Arsenal great slams Mourinho and predicts more woe for Man Utd

One of the reasons for the frustration of so may Arsenal fans last season, despite the fact that we ended up in second place which was the highest placed finish this decade, was the feeling of a chance wasted. There was also a feeling that the chance might not come again as our big Premier League rivals were all going to spend money and appoint new managers.

So after Pep Guardiola joined Man City there was more concern for Arsenal’s title hopes when Manchester United replaced Louis van Gaal with Jose Mourinho and then handed the Portuguese coach a seemingly bottomless transfer kitty to splash on new players.

At first it looked like all our fears were well grounded but things have started to unravel at Old Trafford and I for one am loving it. Now people are starting to talk about Mourinho as another van Gaal or pointing to his disastrous time at Chelsea last year rather than looking on him as United’s saviour.

Of course the self appointed special one is reluctant to shoulder the blame for three defeats in a week but as the former Arsenal and England defender Martin Keown pointed out in a Daily Mail report, things could soon get even worse for Jose and his new club if he keeps blaming young players like the left back Luke Shaw.

Keown said, “Mourinho has to take a long look at himself and stop blaming everyone else. He can forge special relationships with players and give them great confidence, but it can also go in the other direction and lead to big falling outs. He blames his players and looks to separate himself from the problem when he needs to help them be the best they possibly can. But this situation isn’t about Mourinho, it’s about Manchester United. He has to put his ego to one side because he is part of the problem — and he needs to be part of the solution, too.

“It was very unkind of Mourinho to call out Luke Shaw on Sunday — not least because he was by no means the only one at fault for Watford’s second goal. At 21, Shaw is an easy target for Mourinho and would have been humiliated at being substituted immediately after the goal. He has the potential to be one of the finest left backs this country has ever produced, but he’s playing with no confidence. His main strength is to tear forward at any opportunity, but it looks as though Mourinho has him playing in a straitjacket.”

Yes and let’s hope it stays that way and Mourinho falls out with more of his players, because a struggling United can only be good for Arsenal.


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  1. gbengress says:

    Why worry about Lose Moaninho!

    1. muda says:

      Because he’s our enemy no. 1, coupled with his disrespectful Manure.

  2. josh37 says:

    In fairness… It was a baffling goal to concede! Shaw showing him inside with a ridiculous amount of space and then zero follow up from the midfield.
    It was schoolboy stuff and any team worth their salt at all would’ve worked a shot!!
    That being said (despite my pure hatred of the man) i used to respect the way Mourinho shifted all the focus onto him and away from his players, whatever the situation… That’s a far-cry from what he’s done this season and his early season promises of attacking football and proper team selections are all looking like empty promises. Maybe he just hasn’t got the pieces right this time around and he knows it?

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      I don’t think Jose realize ManUre’s problems yet. It was starting years before him. They didn’t have play maker since Paul Scholes retirement. The one who arrange game and set the tempo. No wonder it make them play like headless chicken. Moyes and LVG also didn’t realize it too.
      Who’s ManUre play maker now? Wayne Rooney? He was a striker. Juan Mata ? He’s winger. Fellaini, Schweni, Phil Jones? They are bunches of CDM. Ander Herrera? He’s B2B and so does the most expensive footballer in the world (I still can’t believe it) Paul Pogba. Buy one like Mesut Ozil or Santi Cazorla (glad we have them both) and we might see the old ManUre again. Until then, big cheers for them hahaha…
      However, it’s only good news for us if we can beat them. COYG!!!

      1. josh37 says:

        I’m all for slagging united… But don’t bend facts to strengthen your argument man.
        Mata and Mhki are not wingers.. They’re playmakers, and very good ones, playing out wide currently. The issue is whether or not they want to accommodate Pogba who doesn’t seem to be working with a #10 in front of him. If Rooney continues to start it’s just madness at this point, a few good moments glossing over a lot of mediocrity.
        And deep playmakers? If you set the bar at Scholes precious few will even come close. They’ve got Schweini and Carrick if they want experience, and Schneiderlin can play a simplified role that could really help in a 3.

        But heck, i’m crossing my fingers he keeps playing Fellaini, Pogz and Rooney so we can watch that team burn!

        1. dragunov762mm says:

          Mata was a winger at Chelsea. He dumped by the arrival of Hazard. Moyes then tried him as ManUre play maker.

    2. Goonsquad8 says:

      Respect and Jose should never be in the same sentence

  3. butters says:

    Shaw and Martial played horribly.

  4. Wayne Barker says:

    Articles like these have always come back to haunt us. I am not enjoying this all making fun campaign of pogba and united. The season is 5 games old and even with 2 losses in row , they cannot be written off. They are just1 point behind us and we are acting as if we are miles ahead of them. Let us stop these joke articles and enjoy our success

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      No one write off ManUre anyway dude. I think we still can enjoy our journey this season by little “looking around” and make fun of it.
      OT. Harry Keane was down injured and have 2 months absent prediction. For any gooners including me, who was favor Vincent Janssen, it is the time to see whether we are right or we are just bunch of youtube football junkies. Let see.

      1. Twig says:

        Who’s Harry Keane? Roy Keane’s son?

        1. upp says:

          Lol. Comment of the day

      2. Goonsquad8 says:

        We are all armchair coaches if wenger listened to us we’d be stuck with players like Falcao, balotelli, Cahill, Winston Reid, demba ba, Chris samba, fellaini the list is endless

        1. jonm says:

          Instead we got Jeffers, stepanovs, cygan, santos, chu-young, djourou, squillaci

    2. jonm says:

      Wayne, you are correct, it is far too early to poke fun at manu. To win the PL requires doing well against the other top clubs. So far we have lost at home to liverpool and drawn away from home with leicester. Nothing there to shout about.

      Our performances seem to be improving, the next big test is the chelsea game. Lets hope we can win it.

  5. Festo says:

    If I’m not mistaken, José started the blame game last season and he also lost the plot right about same time. I noticed in Chelsea games last season, he always blamed either the players, the referees, the team doctor etc(the list is endless)for any bad results Chelsea had. I could recall him even blaming Arsene’s negative tactics for their Community shield loss to Arsenal. He has been a Specialist in Treading blames for his failures. The fact is he has carried on with it this season and if he doesn’t make a paradigm shift from that mindset, it could also be his undoing this season. Again, I might be wrong, but hey! Who cares? As long as Arsenal are currently ahead of United on the Table, all we can do is revel at the moment, have a long hard laugh at the Red devils and troll the self proclaimed special one, who happens to be the newly crowned Specialist in Failure. Hahaha!

    1. jonm says:

      My recollection is that in the 2014/15 season, chelsea won the PL with a few games to spare. They then proceeded to play badly for these games and mourinho blamed the other top teams in the PL for not challenging to the end of the season.

      1. jonm says:

        I meant to add that chelsea poor start to the 2015/16 season was actually a continuation of the end of the 2014/15 season.

  6. tiyas says:

    i was happy mnure lost to wattford and we won 4-1 dat makes it even sweeter. i never liked this guy he doesn’t respect others and think he is the best na na men it started last year sacked by chelski and hope it will continue until he learn to respect and accept the fact that he ain’t the best one!!!

  7. Mo Owais says:

    Mouron is the most annoying manager ever! He wants the credit when his team wins and blames players when they lose! He wants to be in the media more than his players! He wants all the lime light.

    It wont be longer before Ibrahimovic flying kicks him in his face in training.

  8. Wilshegz says:

    the only difference between Gibbs and Shaw is that Shaw is younger and enjoys more hype.. Monreal is far more reliable than the overrated Shaw.
    In fact, United is just a collection of overrated players (Pogba,Shaw,Mkhitaryan,Bailly) and pensioneers (Carrick,Zlatan,Rooney)

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