Arsenal has financial worries as they enter the January transfer window

Arsenal opted to secure the loan signing of David Raya from Brentford due to concerns about potentially breaching Financial Fair Play limits. Despite being one of the more financially responsible clubs in the league, Arsenal remains cautious about their spending to stay within acceptable limits.

Although their return to the Champions League allowed for significant expenditures, including breaking their transfer record for Declan Rice and acquiring Jurrien Timber and Kai Havertz for substantial sums in the summer, the club still has financial considerations.

As the January transfer window opens, Arsenal is expected to make additional signings, particularly targeting a new striker. However, according to The Daily Telegraph, the club may face limitations in the transfer market and could focus on securing favourable and more cost-effective deals due to lingering concerns about FFP.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Financial Fair Play boundaries are understandably a problem because we splashed the cash on some top players in the summer.

But we trust our executives to find a way to bolster the group regardless of what happens.

Because if we do not improve our options in the summer, our performance may continue to decline, which is not the position we want to be in.

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  1. It has become obvious for Arsenal to improve their on the ground Gunners team quality options. In the sections of the team which need improving them. Like the striker section that needs a radical improvement with a new top quality striker signing in this month of January transfer window.

  2. If Arsenal is cash strapped, it cannot be blamed on a player who is on loan. Rays did not cost Arsenal £65million, Havertz did, and he’s earning an exorbitant amount each month. He continues to fleece the team, without ANY returns on investment. COYG…can we for once just call it what it is? This football, not politics.

    1. Yes we did and we still need to stay within FFP, which means we can’t buy (within reason) without also selling some players. The Raya loan deal was with an agreement to buy him at the end of this season to enable us to spend a stupid amount of money on Havertz. Look what happened to Everton and other teams who breached the regulations.

      1. Yes it does. I misinterpreted the article. I have been told that we have already told Brentford we are buying Raya in the summer 100%. I thought that is what it was alluding to.

        1. What we are doing is going into the red zone as far as our spending is concerned. It will be interesting as to how we spend in January. We have very little wiggle room.

  3. Even if we had the money in Jan it is difficult to bring in the type of quality that we need. We need another wide forward as well as a central striker -and on top of that, we need a creative midfielder who’s defensively sound and not diminutive. So we have to prioritize one of those positions but it’ll be tough getting the right criteria to join

  4. The fault is not Harvertz or Raya. It’s all Arteta’s fault who bought a Chelsea flop in such expensive manner. That money with little addition would have given us a quality striker or a wide player to compete with Saka. He also disrupted the goal keeping section by going for Raya on loan. Do you fix things that were not broken?
    It must be noted that the entrance of Harvertz and Raya have made the team worse. The only signing that improved the team is Rice.
    What they must do is to return Ramsdale to his position, sell those players especially, Nketia, Soares and others Arteta has no confidence in, and buy what we actually need – a goal scoring striker, a physical but highly technical DM and a right winger or call back Marquinho to compete with Saka. For the left back, he should continue to give Kiwior game time to boost his confidence pending when Timber will return.

  5. This is a long term issue that was flagged 3 years ago by some of us fans that actually care about the long term future of the club and building a sustainable model.

    We are still extremely poor at selling and MA needs to learn he can’t just have unlimited budgets every single transfer window. He(and Edu) need to take responsibility and start trying to balance the books, he can’t keep being a cheque book manager that copies Pep’s tactics!

    1. It is disappointing that we didn’t have many/any players who being surplus to Arsenal who were worth anything to anyone else
      Wages and the financial effects of Covid cost us dearly. Havertz’s transfer and salary is a similar scenario unfortunately

      1. Happy New Years Sue….yes and that’s been our problem for close to 2 decades it’s not just a MA/Edu issue.

        I think we have a bad structure that when a player is not wanted they are almost ousted which naturally drops their value instantly and then everyone knows Arsenal have no interest in that player so why wouldn’t they low ball us.

        Havertz is a perfect example, imagine he was our player that had 2/3 relatively poor seasons before we tried to sell him….we would’ve maybe gotten 20mil for him if we were lucky but we end up paying 65 mil in the same scenario in reverse.

    2. Havertz should have been purchased for approximately half of the fee that we paid.Chelsea needed to sell and he was always going to be a risky acquisition.
      Otherwise neither ESR nor Eddie seem to fall within Arteta’s ideal team strategy so they need to be sold whilst they can still bring in relatively high fees.As “Hale Enders” they will go some way towards balancing the books if we are to bring in a much needed forward capable of actually scoring goals. I would also imagine that Brentford would be happy to take either in part exchange for Ivan Toney.

  6. At last the penny’s dropped and our financial situation is being addressed, rather than yet another pointless and sometimes quite shameless “Which striker should Arsenal buy” article, which people who should know better fall for every time.

  7. I fear that our adherence to FFP rules & regulations may well prove to be pointless unless the major violators of FFP are harshly penalised. In particular, the “FFP rules & regulations don’t apply to us” Manchester City should be stripped of all the titles they have “won” through financially cheating over the past 10 years or so and, at the very least, demoted to the Championship. I hope that the Everton punishment of a deduction of 10 points for a relatively small breach of FFP will set the tone but I truly believe that there is a real risk that Manchester City will delay indefinitely the investigation into their wrongdoings and then escape unscathed.

  8. Hahaha. Arteta has put Arsenal in Financial trouble by not using resources optimally and wasted too much money by discarding players and buying expensive flops. This was the concern I raised in season start itself but admin was not liking it.

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