Arsenal growing confident of Mbappe capture ahead of Real and PSG

Kylian Mbappe is the talk of the town right now after an amazing breakthrough season, and Arsenal are looking more and more likely to sign him this summer.

The 18 year-old started the previous campaign as somewhat of an unknown, and is now being talked about all over the world as the next big thing. Mbappe bagged 26 goals in all competitions for his club side as they won their first Ligue 1 title since the year 2000, as well as reaching the semi-final of the Champions League.

The France international also become the first player to score in his each of his first four Champions League knock-out matches, and has already done more in his career than many can only dream of.

Mbappe is now being touted for a world record move this summer, with French big-spenders PSG believed to have lodged a monster offer, although the player has already admitted that he will only move to a club in order to further his career, and with the guarantee of first-team football as he looks to become a superstar.

Kylian said: “I will make a choice based on my sporting career, and my career is first and foremost, and I am at an age where I need to play, and that will be paramount.

“I’m not 35 or 36, an age where I have to manage [my body], I still have everything to learn, this year was discovery, and now comes the most important step: Confirmation.

“And I will be the sole decision-maker, and I will not go anywhere where I will be forced to go.”

Arsenal Football Club are claimed to be growing ever-confident of attaining the future world star ahead of both Real Madrid and PSG, with the intention of the youngster learning from Arsene Wenger as he looks to meet his full potential, although the fee will not come cheap.

Could we finally bring in one of the world’s biggest talents ahead of our rivals?

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  1. He’s a no brained and I don’t care if he used us as a stepping stone so long as he leave us more successful and in a better position than where he found us.. Am so confident in his ability that am going to put my neck on the block and say, if he signed, he’ll be the first arsenal player to win the ballon d’or.

    1. Confident? I still see it as a dream. But wish Wenger will wake me up to reality and present me MBAPPE. ?

  2. I have no issue at all if he comes and uses us a stepping stone for going to Real Madrid later on.. that still means we will have him for 3 or 4 years… no one can predict the future and if he is as amazing as people think then he will add a lot to Arsenal team and hopefully help us win a major trophy… also might encourage Sanchez to stay.. no point thinking about 3 or 5 years time . lets focus ln season ahead and with Mbappe could we win the Premier League?!

    1. That’s a good sensible comment Neil, so what if he moves on in 3/4 years, how many players now commit long term to any club if they can move up?
      If the addition of some brilliant players lifts Arsenal to much higher levels then that encourages players to stay and other players to join.
      Hopefully we can sign him and a couple of other top notch lads.

  3. Stepping stone? If he used us as a stepping stone is only benefits
    1. Will be sold expensive when he leaves Arsenal
    2. Statement to rivals we signed Mbappe
    3. Example for other talented players Arsenal is attractive destination
    4. What if he loves Arsenal? we have greater chance of keeping him if hes already at the club.

  4. People still think we’re getting him lemar and Lacazette
    An keeping ozchez (see what I did there)

    If that did him happen I would be shocked
    Beyond actually

  5. mbappe is truly a wonderful talent but unrealiostic..lets go all out for Aubemayang who is more of a realistic target and at 28 offers experience

  6. So, because the kid says he wants to play and he will decide where he goes and that immediately points to Arsenal signing him.

    Can anyone confirm from a real source (like Arsenal or monaco or any of their staff) that we are actually making an attempt to sign him and are willing to break the bank for him? If we are I will be overjoyed, but until then..

    If he should join AFC he would hopefully be played in his strongest and best position and not used in some Wenger type experiment. Then Arsene would have to do what he hasn’t done for a very long time and that is create a team that is solid in defense and dynamic in attack that threatens the life out of other teams whilst making it nearly impossible for them to score.

    I want this to happen but have years of evidence that tells me this won’t be the case..

    Still at the very least we would get to watch a wonderful footballer with huge potential turn into a future world star.

    1. You’re right…………….he may be a huge talent but it’ll take more than Mbappe’s individual flair especially if he’s flying solo and doing his own thing and the team as a whole is out of sync

  7. he seems really mature for an 18 year old. excellent quality to possess especially as a striker

  8. Mbappe is a waste of time since it won’t be logic to sign a single player for all that much and we end up with only one signing.

  9. Considering Arsene Wenger’s past splashing experience, signing of Mbappe seems unlikely. But who knows if Wenger has changed his approach and try to surprise us by sinning him. I will pray for it. If this is not possible, Aubameyang is an other option as he is matured enough and already proved to be a quality striker.

  10. Aubameyang is safer to sign than a 1 season wonder (mbappe) who may be operated as in d case of Verdy.

  11. The fact is we need to win trophies with capable players..let the signing be made immediately as we approach the season and I thought players like Sanchez could remain..mbappe is a good talented op we can make use of him or any other player who can make a difference in our club..i think am getting mad to see my team winning EPL as soon as possible en make an history since that passed time..# gooner

  12. Signing of mbape is more than signing of a player, yes! If we get him, the strange contract will increase d club integrity n makes it more attractive to d present n d incoming players. Asene make this happen, let’s change ppl’s negative thought against our dear team arsenal

  13. Everyone’s talking about Mbappe and how good he is, and yeah, the boy’s got talent.

    But how many players have we had in the past, and still have got a few party tricks in their bag that just want to showcase their individual talents and forgetting that it’s a team game.

    I know Mbappes good and one for the future but we don’t want any more mavericks in the team who just want to arse about with the ball and not worrying when we’ve lost as long as they’ve had a good game and done a few entertaining tricks.

    We need a solid and Disciplined TEAM of which the likes of Mbappe or anyone else for that fact fits into………….and not making the team fit around him. It wouldn’t be long before other players try to emulate his style of play on the pitch, beyond their remit and forgetting how to put five decent passes together as a team. Arsenal would revert back to being a selection of entertainers.

    Like I said, not a bad player but we can’t afford the luxury of having glittering individuals and no collective team.

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