Arsenal handed MAJOR boost to hopes of Mbappe transfer

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger should be hoping that the Arsenal transfer target Kylian Mbappe is very close to his family and that his family know the Monaco and France international star very well, or at least that the relative talked about in the French football press does.

The Mirror has reported the latest from France on this massive transfer story and if correct it has handed the Gunners a major boost to our hopes of beating the likes of Real Madrid to secure the signing of this highly rated young forward.

The reports from France claim that a close relative of Mbappe’s has declared that he bellieves the 18-year old will not see Arsenal being in the Europa League as a big problem or any kind of deal breaker, because the reputation of our manager for bringing on some of the top young French forwards in recent years makes Arsene Wenger and Arsenal an extremely enticing option.

The unnamed relative said, “Wenger is a great man. If Kylian signs for Arsenal tomorrow, it will be for him.

“He knows how to shape young players and especially the former strikers of the French team, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka.

“The Europa League is not an obstacle in itself.”

So, Gooners, do we believe that the source of this news really is a close family member of Mbappe’s? Even if they are do we believe that arguably the most sought after striker of the summer would pick Arsenal over Madrid? If that is the case then maybe we were a bit hasty with the anti-Wenger stuff eh?

Sam P.


  1. That 100 million for a teenager that might turn out to be a flop could buy two of the 4 players we need. Such a stupid club and manager.

      1. Is that muff D? Wenger’s kiss ass fan. Do you remember what you said when you found out we got 5 place and no champions league football. Yea you don’t remember do you. Wenger FING OUT!!!

    1. typical you all (inc me) moan when wenger doesnt spend then YOU moan when he does.
      If and i do say IF we sign Mbappe its not just a fantastic player we are signing it signals a change in the Arsenal that will encourage others to sign for us and trust me hes the real deal, slap in aboy out of over 200m and we are sorted

  2. It a lot of money for a young player but that football these days could be a great signing or a Flop, it be interesting to see what happens but we get lazarette
    And mpabbe it be a signal to our rivals we mean business but also we have to sell a few to get them both

  3. Typical of Sam P ?? He goes & leaves out the important part about Arsenal being a stepping stone to either of the Spanish Giants.
    Why to go Sam ?

    If Arsenal are wise enough to stick a £500 million buy out clause into his contract then there’s nothing to worry bout, is there?

  4. can’t believe some arsenal fans do you realize that boy is better than Sanchez right now just give him the ball he can create on score on is own just a little better finishing and u better than Neymar

    1. ok, u are talking nonsense….i like the boy, besides, we will sell him on the future for a lot of money…its better business that buying turan for example, who is 30 yo, and we will get nothin in return…but better than sanches? come on men, be serious

    1. In Kylian case, “stepping stone” is not the right term. He could go to Real Madrid instead. From cozy neighborhood houses to roof top penthouse. I’m impress if this Mbappe kid can manage his mind trough this change of lifestyle. A side of his astronomical over rated price, Arsenal is not a bad option for his career. 80M pounds at less…,Arsene must change his “dual core processor” to make this bid.

  5. Tell him to come and use AFC as a stepping stone if that’s what gets him to sign ? tell him whatever he wants to hear lol

    Then, once he’s an Arsenal player let’s hope he falls in-love with the club and decides to stay ??

    But if we pay 100 million and he helps us win the premier league next season, then he can leave if he wants ?? because to me it would be money well spent, he done what we paid him for ya get me haha spend that moolah ???

  6. This is all Wenger’s plans to get the fans excited and happy!! Don’t be deluded. NOT HAPPENING..

  7. I’m not keeping my hopes up as I don’t want to be hugely disappointed and I know what Wenger is like

    But I am hoping that Mbappe’s advisors are telling him to come to us because we will be a stepping stone for him to fine tune his skills and he is young enough to go to Madrid later, like when Ronaldo started at United and went to Madrid.

    US being used as a stepping stone and promise of large salary is the only chance we have of getting him.

    To be honest, if we get him for 4-5 years and we can win trophies and he still wants to go then it won’t be the worst thing as we will have won trophies and get our money back hopefully.

    Even if we got Mbappe, we should still get another Top forward. This may convince Alexis to stay. Alexis wants a high salary AND Trophies

  8. Let us DREAM
    Mbappe will be a gunner and we will sign Lemar as well
    Wit them two on board we will be unbeatable
    Champions and Will win the Champions leaque as well year after
    Mbappe will be sold for £250m in 4 years time to Real. Good deal. Go Aresene
    Please make this happen
    Dreaming. ……………..

  9. One thing for sure i know about Mbappe deal is that the Sale of his shirt would be massive, and we could sell up to the amount use in buying him.A lot of people will buy his shirt regardless of his number, even those who have never bought any Arsenal shirt before or bought one in a very long time will buy his shirt trust me.Even if Arsenal decide to sale ticket for his unveiling people will buy, if the unveiling is free, the stadium will be filled to the brim , Trust me, we could sell him in the next few years for far more than we bought him. It’s a lot of investment that will be a win ,win situation for Arsenal.

  10. Ridiculous. We will not buy this kid!

    I would not recommend talking like we are to your work colleagues or you are going to look a right plumb when the season kicks off and there is no wonder kid.

    We will not buy this kid, not a chance in hell for that amount of money.

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