Arsenal handed major boost ahead of final day clash against Everton

Arsenal were handed a significant boost ahead of the last matchday of the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur are the favourites to clinch the top four spot ahead of their arch-rivals, as they travel to Norwich City, knowing a draw would be enough for them to qualify for the Champions League.

Whereas the Gunners see themselves two points behind Antonio Conte’s men and need a miracle in their bid to make a fourth placed finish.

However, Mikel Arteta’s men were handed a boost as their weekend opponents Everton came from two goals down to win 3-2 against Crystal Palace.

That leaves Frank Lampard’s men safe from the drop and they don’t have much to play for, other than pride, at the Emirates Stadium.

If the North London outfit can get even the bare minimum help in their push for a top four finish, I’m sure they would welcome it with both arms.

Arsenal fans could only wonder how their team is in the position they see themselves in. Two games before, the Gunners were in a driving position to make the Champions League.

We were four points clear of Spurs, with just three games remaining. What has unfolded since then is nothing short of a disaster, especially the Monday night performance against Newcastle United, when the team did not look like one that was chasing a top four finish.

Maybe it is the thin squad that the Gunners hierarchy opted for that is coming back to haunt them. Or maybe it’s just nerves that have kicked in.

Which is natural considering that Arsenal have the youngest squad in the Premier League.

The Arsenal fans have no option but to hope for the best ahead of the last matchday of the Premier League before we head to the holidays.

The mood of many during their vacations can vary on whether the three-times Premier League winners can clinch an unexpected fourth spot.

Yash Bisht

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    1. Number 11 which means Torreira is gone.the guy showed class on social media where he congratulated Gabi and told him that he loved him.

  1. Unless Delia Smith cooks up a dodgy lasagne or two in the team hotel Spurs will win easily. Not sure if Arsenal have the wit or motivation to get three points against Everton and our recent record against poor Everton sides is rubbish. Not sure if I can bother to watch a group of players who either aren’t good enough, have their minds on summer moves or are already on the beach mentally speaking. That diving cheat Richarlison will bundle in a 2nd half winner that the left back and goalkeeper should have done better on..0-1 to Toffees the predicted score. The season will end… will be told to buy a new shirt and expect ‘big big signings’ and then we will end up with Dominic Calvert Lewin and that’s it.

    1. Yeah haven’t we lost the last 3 against them?
      Have to admit after this last week, the last thing I feel like buying is a new shirt 😄 (don’t like the collar anyway!)

      And if you’re right about DCL, omg I will scream!!!

  2. clutching at straws, forget about top 4 and start looking for a real manager coz next season won’t be different from this with MA still in charge. There’s no way those Spuds are going to lose against relegated Norwich.

    1. Arsenal my Team shaa, let Forget about the top Four and Focus next season and let keep stronger glow stronger with standard quality players

    1. And some people
      are refusing to admit that the expectations at the club have seriously been lowered.i mean when an opponent has several injuries or nothing to play for and it is considered a boost,what does it say about our team?

      1. No doubt Siamois…just how dire are things when the silver lining is the fact that a team who just barely avoided relegation might not bring their collective best…some 4 weeks ago there was a sizeable contingency within our fanbase who were actually chirping nonsense about how 4th was a given and that there’s no reason why we can’t set our sights higher

        of course, anything can happen this weekend, but from a playing style standpoint, we’re simply not a CL team of consequence at this juncture…that said, I worry greatly about the recruitment ramifications, should we end up bottling what many described as a cake walk into 4th

  3. How is Evertons win a boost for us? This tripe about”having nothing to play for”. Wasn’t the same said about Newcastle? Shouldn’t the same skewed logic apply to Norwich as well. Heck, they’re already relegated.
    Just like Newcastle showed us, Everton and Norwich have their pride to play for. They owe AFC eff all…
    The OJT Coach, with the shiny new contract, is the one who should be relied upon to bring our team the results. Not the mercy of other teams…IJS

  4. Right now I do not care about whether we get CL or EL. Performances have been so disappointing even when we win except for the odd occasions.
    Looking forward to seeing Arsenal next season where I hope to see real hunger.

    I am watching one of the relegation battles on Sunday Either Leeds or Burnley match. At least I hope I will not see a gutless or spineless performance.

  5. Spurs losing to Norridge is most unlikely, we shot ourselves in the foot by losing to Newcastle. Lets now look at a successful summer of transfers in key positions and hope for a fruitful next season.

  6. Even if Norwich beat Spurs, what is the guarantee that we will beat Everton? Our bottling the chance of top 4 is premeditated plan of arteta, edu and board. To them, they have over achieved by being 5th. It’s unfortunate that Lack of ambition and mediocrity is now our signature.

  7. So Arsenal have been handed a major boost as Everton now have nothing to play for except pride. Using similar logic, doesn’t the same apply to spurs, as Norwich have nothing to play for except pride? But both Everton and Norwich do have an incentive to win their games as gaining a higher place in the league gives them another £million or so in extra prize money.
    Whatever happens in the games, I sincerely hope there are no pitch invasions and violence similar to what we have witnessed in recent days.

  8. I’m surprised some still thinks we can actually get the champions league 4th position ticket at the mercy of Norwhich and Everton. What we should be thinking of is how to reinforce our squad and coaching crew to the standard that Arsenal have been known for in the past.

  9. Sorry to say, but this ultra brief summation of our last two games give no news no insight and not a single sentence that says anything we have not already read many times by now.
    It seems to me to be writing for writings sake, rather than because the writer has anything of interest to say! It could perhaps be thought by some that Everton now being safe is of interest .

    But most clued up Gooners were well aware of this likelihood, before Brentford won at Everton last week and thus delayed Evertons Prem safety. Just a summation of what we knew already and so I always find articles that say nothing new at all, to be tedious to read.

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