Arsenal has the fifth biggest wage bill in the Premier League

Arsenal fans have long thought that Stan Kroenke doesn’t spend money on their team and only wants to make himself wealthier by owning it.

The American is an owner that fans love to hate and he is currently facing some backlash and calls for him to leave the club after agreeing to form the breakaway European Super League alongside other club owners.

But does Kroenke truly never spend money on the team? This question has become necessary after a new report on Sun Sports reveals that the Gunners have the fifth biggest wage bill in the Premier League.

In truth, Arsenal has some of the finest players in the league and they are all well-paid.

The results on the pitch haven’t been as we all expected, but it can hardly be because Kroenke isn’t spending money.

The report says Arsenal’s wage bill for last season was £225m and it was even before they handed a new deal to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, signed Willian and Thomas Partey on bumper salaries.

That figure is bigger than that of Leicester City and West Ham, but both teams are battling for a Champions League place in this campaign while Arsenal has been stuck in mid-table all season.

Considering how much the club has been spending on wages, doesn’t it seem that the players are simply not pulling their weight and it isn’t a question of money being spent on the team?

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  1. poor recruitment choices far too often, plus we have a tendency to offer up unsubstantiated wages to either entice or retain players considering we aren’t the same attractive destination we once were…btw this doesn’t mean Kroenke is laying out any coin because we use a “self-sustaining” model so any money going out is money that came in from some revenue stream/source

  2. We have spent and we have paid the money. The only reason we are where we are is our last 3 managers have not got anything out of these players. We cant lay the blame completely at recruitment, we have players playing way below their abilities and at very inconsistent levels. That all falls at the managers door. We are where we are because the team is playing poor football with no end product.

  3. The problem becomes clear, when you compare how many players Arsenal has on wages of £100,000 and higher, compared to other clubs. Wages this high should be for the elite first team players as at other clubs, not ordinary squad players as at Arsenal.
    As TRVL states Arsenal pays too high on recruitment and then exacerbates the situation by increasing wages on resigning. Too many players are then too comfortable sitting on their wages, letting their contracts run down because no one is prepared to match their wages.

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