have Lukaku, Ibrahimovich, Martial and Rashford to score goals

    Although, we improved big time by getting Lacazette because we have Lacazette, Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott to score goals. That is pretty decent

    Alexis is world class and Lacazette has the opportunity to show his class too. I’m just happy with Lacazette scoring over 20 goals

    To win the PL you need a few world class players (Leicester excluded). In attack Alexis is our only world class player atm. I don’t consider Ozil to WC. We will probably lose both in the summer
    Also, don’t forget that United have 3 top players in Central midfield: Mata, Matic and Pogba.

    I don’t see Ozil, Ramsey and Coquelin or Xhaka on the same level as United’s central midfield

    Central Midfield is very important but we are neglecting it. We need more creativity and defensiveness there. Cazorla was brilliant there and made Ozil look good. Cazorla’s creativity in Central midfield is sorely missed

    1. Mobella says:

      The last time I checked i don’t see any of those Manchester united players you mentioned has Ozil rating in the world. If he is that bad and what on public domain can be taken serious why does Jose want him. I can’t help to think our fans believe we have the worse set of footballers in the world.

      1. Redmau5 says:

        Jose will want him on a free
        Hardly a glowing recommendation

        I’d have matic pogba or mkhi over ozil
        In a heartbeat

        This ozil rating in the world talk won’t win us big games and titles an it hasn’t . He’s failed here

  4. pierre says:

    you forgot to mention that Pogba, who is injured for the rest of the season

  5. Uchman says:

    Seriously we have bunch of ingrates here,bla bla bla bla bla, world class martial,mata,rashford zlatan,mickitarian,etc were all these guys not in mam u team that finished 6th in d league last season,?we faced them twice without loosing against them beating them in d process,world class matic was in chelsea team we dominated and annihilated @ fa cup finals,with matic making zero successful tackles and was a liability all tru d duration of d match,was ran over by our midfielders like ever,lukaku was in Everton team we beat 3; 0 even with 10 men,even with Mert @ our back he couldn’t even smell a goal,the way we ridicule our players is terrible,to some dudes here all we have is bunch of idiots, parading as players, what a pathetic bunch of ingrates,between Sanchez and walcot last season we have 49 goals and numerous assists,how many goals has Rashford and Martial scored since last season that makes they super stars ? Who among man u midfielders has performed better than ozil since he came around? Who has man u played before they suddenly become world beaters?the only strong test man u has this season was against real Madrid and they lost,every player in arsenal is rubbish buh every rubbish in another club is world Class,u guys r saying all maner of rubbish against ozil now, forcing him out of our club,even when dude has not said anything,tomorrow u guys will still come here and be blaming Wenger for selling to a direct rival,hope u guys won’t cry murder if ozil should go to man u ? The whole biased English pundits who c nothing buh negativity against him will all start praising him and d easiest target mr Wenger will receive d insults!!

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