Arsenal hatches a plan to keep their players in shape during the World Cup

Arsenal, like most top clubs, will lose key players during the Qatar 2022 World Cup that kicks off next month.

The Gunners have had a great season and several of their players are in top form.

This means they are favourites to be on the plane for the competition for their countries.

However, some will remain at the club during the event and the Gunners want to keep them in shape before others return.

A report in The Sun reveals they intend to go to Dubai for a warm weather training camp when the competition is going on.

Mikel Arteta will take the players who have not been named in their respective international squads to the Middle Eastern City.

The goal is for them to keep training and remain in shape when club football returns.

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We are in a fine position now, and we could win the Premier League this season.

It would take some fine performances from us until the end of the term to emerge victorious.

If our players cannot be in shape, we could struggle on the return of club football, which is why this idea makes sense.

A similar break helped us to improve in the second half of last season, and we nearly finished the term inside the top four. 

Arteta speaks ahead of Bodo/Glimt game in cold, wet Norway
“We have to find a way to win!”

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  1. An excellent plan IMO.

    I do not agree with the post by DaJuri, whoi thinks our non WC players would be better off staying home, as a hot climate and a changed scenario will be more conducive, than remaining in a colder, wetter country to getting properly refreshed, akin to a SUMMERE break in Britain.

    A cold winter break at home for fit young footballers just does NOT cut the mustard at all, IMO.

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