Arsenal has one of the lowest squad depths in the top six despite spending big

Arsenal has the joint poorest squad depth in the Premier League top six despite splashing out £150m on the likes of Ben White, Martin Odegaard and Albert Sambi Lokonga.

The Gunners finished last season outside the European places after missing out on the top seven spots on the league table.

This prompted them to splash the cash in the just-closed transfer window. However, it seems they still haven’t got a squad that can compete with those of their rivals for European football.

The likes of Manchester City added just Jack Grealish for £100m, with Chelsea also spending close to that amount to bring Romelu Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge.

The Daily Mail has rated the squads of every top-six club and looked at how they compare after they finished their transfer business and the report rates Arsenal 5/10 in terms of squad depth.

Manchester United added Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo to their squad and the report claims they now have the most squad depth among the top six.

Tottenham added the likes of Emerson Royal and Bryan Gil to their squad, but the report claims that they also ranked just 5/10, like their north London rivals.

Despite their poor ranking, Arsenal fans will pray their new signings get them off the foot of the league table when club football returns next weekend.

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  1. I am hugely shocked that you mentioned Arsenal when talking about top six. Arsenal is good at the bottom, what you sow is what you reap. Arsenal have cultivated the habit of letting good players to go and replacing them with a downgrade.
    How can Arsenal have good bench when they don’t have good organisation. Sending Siba on loan and bought Ben White for 50m pounds.
    Is Ben White better than Saliba? Is Lakonda better than Guindozi?
    Arsenal is going down to championship.
    Edu is unqualified, Arteta is unqualified and inexperienced. The quality of players are mediocre.

    1. To be fair Saliba hasn’t played 1 min in the PL. So we don’t know how good he is.

      But getting White for £50 million was a bad move as we could have used the money to improve our attack

    2. Yes Lakonga And Guendouzi Will Go Head To Head But Saliba Is Better Than White
      I Hate Arteta Because He Is A Selfish Couch If He Don’t Like You He Will Try To Frustrate You That’s Arteta

      1. Lokonga is better than the attitude laden Guendozi. Fact.

        Whyte is better than a 20yr old Saliba who hasn’t played a minute in the EPL and was not prepared to go on loan in an EPL club.

        Saliba hasn’t played a single minute in the EPL but rather plays in the weaker French league and you people think he’s a super star already who’s better than any Arsenal CB.

        Arteta looked at him and realized he’s not ready at 19/20 to play for the club.

        Get over it. EPL is tough for a 20 yr old to come in and perform at a higher level.

    3. Look stop banging on about Saliba. As Stephanie said he’s not played a single game in the premiership. Then you expect him to play against City and Chelsea. Then when we lost you’d say ohhhhh he shouldn’t have played him in these games he’s not ready for the prem.

      He’s obviously got some personality and psychological issues look at the trouble he got into last year. Being around Guendouzi doesn’t help. Both these players were signed by Emery like Torriera and are not of a stable mindset. This is probably because their a) young b) being French, they have that Anelka naivety about them.

      I don’t like Guendouzi I think he’s a good player but overated atm. Saliba needs that transition and honestly why weren’t Real Madrid, Barcelona, Utd, Chelsea, City, Liverpool sniffing around when we signed him

      1. I agree, why don’t everyone bang on about Daniel Ballard? He is older than Saliba, has full international experience and plays well every week, I guess it is because he didn’t cost us £27m.

      2. You made some good points about Saliba. Unfortunately, you’ve spoilt it by suggesting that there may be issues due to him being French.
        This is really disappointing.

      1. We won’t be for much longer if Arteta stays here in charge ,the blokes breaking record after record ,and not positive ones .

        1. you my friend are an entitled fool you spout so much crap on here it unbelievable. You obviously don’t even know how the big six works. The the big 6 is media created agenda there are only 3 massive cubs in England that’s Arsenal, Liverpool and Utd end of. This damage started long before Arteta mate and he is a problem I admit but a very small part of it

          1. Thanks for that James ,
            I suppose I’m a fool because I don’t agree with you right ?

            Next time bring abit more to the grown ups party rather than throwing insults around behind a keyboard .

          2. you are such a deluded idiot if you believe that only Arsenal UTD and Liverpool are massive clubs in England these days, historically yes sure.

            If you believe global branding and a large world wide fan base and a few FA cups over the last 18 years is enough to be still called a bib 6 or top 6 or even a MASSIVE CLUB like you said we were over Chelsea or Man City you are a bigger fool than i initially thought

          3. @James….

            You are the entitled fool if you think you can get away with insulting fellow fans and remain on JustArsenal.

            Final warning….

          4. finally an Arteta apologist, minus the endlessly caustic yet always magnanimous Jon, makes it to the naughty list…based on the myth of the lamp, I only have 2 wishes left

    1. First of all we are still a big 6 club even though at the moment not a top six club. When the Super league was conceived people took the piss and said why are Arsenal in it. One major reason is we are a massive global brand, our global fan base is huge, our stadium is top class and we have history of success. Arsenal would have enhanced the image and profile of the super league it’s why we were one of the major hands in it. My question is why Spurs, they on tick one of these boxes in stadium but nowt else but there you go.


      I said above Saliba needs that transition period Arteta is correct 100%. Also why weren’t Real Madrid, Barcelona, Utd, Chelsea, City, Liverpool sniffing around when we signed him they were for Verane?????. Like this site saying in another article that Arteta’s stubbornness is seeing talent out the door what a load of rubbish. I wouldn’t say Saliba is out the door he’s on loan and has another 3 seasons on his contract.

      For those of you who have a limited understanding of who a football club works in player recruitment. When I was training with a top club is Spain in my teens, they said they look for 5 things in a player. Speed, natural fitness, technique, mentality and personality. 5 things that a pro players needs to be a success. You can nurture and work on speed, fitness and technical ability. But if you have a poor mentality or a terrible personality you will never make it to the top. Arteta and Pep come through the same club so they have taken on the same mantra.

      Saliba obviously has a weak mentality why does he keep going back to France. If he wanted to be the best he could be, he should have gone on loan in the PL which he turned down. Arsenal is his club, we play in the Premier league not the French farmers league. English is the language he needs to learn so he should heve stayed in the prem not keep repeatedly crying back to France.

      Some Arsenal fans wanted this guy to lead our back line, idiots, He’s not ready. Like Guendouzi every manager who has coached him said he’s disruptive, petulant and arrogant. That fight that broke out with OM, his own club president said he faked the “injuries” he received. When you look at the video the pussy was always on the peripheries of the fight.

      Lucas Torriera, since day dot he complained about the weather how he missed Italy and so on. Went to Spain where he played very little then in a Saliba style tantrum cried that he wanted to go home to Uruguay.

      These are the types of players some Arsenal fans wanted Arteta to keep in the squad. Weak minded players with no winning mentality. Who are unwilling to get their head down to be the best players they can be no matter the environment and surroundings.

      The club is making the right moves, it’s not going to plan yet but it’s things we need to do now for the future of our club

      1. @James, I think you have a point right there on the issue of player mentality and personality.
        They should be important prerequisite for player recruitment.

      2. You seriously need to stop spreading false rumours about Saliba and Guendouzi,not every manager has said he was disruptive or a troublemaker,the only proven incident was the one at Lorient when he was 16 and already playing for the 1st,he was banished from the 1st time but was soon recalled and the coach was fired not long after that incident and he became one of their main players,as For Saliba several big clubs were after him according to Emery on the club official website and one of the reasons they didn’t pursue him was that Saint-Étienne would only sell to a club which would loan Saliba straight back to them,on the same site Saliba confirmed it and explained that the reason he chose Arsenal was because he had been a fan since he was a child,he spoke about his Arsenal jerseys,watching videos of TH14, Viera…but also that Matteo Guendouzi helped to convince him.

      3. Also another lie,it wasn’t the president of l’OM who accused Guendouzi of faking injury but OGC Nice president.

        1. Seriously think that James is here on an agenda now. Sure question Saliba’s choice, but I guess James expects a rising star CB in the youth circuit, 6ft 4, talented, from the most talented footballing nation at the moment to just quietly choose to play for Newcastle on loan when OM and Champions League were beckoning. This along with the lies about Guendouzi…. seriously man, lol!

          1. James has made some very good points about these players.
            There have previously been concerns about the readiness of these players.
            Sending them on loan while keeping tabs on their performances, attitude and behaviour is quite appropriate.

      4. Actually James, you’ll find It was Nice’s president (Jean-Pierre Rivere) who claimed MG ‘faked his injuries’
        So nice try 🙂

      5. “if you have a poor mentality or a terrible personality you will never make it to the top” now I realize why that gig ended, if it really happened at all, during your teen years…btw, for someone with this supposed experience, it’s a crying shame that you didn’t glean anything of any real substance to pass on to others

  2. Well
    There’s still some work to be done
    Arsenal should go for at least 1 or 2 high profile player to show serious ambition.
    Haaland is available for 68m next season when the buy out clause kicks in.
    If Arsenal is doing well this season why not.

  3. Arsenal were to buy ready made quality players and adding the youngsters arsenal has to have quality in depth and the youngsters can progress faster with older players in the squad….instead arsenal have a young squad for the future………..the next two games will tell if arsenal can get into the top 10……nice to be optimistic but it’s better to be realistic……………..!

  4. People get squad depth wrong. It’s not just how many quality players you have, its also how many games you have to play. So when Leicester won the title they didn’t have the squad depth of the competition. But they weren’t in Europe so they were able to field a consistent side, playing once a week where others were playing twice. That made the difference. That applies to Arsenal this season, whether it will help remains to be seen.

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