Arsenal had their best physical performance of the season, but Man City had more confidence

Arsenal lost to Man City by the exact same scoreline as when beaten by Pep Guardiola-s side last Sunday, but Arsene Wenger believes that it was our best performance of the season, but City were even better and certainly more confident. “I felt it was a game of top intensity physically.” the Boss said after the game. “I think we produced our highest physical performance of the season and Manchester City did as well, by quite a long way. Physically, the two teams gave a lot.

“I knew that the first half could have been difficult for us because we came out of Sunday’s game with a low confidence level. They came back with a very positive mindset and that’s why they took advantage of every defensive weakness we showed in the first half.

” At the end of the day, I must say we lost against a top-quality team who at the moment are the best team in the country. On top of that, the combination of their quality plus the fact that they’re high in confidence and we’re low in confidence played a big part in the game tonight. After that, in the second half we came out and dominated well in the first 20 minutes. We needed the penalty to go in to get a bit of momentum, so that was the killer of the game after that.”

So our lack of confidence right now comes from having lost 3 out of our last 4 League games, not to mention the Cup Final and the embarrassment of losing to Ostersunds, so how can Arsenal get themselves out of this slump in confidence going forward_ Wenger continued: “It’s always dangerous but you earn it by putting the effort in and staying together in the moments where it’s very difficult.

“You go up by stairs and come down by the lift. That’s what confidence is. That’s what you have to show, that you have the level to be at Arsenal Football Club.

“When your confidence is not at the best, the first thing that goes is your fluidity in the movement, the spontaneous side of the game. You could see that tonight. I don’t deny their quality because they have top quality, but we’re going through a difficult patch at the moment. That’s part of football as well unfortunately.”

Arsenal have been going ‘through a difficult patch’ for most of this campaign it seems, but at least we had maintained our confidence for our home games. If we lose that as well now, I can’t see us getting out of our malaise any time soon.

But we do have a run of 7 League games ahead against ‘easy’ opposition, so maybe we still can make up the ten-point gap to Tottenham if we win every single one of them.

But that seems extremely unlikely at the moment, doesn’t it?



  1. ME says:

    If we win every remaining game by four goals and those above us lose every game by the same we will be champions !
    He will be saying that next.
    Where is the pressure on him ?
    The man is finished – get rid of him before Arsenal are truly finished…

    1. Godswill says:

      I just want to hear that Wenger is gone. Until then miseries for us.

  2. Gavana says:

    The toothless against the ruthless!

    R . I . P Arsenal

    1. Sue says:

      Story of our season

  3. John Wick says:

    Breaking News Arsene Wenger has fired Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, the club are yet to comment but reports believe Wenger was unhappy with the owners son Josh Kroenke’s involvement with club affairs, after the sacking of the owner it’s believed Wenger himself will be at London Colney tomorrow printing a new contract for himself and it’s said the former invincible turned untouchable will put pen to paper in a new four year contract giving himself a pay rise in the process. ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      Kroneke Sports and Entertainment millions gone to waste after buying the shares…..

  4. McLov says:

    The man is so fn deluded that instead of firing him, he just needs to be shipped to the loonie bin

  5. What is wrong with Mustafi and cech???
    The guys cannot kick a ball????

  6. Dianjuh says:

    There are two days in my life I cant await to happen

    One is the rapture
    The other is Wenger’s departure from Arsenal.

    I hope the latter happens first. I dont want to make it to Heaven miserable.

    1. Gooner Craig says:

      The rapture is when Wenger leaving lol

  7. Sue says:

    No game is easy for us anymore! Wouldn’t be surprised if we lose the whole lot!
    This season has been terrible, I’ve never known it as bad as this!
    Missing out on the champions league & finishing below the spuds last season was hard to take, but it will be even worse this time. None of them could care less out on the pitch (& the dugout) that’s blatantly obvious.
    I’ve been really disappointed with Ozil since he signed his contract. Tbh though no one has really stood out week in week out… not sure how much more of this misery I can take, you see the teams around us winning & scoring goals for fun… what I’d give for that right now! We couldn’t even score a penalty!! So poor!!
    I’ve just got up & cannot believe that ‘Wenger sacked’ is not trending… Will it ever?????
    From a really p****d off gooner ☹

  8. Yossarian says:

    We were good for the first 20 mins but saying that we “Dominated” is an exaggeration, especially considering we went 0-1 down. Granted it was an awesome goal from Man City who were absolutely fantastic, but once again this is Wenger polishing a turd and telling us it smells of roses.

    Shortly after the good start Arsenal became exactly what we expect nowadays… Naïve defending, lots of sloppy passing, too much sideways & backward passing, weak pressing, losing the midfield battle, no leaders on the pitch, no teeth, no ideas from the bench…

    Danny Wellbeck spent the entire game falling over (Diving) and looking for a free-kick, and was a complete waste of space. Ramsey tries hard but has poor positioning and gives the ball away too often. Aubameyang looked rusty and nowhere near full match sharpness. Cech’s ball distribution was awful.. I could go on and on.

    The post-match analysis with Lee Dixon and Frank Lampard was very interesting, and very accurate. I think the entire world can now see that this team desperately needs a new manager and some fresh un-Wenger-ized coaching to turn things around.

  9. Rkw says:

    All wenger talks about is the sanctity of his contract and all kroenke cares about is his botton line … That’s a very sad managerial ethos for any football club but the latter may well override the former after ydays sad performance and half full stadium … I truly hope so as wenger is an albatross round our necks something true fans have recognized for years and I salute all those true fans who both predicted and called for yesterday’s result … But kroenke is a scumbag who is equally deserving of our ire as well as the deplorables who sold him their large share holdings in the first place with nothing but greed in their heads and hearts … Club needs a whole makeover from top to bottom but have to start somewhere #WENGERMUSTGO

  10. Cliff says:

    We lost the plot long time ago due to Wengers know it all attitude.Why would a club of arsenals pedigree be competing on three fronts with Bellerin as the only recognised right back?All our players lack the agility and the physicality needed in this league.Wenger has to leave and we have to get a gk,rb,2cd,dm,and 2proper wingers.WENGER MUST GO..

  11. AndersS says:

    You have got it wrong. It is not Arsenal, that have easy games coming up. It is our opponents, that will have an easy game, as long as Wenger is in charge. We can’t even beat a midtable team from the Swedish League.

  12. Phil says:

    Well all you AKB’s?You have been very quiet this week and seem to have not too much to say at the moment do you?Thete are plenty of reasons (not excuses) for last nights defeat and yet you seem not to wish to share them with us do you?
    Let me try for you
    We never play well in pissing rain (Thomas I just had to)
    The lack of fans in the stadium affected the players
    The blue lines threw us-we’ve never played with them before
    We don’t like playing in white socks-Where are the RED SOCKS?
    The opposition changed their kit from Sunday-We thought we were playing the ALL BLACKS
    It was a little bit chilly and the Manager was worried we might catch a cold or something

    Wenger has finally done it.Hes even managed to silence the ever diminishing MINORITY who could see him do no wrong.That is Wengers genius.He even makes the impossible become possible.

  13. Ray says:

    That stadium was so empty last night! Will be interesting to see how many turn up on the weekend! It’s the only way to make a stand unfortunately!! If Wenger loves the club and respects the fans he will do the right thing.

  14. sol says:

    the most physical and spirited game of Arsenal was agains Chelsea 2 2 draw game not this one

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