Arsenal has the lowest wage increase in the top six since 2017

It is never easy running a Premier League club and owning a successful one like Arsenal makes the task even harder.

The wages of an average top-flight side continue to increase almost every season, which means owners probably have to put back most of what they make into running the clubs.

As new data reveals, the Kroenke’s have managed to keep Arsenal competitive even without unnecessarily increasing their wage spending.

Since 2017, Liverpool’s wage bill has increased by 75%, while that of Tottenham has risen by 66% and Manchester United’s by 45%.

However, as revealed by The Sun, the data shows that Arsenal’s wage bill within the same time frame has only increased by 5.6% from £195m to £206m.

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One could argue that not signing players on massive salaries is the reason we have missed out on a top-four spot and haven’t been in the Champions League since then.

However, we are currently the best club in the country and did not get there by paying overpriced wages.

We have relied on youngsters hungry for success and not big-name players who just want to make money and make almost no contribution.

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  1. Arsenal has done really well cutting down on the wage bill and yet improving massively on the pitch.

    Big salary increases are most welcome for the likes of Saka, Saliba, Gabriel, Ramsdale, Martinelli (already got it) and Ödegaard.

    With others I would be more practical.

    1. Well giving Nketiah a reported £100,000 and week won’t help and Martinelli at, reportedly, £180,000 plus Saka at £200,000 and Saliba at £150,000 (?) along with Xhaka’s new contract plus Declan Rice at who knows what, get prepared to see our wage bill go through the roof!!!

      With Ozil and Aubemeyang going, it has skewed the figures, but the bottom line is…. if we want to keep and attract the best talent, we will have to pay the going rate.

      1. Ken, instead of mentioning only a few examples, why don’t you have the courage – as I and Sue P have – to openly state that ALL Prem players salaries are completely obscene and it is only that some are even more obscene than others that distinguishes one from another???!

        1. Courage Jon?
          What do you want me to do, write about other clubs finances?
          I just write what I believe and I note that you don’t dispute anything that I say of course.
          I note with great humour, that YOU only mention one player, yet omit Arteta’s folly of giving Aubameyang the same ridiculous contract… any reason why?
          Also, you do not address what will definitely happen to our wage bill IF we secure the contracts of Saka and Saliba.

          So let’s see your list of overpaid players and managers, starting with Arteta on a reported £8,000,000 a year……..

  2. Arsenal achieving big things without breaking the bank.Can’t say the same for those guys across town

  3. Perhaps the horrors of the past are just that… in the past!
    I honestly believe that stratospheric salaries are, apart for a handful of players worldwide, an obscenity.
    It was a mistake to offer ridiculous terms to both Ozil and Auba. Hopefully the club has learned its lesson and will keep a broadly sanguine check on contracts. I hope and pray that the huge pay rise on offer to Saka only spurs him on tofurther greatness.

  4. Arsenal must be applauded for its discipline and adherence to strict ethical conduct as an institution. Individuals with questionable character profiles have, over the years fallen by the wayside and destroyed their own careers, distracted by insatiable appetites for money and stardom.
    I think back to Adebayo, Nasri and most recently, Aubameyang.

    1. Oh , YOU HAVE MISSED OUT OZIL TOO. He is the most obvious questionable character of ALL TIME at our club!

  5. Well that maybe about to change hopefully not drastically.

    Though prudent discipline is paramount to running the club most fans are more interested with success on the pitch.

    As the Kroenke’s loosen the purse strings we hope that we will sign the right players to wrestle back this elusive big jug.

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