Arsenal had to Fight AND Play after Nervous Start – says Wenger

Arsene Wenger was under no illusion that it was going to be an easy game against relegation-threatened QPR last night, and he was proved right as the Hoops held off Arsenal for over an hour before Oliver Giroud broke the deadlock. Although Alexis scored his first goal for 8 games, Rangers still set up a nail-biting finish by grabbing one back with 8 minutes to go on the clock.

Wenger though was reasonably pleased after the game: “I felt the first 25 minutes were very physical and they stopped us from playing. They had a direct game and for us it was important to put the ball on the ground and get good passes together and not only fight, but fight and play.

“In the second half we did that much better. We did fight and play and we always looked in control in the second half. They came back to 2-1 and then you never know, but it looked like we had a good game and kept them in the game at 2-0. We had a few more chances.”

“We were nervous. I felt that we were nervous and they put a shift in in the first half physically. They paid for that certainly in the second half. They stopped us from playing all over the pitch. Sandro played a big part in that and he had to come off after an hour – maybe it was easier for us to put the ball down and play after that.”

Le Boss was also very happy to see Alexis’ get back on the score-sheet after a barren spell. “It’s good because when you don’t score for seven or eight games it is on your mind, even if you don’t say so. He took his chance well, he’s tricky, had a short back lift and scored a good goal.

“He never gives up and that’s the strength of a good striker as well. He’s resilient and I don’t know what happened before because it looked like, for someone who was desperate to score, he could have taken the chance and he waited for somebody. After that, the fact that he could still score shows that he has the mental strength to respond.”

But we ended up with the three points which was the important thing, and we have finally won two away games in succession at last. According to Wenger we now need just six more wins to secure a Top Four place, and we are currently holding on to Third Place. Wenger continued: “It’s hot [in the top four] because everybody won tonight. We can only focus on our performances and keep going. We have 10 games to go, we play six at home and four away, so we just can focus on our performances.”

Wenger was pressed on whether he believed that his team had the easiest run in compared to the other Top Four contenders, but he would not be drawn into the discussion. “I don’t know, I haven’t studied everybody else. At the moment you fight all the teams who fight not to go down and fight all teams who want to be in Europe. In April some teams are settled and have nothing to go for, it can become a little bit easier. Fixtures that look difficult can become a little bit easier. It’s difficult to predict if it’s us or the other teams who have easier run-ins.”

Lastly, Wenger was pleased that Olivier Giroud had bounced back well from the Monaco comedy show with his second goal in the two following games. “He’s strong mentally.” Le Prof concluded. “He can take some criticism and respond. He’s shown that. I feel it was a bit harsh for him because he missed some chances. That can happen. Where we were guilty was to concede the goal.”

Our win has definitely made the Top Four easily within our grasp as usual, but we must now concentrate all our efforts on winning every game from now to see if we can move even higher in the table….

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  1. Teams breathing down eachother’s neck……. OnLy chelsea’s safe for now……Let’s see who’d be 1st to be inconsistent

  2. OT……Am I the only 1 who has noticed that almost all Giroud’s shots get blocked by defenders when hes facing goal…..Don’t get me wrong he’s a good finisher but most of his goals come when the ball is squared to him on the floor or in the air….I think that he has a rocket of a left foot but defenders always manage to get in the way because of his high back lift…..he should sacrifice some power for getting the shot off early and catch keepers and defenders flat footed….I think it will add more goals to his game

    1. I think he should try work on his right foot too. It can be quite tasky, but I don’t think in this age, a striker should rely COMPLETELY on one foot.

  3. My wish for the summer
    Sell Ramsey(not good enough):buy Sneiderlin or Sissoko(muscles)
    Sell wilshere(not good enough):buy Kondogbia
    Sell Cazorla(old):Ozil as n 10 rotated with Ox and Gnabry,Rosiki
    Buy Mings:cover for Lb and CB.
    Call back Jenkinson
    Sell Walcot(injury prone):buy Dyballa or Lacazette.
    Release Diaby,Arteta and Flamini.
    Bring the thumbs down but who knows my wish team coud arguably win us trophies contrary to the actual one.

    1. I have never rated Ramsey, even when he was banging in goals like Ronaldo lasy year BUT I just can’t see AW ever selling him. With that said Sissoko paired with Kondogbia, sitting behind Ozil would be something to behold. What an athletic and physical upgrade in midfield.

      Love Santi, but his departure to AM will be based on contracts, not form. If Ozil returns to his WC form, saying goodbye to the little Spaniard might be a touch easier.

      Adding Fabian Schar to strengthen @ CB and a young left back to challenge Gibbs would be preference. Nacho has been solid this year, but a return to Spain and Bilbao might be on the cards.

      Sell Jack to the highest bidder, extend Rosicky another year. Done.

      I agree with Walcott being a frustrating reality. He does score goals for Arsenal when in form, BUT if his contract demands borderline on the outrageous I would ship him to Italy or Spain. Love Dybala or Lacazette as replacements.

      I would add Cech from Chelsea as starting GK

      Would this be your starting 11 next fall


      1. People thumb me down just for the sake of it contrary to you to see sense in what I say.
        It s just our opinion after all but I am sure that our mutual wish teams would have more chance to win trophies that the current team.

        1. At times I truly think Gunners fans overvalue, especially there British stars. Honestly who wouldn’t prefer these possible upgrades to the squad.

          Cech over Ospina and Woj
          Sissoko over Jack or Ramsey
          Kondogbia over Coquelin(and I love Francis)
          Martinez over Giroud
          Dybala or Lacazette over Walcott(often play different positions)
          Schar or Laporte over BFG

          Mindboggling that some still contend the current Arsensal squad has the quality to seriously contend on 4 fronts.

      2. not good enough…

        we need to spend more

        we have got 3 billionaires….

        spend spend spend

    2. Not with Jenkinson and Mings in it, it won’t! And definitely not with Sissoko. You were entertaining though but unfortunately too stu pid to even open the door.

      1. Do us all a favor and quit the condescending, name calling crap mate. These threads are opinions, conversation pieces that are not grounded in fact or theory and thetefore dont need your critical analysis.

        Translation, quit being a $!#!

        1. But we need yours, of course. Because your analysis is the one that’s real. Do us all a favor and stick with club bashing. You’re good only there. We know your words, we got them alright. Now, move on. Or pi$$ off, whichever you prefer/understand.

  4. Every win is crucial from here on now for us! Grinding out results is vital for us, as the top 4 race heats up! We must keep up the pressure on our rivals, there is no room for complacency! Coyg!

  5. At last.Has the penny finally dropped Arsene.To win this modern day league skill alone isn’t enough. Physical presents plus fight is the order of the day.Manure, man**ity and chelsky have had these attributes when winning the league while you’ve assembled mainly a team of powderpuffs.You’ve been swayed by the Barca blueprint. Skill plus toughness should be your future player buys.

  6. I think you are right cheerspotter – but also think Wenger is in a no-win situation. You can see a new brand of haters of late – not liking the narrow hard fought wins to lowly teams away from home, despairing at the lack of 4-0, 5-0 wins, “ugly” to watch – not the Arsenal way, boring, “why play Welbeck instead of Walcott” mentality (if you are gonna grind and sweat then Welbz is the better option, no doubt of that in my mind) etc etc. I look at Chelsea and only really see two flair, creative types in their 1st X1- Hazard and Fabregas (Willian and Oscar have ability but look completely neutered to me). We normally have 4, 5 or 6 on the pitch. I would like more balance and see the return of a modern day version of the Vieira/Petit axis in front of the back 4.

    1. A combination of Kongogbia, Sissoko and Coquelin rotating?


  7. I honestly don’t care how we play for the rest of the season as long as we pick up the points to finish 3rd. 2nd will be a struggle as I’m worrying about teams behind us. Monaco might be a blessing in disguise going out at this stage every year is probably the reason we seem to make top 4 lol.

  8. OT: Anyone recognise this team?:
    JW AR

    Yes, 2013-14 opening day PL team v Aston Villa. Just struck me that in little over a season we have basically got a new team – I am guessing that if Wenger named his 1st X1 tomorrow with a fully-fit squad that 2, maybe 3, of the above would be on the pitch.

    1. The overall quality of the squad has improved but a few pieces to the puzzle still remain and some very difficult decisions need to be made on the futures of the following players this summer,

      Santi….will a $15-20M summer bid from Atletico be just to tempting for Arsenal to pass up for the Spaniard?

      Wilshere…is it time for a fresh start, and even when healthy(????) is he one of Arsenals 11 best?

      Walcott….will his contract demands be remotely in the ball park for a one dimensional, injury riddled player?

      Ramsey….can his game return to the quality he showed last year. Will he be able to accept the defensive priorities of a B2B midfielder and realize he is killing the necessary balance of the midfield with his suicidak goal scoring runs forward?

      Woj….Will he ever be mature enough for the No. 1 shirt, is it time to cut ties with the Polish keeper?

      Arteta, Flam, Diaby…..Are there wages money welk spent with the lack of consistent returns?

  9. Gabriel went 3 years at Villarreal without injury.

    3 weeks of Wenger’s training methods, a torn hamstring in his 3rd game and 3 weeks out

    1. Gabriel was injured half of the season 2013-2014 and he played only 17 games in La Liga, you mor on. What a stupid i diot you are, gosh.

      1. & so injuries to ramsey & others are also down to bad look eve barca pshysio slammed arsenal’s training methods after they had signed fabregas (hamstring problems)

        I know u are wengerite the biggest mor on I have seen on this website

        1. from 2013 to 2015 paulista has made 37 appearances he featured in 18 league matches during his first season and after Matteo Musacchio’s injury he appeared in further 19 games

          what the f*ck are u talking about just to go show ur smartness somewhere else

          1. Your point being? That doesn’t change the fact that a whole season he played not even half of the games due to injury. Doesn’t require rocket science to gather information but it looks you are just too du mb to read.

        2. How many hours physio from barca spent with arsenal? you just talk $hit. You don’t know me at all, quit the drama. My avatar is there just to pi$$ on people like you.

  10. OT: does anyone else fear that Waclott could leave us if he doesn’t get any game time for the rest of the season… the season before he got injured he has something 20 goals and 20 assists. I’m all for making players work for that place in the starting 11 and making them do more defensive work but walcott hasn’t really been given the chance since hes came back from injury!

    We all know hes better going forward than welbeck and welbeck is better than him defensively, but to me walcott makes us a lot better team!

    1. I don’t fear Walcott leave. He is going to show more than what he has shown until now. Sure, it will be sad to see him leave (not sure who is going to buy him though) if that will ever happen. One episode springs to life, when we lost RvP he was penny pinching just like Sagna and threatened not to sign. In the end they settled but there was always a bitter after taste I felt. I am pretty sure Wenger didn not forgot about this. Today there are two players with the same injury in top flight : Falcao and Walcott. None is ground breaking and I believe buyers are already warned. I am sure the club will weigh everything right. Personally I just believe Walcott is eased very slowly in and not rushed as Falcao. Time will tell but again, football is full of right wingers (a position Arsenal was never short) so I am not concerned at all.

    2. Walcott plays 5 games and in one game he can score a hattrick. We dont need hot and cold players. Wenger said that in the todays day you need to know to play attack and defense. Walcott is mediocre in the attack and his defending skills are un existant.

      Striker he wants to be, but he is not build for that poz.

  11. I’m feeling a bit down today. Please post KC Ratings. I need a laugh/Chuckle to cheer me up.

  12. paulista played 37 games gor villareal most of the times he was rotated with Matteo Musacchio and Dorado and he was made a starter in 2014–15. He formed a strong partnership with Víctor Ruiz, with his side conceding only 17 goals in the 19 league matches in which he appeared

    wengerites they will believe anything

    1. 37 games in more than two seasons you dumba$$. One season in La Liga is what? 38 games? By your logic he’s rotated even now with Koscielny or Mertesacker.

      1. he wasn’t regular he started behind Musacchio and Dorado who by the way are considered better than him he on;y missed 1 game due to injury jack A$$

        1. Is hard to be a regular when you are not fit. I reckon even a person with your reduced brain function can understand that. As for 1 game missing due to injury you talk out of your a$$. This article (I know you to dum b to speak Spanish but you can use google translate) says otherwise. BTW, there are more injuries while he was playing at Vitoria.


  13. Wenger, a team like Arsenal should not fight for Cl survival year after year. You had only one job bro, one Job, and that was not emulating Harry Redknapp. 8m a year is a financial fraud.

    1. 8M a year to consistently struggle to qualify for Champions League and rarely pose a serious EPL title run is diabolical. Only @ Arsenal do you have a dictator that makes 1/6th of his proposed summer transfer budget. Finacial Fraud indeed KS

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