Arsenal handed HUGE problem for FA cup match with Hull

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans have been left furious and bemused by the decision of the FA to appoint our old nemesis Mike Dean to take change of the FA cup clash with Hull City on Saturday as it surely has greatly reduced our chances of getting past the Tigers and into the next round.

Anyone would think that the powers that be in English football have got something against the Gunners, as the biased or incompetent (you decide which, I know what I believe) referee has already been proven to have ruined one Arsenal game this season by somehow missing a sustained assault on Laurent Koscielny by the Chelsea striker Diego Costa and then managing to spot a red card offence by Gabriel that never happened.

The authorities had to overturn both of those decisions and you might have thought that would make them reluctant to put Mike Dean in charge of another Arsenal match. I seem to remember Alex Ferguson being able to stop certain officials from taking charge of Man United matches so how on earth have the FA lumbered us with this doughnut again.

With Arsenal currently on course for a record of three FA cup trophy wins in a row, are the FA just trying to throw a spanner in the works or might they be giving the referee an opportunity to prove that he is not biased against us?

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  1. Dean is Hugely incompetent and absolutely stupid. he has to go through live being a complete half wit.

    1. That should read LIFE. He has said when he retires to a life in journalism, he will apply for a position with the Exchange and Mart

      1. he also has a very small p*ns : for this, he needs to compensate by being the center of attention.
        expect to get a few offside calls against us; lots of tackles by hull w/o card, and yellows & reds for arsenal.
        if we’re overwhelming better than hull, we may have a chance.
        dean’s record shows mathematically that he is a cheat and he should be disbarred.

    2. A bias refs like him should not be on the field at any league in this world. Fan of one football club shouldn’t be involve in the league where his idol team is playing. Shameless stinky FA.

    1. It’s obvious he’s a Spuds fan and he’ll do everything for his favourite team to get the advantage

  2. The issue is not just that Dean is assigned to an Arsenal game.

    The larger issue is that the FA allows Dean to officiate EPL games at all. Something really stinks with the FA.

  3. I have to agree Dean is an Arsenal menace but it`s the ones that appoint him who are either stupid or corrupt or both.

  4. You call a game against Hull,at home,”a clash”?And our chances to advance “greatly reduced” by Mike Dean?OMG….Are we playing Real Madrid or something and Dean is staying in our way of advancing?If we are scared of Hull,let’s boycot the Barcelona game,what’s the reason of showing up if they are better than us anyway?Wake up man,we are Arsenal,the FA cup holders,not a third tier team,whining for facing …who?….Hull City …at Emirates?Go cry somewhere else…

  5. The issue is not only just of Mike Dean alone, who shouldn’t near where Arsenal are playing talkless of officiating in any Arsenal game again after his unprecedented professional misconduct in the match between Chelsea vs Arsenal at the Bridge early this season.

    Yet, the FA have seen nothing wrong with Mike Dean’s ugly officiating in that match. Hence they are appointing him again to come and do whose bidding in that game?

    The problem of concern to us the Gooners, the Gunners and the Boss is the hamstring injury suffered by De Abreu which has forced him to run to Brazil to seek for treatment that could enable him to recover ahead of predicted schedule by the Arsenal medical center. If I may be allowed to speculate.

    The injury to De Abreu could force the Boss to start his 2 CBs of Rhinosacker and Koscielny at the heart of Arsenal defence-line for Hull. Save if the Boss will pull a under 21 player from the Arsenal academic squad to start alongside Koscielny, while Rhino’ is rested for Barca. Unavoidably, the Boss will have to start Rhino’&Kos’ at CB. Chambers to rightback and Gibbs to the leftback?

  6. All referees miss things, they cannot see everything the multiple cameras see which can be viewed in slow motion. They get conned by players who are skilled actors, perhaps after match bans would help here, three match suspension for diving in penalty area, proved by video evidence would soon stamp out this activity.

    Referees have a difficult job, many aspects to look at, no slow motion repeats. Mike Dean had a bad match against us. Last week there were the two dubious penalties, one against us which could have ended our title hopes and one for Tottenham which was good for them, bad for us.

    When bad decisions go against us we remember them, if they are in our favour we soon forget. Every manager agrees with referee bad decisions in their favour or “cannot comment because I could not see it”. Similarly managers criticise all bad decisions against them.

    I do not believe that PL referees are biased of incompetant, it just seems like it to us fans, who view the incident in slow motion from multiple angles after the event and can take our time to form an opinion.

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