Arsenal has to get better or they will lose Saka claims former Gunner

Kevin Campbell says he worries about Arsenal losing Bukayo Saka to a top English club unless they get their act together.

Saka has been developing at an impressive rate as an Arsenal player and the Gunners will need to match his growth to keep him.

His impressive performances for the Three Lions at Euro 2020 has thrust him further into the limelight.

He now shares the national team camp with players from top clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool.

Campbell has watched him develop a good rapport with the likes of Jack Grealish and Phil Foden and says he could leave Arsenal if they don’t get better.

The Gunners finished outside the European places last season and Campbell reckons that Saka might soon want to join a club where he can win trophies constantly, unlike at the Emirates.

“Saka’s future is a constant worry for us Gooners, if I am honest with you,” Campbell told Football Insider. “We do not want to admit it but it is a big worry.

“We know the club have not been moving in the right direction in recent years.

“Saka has been rubbing shoulders with Jack Grealish and Phil Foden at this tournament and he seems to have a great rapport with them.

“He will be looking at some of the guys in the squad who are winning the biggest trophies in football at other English clubs while Arsenal are still in transition. It is a tough one.

“Arsenal need to get their act together because his level is going to move up.”

He still has three years left on his current Arsenal contract and that should be enough time for the Gunners to get their act together.

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  1. True i can see Saka being jealous at the enormous amount of trophies Grealish and the man u youngsters have won in the last decade.

  2. Bukayo should be the future of Arsenal and if he is to leave he won’t leave for 10million and either way he is a huge asset to the team,Arsenal should manage his contract very prudently to protect his value.

    Going by what Arsenal is doing, it is obvious that Arsenal will challenge in the not too distant future and probably arsenal could become as attractive as the Mancities and Liverpools of today.

  3. Yet more garbage from Campbell.Saka is a very fine prospect but he has some way to go before he becomes the finished article.Hopefully he and our other talented young players will continue to develop with the team they love and combine to bring about a meaningful improvement sooner rather than later.And before any of the anti Arteta brigade use this article to vent their dislike of our Manager, could they perhaps consider in a constructive manner the areas where young Saka can improve.Personally I feel he needs to become more adept at retaining possession in tight areas where he is tightly marked.At times his ball control let’s him down whereas the likes of Foden and Mount are happy to accept the ball under pressure.This is partly due to the fact that they are naturally ball playing “inside forwards” whereas Saka is a natural winger who is more comfortable and effective in wide areas where he has more space to run and take on his immediate opponent .Without wishing to be too critical ,he also needs to improve his finishing, but that could be said for the vast majority of forwards.He could well have a very successful career in the game and I am hopeful Arsenal FC will benefit from his skills and once again become a team to be respected and feared in the EPL.

  4. Many things should worry us about Arsenal but the youngsters’ devotion to the badge is not on the list.

    Coming from a really pessimistic gooner that strongly believes no major signing will be made this summer.

  5. Jonah Campbell, sorry Kevin Campbell, is probably the most pessimistic Gooner of all. Ignore his constant moans, say I!

  6. I agree, I mean even Villa are bidding for ESR. We are in real danger of losing our decent players in the next 2 years if we don’t show some serious improvement.

    Genuine improvement in results and game play, not just 1 or the other.

  7. What irks me most is knowing that majority of the negativity surrounding our are either started by our ex-players or our fans. What this to be the tone everyone when we continue struggling from now on. We all watch spurs not winning anything and struggling for years not while kane&son carries them, until last season we start hearing Kane should or will leave them to win silverware but a young man who just start making his own history will walk away when he already has a medal and on improve contract. Can any club or human being put up with the shiiit get thrown at our club and players and survive.

  8. A very good point by Campbell, I think it is very common that if a team is not good enough that a good player will leave that club for a bigger club. And not just Saka but other youngster like Smith-Rowe and Martinelli. Combine with the one eye track record of giving new youngster a chance. We will soon also have a problem to attract new youngster as well, luckily the like of Saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinez was sign in Wenger time, I wonder if we a currently still making signings like this. We had already lost Martinez, and now we need to sign a new GK.

  9. The most pressing thing to worry about right now for everyone involved with Arsenal is the renewal of the current deal of ESR. Saka is here to stay, at least, for the near future.

    If the club fail to qualify for the Champions League the next season, there might be a genuine threat of losing the best players in the squad.

    Should the opportunity to feature in the Champions League prove elusive for Saka and ESR at Arsenal, combined with the pressure of watching from the sidelines the likes Foden, Bellingham, Sancho, Mount and the other few lucky ones fighting for the biggest trophy in European club football, nobody can question their loyalty to their boyhood club, if Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League.

    Can Arsenal provide the adequate platform for the likes of Saka, ESR, Tierney and Martinelli to perform to the best of their abilities will determine how long they can hold on to those players.

  10. The above post, puts into perspective EXACTLY why finishing in the CL places (or at least european football) was always the first criteria for our club…. and any other for that matter.

    KC comes out with some stonkers as well, Villa winning major trophies??

    Saka has said so many times that his club is The Arsenal and he has been through the worst season we have had in decades, but he is HAPPY.
    Why do fans, ex-players and pundits always want to stir up the s@@t?

    I have no doubt whatsoever that ESR will sign a new contract and that we will see some really good squad signings after the euros… all we have to do is be patient and give MA/Edu this coming season to show us what the bigger picture will be.
    Balogun has signed a new contract and so will our 19 year old keeper it is being reported, so the positive signs are there.

    I can’t wait for the start of the season, but my glass has always been half full.

  11. Present pundits make me laugh the way they analysis their things….

    It’s not a question of getting better, but rather finding a “suitable system” to accommodate not only SAKA but also PEPE.

    I’ve always said SAKA unbalances the team —-because the system doesn’t favour him —-

    He’s more of an “OUT AND OUT WINGER”,,, so is most effective in a 4-4-2 formation.

    PEPE likewise is better in the No. 10 position just like what he played when he had just arrived under Emery (Rem: Liverpool game???)

    Cedric… Luiz… Mari… Tierney
    Willian… Partey… Ceballos… Saka
    Pepe… Aubameyang

    That’s the balanced 4-4-2 lineup I expected Arteta to deploy last season.

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