Will Arsenal haggling allow Man United to hijack Paulista transfer?

First of all I should say that I still expect Arsenal to complete the transfer of the Brazilian defender Gabriel Paulista from La Liga, even though the latest reports suggest that we have yet to come to an agreement with his current club Villarreal on the transfer fee.

I very much doubt that Arsene Wenger would have been so forthcoming about the ongoing transfer talks if he was not extremely confident of sealing the deal for the talented 24-year old. However, there is apparently a new complication to go with the cost and the work permit issue, according to a Daily Star report.

The paper claims that the Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is also a big fan of Paulista and is hoping to hijack his transfer to the Gunners. The versatility of the player and his ability to play anywhere in a back three formation makes him the ideal signing for the Dutchman and we know that United do not mind splashing the cash.

But before you start to get too worried, the paper has got this news from sources in Spain, so how likely is it that people from Villarreal have planted this `rumour` in the press in order to get Wenger to sharpen his pencil and come closer to the £15 million release clause? It would not be the first time but it would not be the first time that Arsenal have lost a player we thought we had wrapped up because of money. So what do you think Wenger will do?

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    1. Everyone is ASSUMING that these rumors are all true. You cannot even believe Wenger during transfer season – he often engages willingly in the deceit to keep the other clubs off-guard.

      When Monreal arrived at Arsenal in Jan. he was practically the only player in Europe NOT the subject of the transfer rumor nonsense. And still fans will believe every rumor.

  1. i assume wenger wouldnt have talked so much already about paulista unless the deal is done.
    being left with egg on his face by a late united bid would anger fans- hes smarter.

    come on le prof…cheeky sissoko bid!

    1. He did hint we may not be done following Gabriel….

      You think we’d go for a Sissoko bid? I got a feeling it would be an attacker of sorts given Poldi, Sanogo….and maybe Campbell could all be missing 2nd half of the season. Very un-Wenger-like to let 2/3 forward options out and bring not 1 body in.

      Sneaky Lacazette bid? Bit ambitious perhaps..

    1. that’s not correct. We could have got Huguian but before we sealed the deal we found out Suarez wanted to move to us and he had a release clause so we let the Huguain deal go, only to find out Liverpool didn’t honor suarez’s contract and then accused US of lacking class…

  2. Refer back to what I wrote yesterday when some of our gullible fans were marking me down! It looks like we are going to lose this guy whom Wenger had no intention of signing in the first instance! CHEAPSKATE!!!!

      1. Lol must have been confusing having MUFF tattooed on her ass…

        ….but surely she could of just added an arrow rather than removing it!!

  3. I don’t get the whole work permit thing. If the deal goes through that means we have to convince FIFA that Paulista is good enough to be granted to work in England. What kind of a rule is that? and why does it have to do with international matches? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the bringing up of British talent. But how come Barca can snatch up any player they like without a permit and we lose out? The game has been international for a long time now, and it’s time England accepts that.

    1. @ dilla:I think we have signed up to and are now members of the secret order, “The Grove”. That answers your question. They all take it in turns. Europe, The USA, Russia and the Middle East are all member states. Check them out on you tube man! Scary where the world is heading with these people running it!

    2. It’s nothing to do with FIFA, it’s up to the FA, who work on behalf of the Home Office to grant work permits if the player isn’t an EU national, or played in another European league for at least 2 years.

      That’s why Joel Campbell was loaned out for 2 years.

  4. You muppets fall right into this stuff don’t you? Papers like the Daily Star know we have a divided fan base right now. So to get the plastics all fired up they will put something in there like “Wenger is haggling the price” and then they can all flip out and share the article while posting their little “Arsin Wonga is no gud, WONGA OUT!!” rant.

    1. Well Wenger failed in so many situatin that many fans have reason to worry.

      More concerned about Wengers well doing then the clubs. What a F..Wengerit you are.

      1. “Well Wenger failed in so many situatin that many fans have reason to worry”. If you want to list the “failures” you will see they are largely media driven. If you were never in for a player in the first place it is pretty unfair to pin a “failure” badge on it. Name a single “failure” arising directly from Wenger’s incompetence where we know ALL the relevant info?

          1. Haven’t seen this list – are you referring to the players we could/should/would of signed if things turned out differently? Not being able to get a work permit for di Maria doesn’t strike me as gross incompetence or a court martial offence. Not suggesting fans are stupid but relying on hearsay to make your case is stupid. Of course Wenger has made plenty of mistakes, as Mourinho said recently there are always mistakes waiting round the corner for all managers. Most are largely unavoidable or unforeseeable and are seized upon retrospectively with the benefit of that wonderful thing called hindsight.

  5. Regardless of MU hovering or anyone else, I believe the following:
    1. Wenger would not mention him unless he doesnt really want him or he’s already signed some form of paperwork to commit to us.
    2. Wenger may know something we dont re’ permit issues, prior injuries etc. and being public is another Wenger smokescreen.

  6. We still have to be wary of the “rumour mill” and not believe everything we read, esspecially “the metro”!

  7. @greg. Add to that caught offside, daily star, sun etc, only bbc, sky sports and arsenals site are any way reliable.

    1. “According to ”
      “It has been reported that…”

      Transfer rumours are like men in a strip club, you know those puppies are not for you, but you dream on.

  8. Well it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.
    hopefully Wenger has learned his lesson and understands that sometimes you need to pay a few more million to get the guy you want, especially in January.

    Anyway, lets stay positive

    Im sure Wenger wouldn’t mention Paulista’s name if he wasn’t close. He rarely mentions possible transferees before signing. It’s a good sign.

  9. Guys two things
    1 it’s in the Daily star so it’s BS
    2 wenger is always secretive about deals so if he’s already opened up the deal is done barring the work permit.
    And personally I think he also has another signing up his sleeve

            1. @muff’s comments are the greatest… but I think he just attempted suicide in his last one. You okay muff? You land on your feet when you flew out the window?

  10. It looks like The Wenger Brigade are out in full today! I must check the skies to see if the half or even the full moon is out!! Barmy Army you lot.

  11. Daily star please! How can one newspaper keep writing such crap every single day and people buy that piece of toilet roll or jump on there website

    Someone shut them down please

  12. I think the deal is done, just waiting on work permit to be confirmed. I am also sure a top DM won’t be signed until summer.

  13. This sounds like a newspaper starting some drama since there hasn’t been any drama. Look at the people van Gaal picked up – Di Maria, Falcao – big names. If the CB was someone like Ramos, Pique, Silva maybe. But a 24 year old CB of Villareal who hasn’t even capped for his country? Nuh bruh.

    With that being said, Man U may just do sign him so we can’t. So pick it up Wenger.

    1. I was thinking similar, but then remembered summer gone were us and that shower struggled to recruit def, and thought maybe they wiould like him for time being till the next windows big deals arrive making him a fourth fifth choice option.

  14. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen but I’d be equally surprised if Paulista is much use in the run in. It feels like a Koscielny like signing to me and remember it took him some time to bed in. And to be honest, given our record with Koscielny and Mertesacker starting, I’ve go no problem with that.

    1. Have you seen the guy play? I think he is ready.

      Why cuz I am another Arsenal football expert.

  15. Haggling clearly isn’t what is going on! Wenger has made it very clear they are trying to arrange a work permit.

  16. Anybody know about melina perez wwe diva? She is so beautiful and hot pure paparazzi… haha wenger visit there in beach in mexico and sign any one… guys I m just joking by the way she is gorgeous lady.. COYG!!!

  17. Hehehe, so after a long time we beat a big team and many akb trolls came out and claimed that Wenger is a tactical genius.

    Now i read that it was the players who forced Wenger in changing the tactics. looool. In the team i trust. Coyg. Well done guys.

    1. @ks-gunner
      But like you always say when you’re ready to sh*t on AW”Who brought in those players? Who gives the tactics to those players?”
      See how that works…?

      1. hahaha, you such a sensetive fakk.

        I sh*t on Wenger for using the wrong players in the wrong poz. That a player who cost 12m cant perform like 50m one is not his fault. Best 10 in the world playing out wide is also not his fault. Players being over player and sometimes freezed out is also not their fualts.

    2. “.. who forced Wenger in changing the tactics” Forced…did they use that word.

      Ks, you can go write shite for the Daily Star too.

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