Arsenal handed Aouar boost as one competitor is ruled out of the race

Arsenal has been handed a boost in their bid to land Houssem Aouar this summer after Juventus pulled out the race for the midfielder, reports Fabrizio Romano via Sun Sports.

The 22-year-old Frenchman has emerged as a top transfer target for Mikel Arteta’s side in this transfer window.

The Gunners have even placed a bid of around 35m euros for him, but it was turned down by the French side for not being high enough.

They will now look to make another bid, but they faced competition from top teams like Barcelona and Juventus.

The report is now claiming that Juve is out of the race because they will not pay the 50m euros that Lyon wants.

Romano was quoted by Sun Sport saying: “They can’t spend €50million for Aouar, so it’s Arsenal.

“They’re the club who are trying to sign Aouar.”

The same report claims that the midfielder is also keen to make the move to north London and to join Arteta’s revolution at the Emirates.

Arsenal has also targeted Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey and Chelsea’s Jorginho in this transfer window.

Both players seem to be only alternatives to Aouar right now, with the Gunners focusing all their attention towards landing the Lyon man.

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  1. Torreria and MG out

    Aouar and TP in

    Why cant Arsenal make it this
    simple? 😁😂

    And please FFS NO Jorginho

    1. I don’t think it’s as simple as that Ace, I’m sure if we could get rid of players sooner, we would have gotten our targets by now. I’ll have a meltdown if we end up with jorginho.

    1. If you maybe read some of the
      reports making the rounds the
      situation revolving around the
      young Frenchmen have very little
      to do with his futbol acumen.

      The kid lost his mum, speaks very
      little English and is basically all alone
      in one of the busiest cities in the
      world. Being labeled the next VVD
      by deluded Arsenal fans probably
      hasnt helped the young man’s
      transition either

      If he isnt mentally ready to play for
      AFC than a loan back to France for
      a year might be exactly what William

      1. Thank you ACE.
        Some fans just read headlines and jump into foolish conclusions..
        So exhausting and demoralizing

        1. Khadii I don’t know how old you are, but you know you can post your comment without sounding like an idiot.

            1. Truedeu if you follow my post here very well sir you will know I don’t attack people, if I make a comment that I thought was harsh, I always apologize but what he said was annoying, I read a report on goal that Arsenal wants to loan out Saliba and I post it on here, the article didn’t say anything about his mom passing away, all the article said was that Arteta does not believe he’s ready, you can read what I posted again sir, he shouldn’t have used the word ‘foolish conclusions’ that’s him telling me I am a fool.

              1. Sorry but what Khadii said isn’t out of order in the slightest.
                He didn’t call you a fool at all.
                What he said was right alot of fans do only read rubbish printed in papers like the Sun and take it as fact and that goes for alot of people on here and that is a fact.
                As always in life people should always follow the facts to give yourself the best judgement possible.
                Most football sites like, caught offside etc print rubbish 90% of the time.
                Goal reported HA was in london for a medical 2 days ago but he was pictured training with Lyon that same day, funny how much BS floats around on the internet right?
                All i would say to you is this, don’t jump to conclusions because you read something somewhere that sounds like it could be true.
                Its like a rumour goes round your wife has been sleeping around with tom dick and harry, so you go sort them out only to find out they were actually planning a party for you.~
                Also ACE said ”deluded fans” in a reply to your post, does that mean he called you Deluded? no he didn’t.
                There are many meanings to how things are written in English, some things don’t actually mean someone has insulted you personally, which in this case I dont believe you was

    2. He needs a loan, MA is right!
      CC was playing brilliantly before his injury, he’s a much better ball playing defender than Holding.
      Saliba isnt ready to start for us not by a long way.
      He missed most of last season with injury and then the cancelled campaign.
      Both Holding and CC are experienced premier league players and both are homegrown.

  2. It’s just four days to the end of the window and even a blind man can see that we are really short of quality in midfield. We shouldn’t even be talking about,”Aouar boost”. We should be talking about medicals by now ffs. What a joke! It’s really pissing me off.

  3. So, I guess all the rumours of Houssem Aouar having a medical at Arsenal today were just BS as usual, then?

  4. Well if we are to take the Lyon president by his word then we need to seriously put an offer in that they will accept and fast.
    According to him we have till the close of play today to do the deal.

    Get a move on Arsenal!

  5. Oh my, this is almost as bad as waiting for Auba to sign!!
    Thankfully, for my health, there are only 3 days to go….😄
    I expect Edu to pull it out of the bag..

    1. 😂😂Nice one Sue. In 3 days time, we’ll at least know exactly how to set expectations. Could be for a top 4, top 6 or top 8.

  6. I personally wouldnt sleep if MA
    passes on HA and decides to
    sign TP or B. Soumare from Lille.
    HA is a fantastic talent and would
    undoubtedly be a great signing
    for the cub BUT IMHO even with
    the Lyon man pulling the creative
    strings the Arsenal midfield STILL
    lacks the athleticism and steel to
    dominant games. El Neny and
    Xhaka are both nice players but
    neither possess the physicality or
    athleticism of a TP or B Soumare
    to control the middle of the pitch
    A midfield trio of HA, DC and GX
    would be pleasing on the eyes at
    times but still would be EASILY
    overrun by more aggressive,
    physical teams. Everton, Liverpool
    and Manure come to mind.

    For me its either TP or Soumare
    first, then HA if Edu is able to call
    the Lyon presidents bluff in the
    final hours of the window.



    1. Aulas is only being a bum and acting tough. There’s no competition for Arsenal.
      Even PSG ain’t one, they want to take him on loan and ain’t no way Aulas would accept that except they make a ridiculous offer in fees, besides Aouar already has personal terms with Arsenal

    2. I hope we get Aouar though, that we don’t put too much pressure on him by setting expectations very high. He’s talented no doubt but I hope he comes in and ticks for us because WE HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS and if he does hit the ground running, I’m going to be dreading the day he gets injured. Because again WE HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS😭

    3. we need two midfielders, not one. I’ll take a Partey alternative at this point, but we definitely do need as you said, someone with steel that can carry the ball forward too. Elneny doesnt advance play, Xhaka doesnt go forward and has suspect passing, Ceballos is fine all around but still we can look for better.

  7. Even if they bring him,these below average players will make him too good for them.Don’t u see Aub

  8. Not even once were Juventus genuine competition for Arsenal in this race.
    That was bûllshît that was started by Boufahsî or what’s his name?
    He’s the one French clubs make use of in starting smokescreen for deals.

      1. Still the same…. Gotta be towards deadline day.
        Move out few players left to gather the money for TP, then activate his RC.
        He’s always had an agreement to come.
        Arsenal activating the clause has been the delay and ish

  9. Lucas Torreira said his goodbyes at London Colney today. He is due to travel to Madrid in the next 24 hours to complete his medical and finalise his loan. [Charles Watts]

        1. so this could very much not go in our favor if he ends up flopping in Madrid… ugh. Atletico are destroying us this window.

  10. Isn’t this like the fourth of fifth boost we’ve been handed with regards to this deal….. I wonder how many more we’ll need to get it over the line…… I just hope Partey would be headed straight to Arsenal, once Torreira joins Atletico.

  11. On a completely different note..

    Anyone else finding hilarious that since Manure started to pay silly money for players that now every team in the world are trying to rip them off? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Karma, gotta love it!

  12. For no particular reason, I just believe if the HA deal falls through, Arsenal are just gonna trigger the TP release clause and be done with it, because the TP situation is clear, pay the clause, and the man is yours.. So either way am seeing it one or the other, if not both.

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