Arsenal happy with home FA cup draw with Watford

Arsenal have to get past Hull City first, of course, and depending on the scheduling of our 5th round replay at the KC Stadium and the team selection of our manager Arsene Wenger that is by no means a sure thing, but if we do get through the Gunners have been handed a pretty good draw for the quarter-finals.

The team waiting for us is a Premier League outfit in Watford and they have proved this season that they are a good side, but there were harder sides still in the draw and the most important part of the draw is that it would be another home tie.

That is becoming something of a habit for Arsenal after all three previous FA cup draws put us at home. And having already beaten the Hornets by 3-0 away from home in the Premier League this season, which also happens to be their biggest defeat of the campaign in all competitions, you would expect us to have the mental edge.

Arsenal now have to make sure we are the team to host Watford, though, but that draw might even give us a little extra reason to do it as the road to Wembley and a possible record of three FA cups in a row is really opening up.

Tottenham and Man City went out today and thee other draws have sent Chelsea to Everton and West Ham to Manchester United if they get past Shrewsbury. The final draw sees Crystal Palace go to Reading, so if things go our way the Gunners could have one hand on the cup a few weeks from now.

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    1. OT: just read an article : the liverpool owner was bragging that they DID have a clause to let suarez go if the bid was >40M. i’m sorry, but this means wenger’s a p*ssy. he should’ve sued liverpool just not to set a precedent that other clubs can just roll over us [dont care if suarez would’ve left us after 1 season, principle matters]. i’m also getting the feeling that in negotiations we’re all about polite enquiries but the other clubs pull out all stops, dirty tricks etc. maybe thats why we end up not getting the higuain, benzema etc. if wenger wins PL this year, i really hope he stops monopolising the job and just goes . we need some fresh air [and mad as hell that klopp,guardiola will go to our competitors while wenger hangs around for another 8M]

      1. @almostawinner
        You still don’t get it do you? Why would they sell their “deadliest” player to a direct rival? They had no intention of selling him to us, no matter what the price. They were playing mind games with AW the whole time.
        Let it go and move on dude…

  1. so if we are even able to beat Hull in the replay, we’d be facing Watford

    and that’s something to be happy bout right???

    Right then we are happy….Okay cheers! *raised glass*

  2. The worst news for Arsenal is that Man City and Tottenham went out of the FA cup today. The fixture congestion for Arsenal could again lead to their demise in the league. (among other factors)

  3. I take it AW won’t field a weak team if we play them. Cup games should now be respected from this point of the competition. They are a very good side and remember it’s a cup game they will bust a gut to win. Play FQ and The new lad together from now on in all games until SC is back. Looks the part and his passing is very good.

  4. What I find worrying is that we were unable to beat the ‘park the bus’ tactics of Hull. We have been faced with these tactics many times before, and I believed that we had been working on the training ground to beat them, although maybe that was the result of Ozil / Bellerin / Coq spot passing / crossing, all of whom weren’t present on Saturday.

    What we can’t afford to do is linger about on the peripheries of the penalty area, hoping for a biblical parting of the red buses, because unlike Moses, it isn’t going happen for us.

    1. maybe time to try 2 CFs: giroud for height and a sanchez for his guile right in front of goal. but scary to make such a major adjustment so late in the season. maybe we can try it for the return hull leg [i’m thinking we’ll prob need to play all first teamers for that leg]. really need to figure out a way to deal with all these buses.

  5. We often read on here
    how unlucky Arsenal is.
    Well the FA cup draw has
    totally favoured Arsenal.
    Four home ties against essentially no hopers
    Now with only rubbish left the FA cup is Arsenals to lose.
    But maybe Spurs and City will be pleased with less fixtures?
    Is Leicester the ultimate winner with no cup commitments at all?
    Squad depth is set to play a big part in the EPL this season

    1. The Spuds were definitely going all out for the win, no doubt about that. I don’t really understand the MC team selection – they have two first team squads, so I don’t really understand why a few more first team members weren’t playing…., unless it’s of no interest to them, and losing to Chelski looks ok.

      1. Chelsea gaining momentum is fantastic for us. All the other top 4 teams will face them at the Stamford Library, except us.

        I read Wilshere targets Barcelona second leg return, but that’s a month from now. We need players back IMMEDIATELY for the upcoming fixtures.

    2. if wenger was ruthless (as opposed tothe romantic he is), he’d play an experimental lineup versus barca and focus on manU . maybe also ditch FA and just focus on PL.

  6. plz, let us not get so arrogant now. i would pe pissed if i would read somwhere that barcelona are already thinking about their next opponent.

    why are we not using sanchez as a striker, bec the fella has become to tired to run down the flanks all the time.

    coq-bale wannabe
    boss2-boss1-snail- mikmik
    captain cech

  7. lol. Bale wannabe. looking forward to the Barca match. we will win at the Emirates against Barca. But at Camp Nou, we need to park the Bus and hit them on the counter. would love Ramsey to play at the RW, While Coq and Elneny play in the middle.


    Bellerin Kos Per Monreal
    Coq Elneny
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    Then Walcott and Welbeck as sub’s later on.
    Arsenal 3: Barca 1.

    I’m very Optimistic about our chances.

  8. Happy for sure but before we get there! our best XI against Barca, Manure, Swans and Spuds and then play the available XI against Hull. No doubt Hull will roll out a 2nd XI given their focus on promotion and their congested schedule (slated to play Brentford on Mar 9??)…and I would bet that they park the bus again (despite most teams typically playing a more attacking style at home driven by the fans)..Steve Bruce would be hoping they nick a goal or push the game to penalties.

    Without a doubt, he is not going to risk anyone important for that game. So let’s get there first and see who we have fit enough to make the team (our game after that is WBA on Mar 13).

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