Arsenal have a BIG problem after signing Petr Cech

It just seemed to be the perfect thing for Arsenal to do when the chance of signing Petr Cech popped up, and we are all very very happy with the outcome, but it has now given Arsene Wenger a massive problem.

It seems obvious to us that one of David Ospina or Wojciech Szczesny is now surplus to requirements, but both of them have made it plain that they have no intention of leaving Arsenal. Ospina has acknowledged that he has had an offer from Everton, but has said on MundoDeportivo: “I want to continue at Arsenal,”

“I am very happy in London with my family, so I want to respect my four-year contract with the club.

“It will be an honour to play with Petr Cech, a keeper with much experience from whom I can learn.”

So he has no intention of leaving, and neither has Szczesny who has also made his position clear. He said last month: “You [the media] like to speculate, but I am happy where I am.

“I have got all the support in the world from the manager and I have fantastic relations with him, so you can stop the gossip now because I am here for good. I will stay.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that Szczesny was also given a new contract last season, and Wenger is always going on about players should respect their contracts. So we are probably committed to paying the wages of all three keepers for the next four years.

Can anyone come up with a solution to Wenger’s dilemma?

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    1. Having 3 players in other positions for example rb is a good problem to have but having 3 gk is really a waste of money. We should sell shez, Wenger should talk to him and tell him he is no longer needed. We need to get at least one of them off our books, we need in depth quality for other positions. Having 3 gk and one DM just is not the most smart thing to do. I excpect Wenger to get rid of one of them.

      1. Ospina is 6’0 Scz is 6’5, and they are the same age, Taller goalkeepers last longer in the game. Compare the longevity of Barthez annd Casilas to Buffon, Van der sar, Oliver Khan etc. Getting rid of Scz is not the wisest thing to do.

        1. Then why did we sign ospina if he was short????that is Not a good reason to get rid of ospina. Ospina is way better than shez. I personally Feel more relax with ospina in goal.and now for the first time in years we have a top class gk in we can relax

            1. players want to stay and join arsenal
              haven’t heard this for a long time
              now we are an attractive club

  1. I don’t seem to see the problem here both Ospina and Szc sound like they wants to stay plus we added an upgrade. The more quality we add to our squad the better. Should we decide to say or loan out one these players it will still play to our advantage. One thing for sure is that Cech will be our EPL goalie, the other two or one of them should Martinez stick around will battle it out for the cup competitions.

    I might have missed this but what number has been handed to Cech? Szc must do the right thing and hand that numero uno over to the big guy.

    1. Why dobwe need 3 gk????we could use another DM. Instead of having 3 gk let’s have 2 and add another DM.

  2. Sup my Arsenal family, it’s been a long time.

    Anyway why don’t we loan out Szc…he will gain some much needed confidence in a lower league…

        1. It is a problem to have 3 good gks…any top club needs 2 quality gk not 3. I just hope that when ospina says he’s happy at London he doesn’t move to another London club. Wasn’t fenerbache after him???I’m sure one of them will leave before the window closes

  3. Loads of rubbish……. This rumour linking OziL with Juventus……. Why is the media this useless?

    1. I know right.
      First the dI Maria thing now Ozil

      This summer the media has been getting stories out of their behinds

        1. I thought I was the only one who’s not too excited about Pogba. Yes his a powerhouse and all but I don’t seem to enjoy his game so much, abit sloppy for my liking and burns out fast in most games. I would take Vidal over him all day long. If Juve really want Ozil, Vidal plus 16mil would do.

          I don’t see this happening though and I love our wide eye marksman.

        2. BS he is overrated, check his stats before you talk ish…and what’s more he is 20!!!! You telling me he won’t be better that ozil in 7 years???

            1. I won’t change ozil with anyone, even with Vidal or pogba…sorry ozil offers something different.

  4. I say its even better. Most of us thought (including me) that Ospina would be unhappy and would want guarantee 1st team football, and thus leave. But since he is ready to fight for his place, then Arsenal are having 2 great keepers fighting for no. 1. Atleast for this season.

    so no big problem dear author.

  5. Seriously, neither of them will be happy with 3rd spot.

    So best case scenario is we keep Ospina and wc Cech
    Worst case scenario is we keep Szczesny who is a very good keeper And wc Cech.

    So, I am not worried about the GK situation. As far as I’m concerned, that position is sorted

  6. what sort of problem?…….. I expect petr cech to come with more quality signings instead and we expect they ones we have to stay put

  7. This is not a problem rather it is a good problem if you like’ in a team like Arsenal….Cech will be number 1 but football is a funny game. Anything can happen suddenly. Its a good problem because Cech will be on His toe knowing that both keepers want to stay. Then again, it all boils down to what’s going on in both Szcenzny and Ospina head. However, they will learn from Cech if both stays….maybe one of them could be sold or loan. Maybe Arsenal will loan Szcenzy… Oh Mayne, I am having the ‘good problem’ and ‘headache’ about this. Wenger, Please You know best. *Smiles*

  8. wenger’s dilemma?…….did he tell you he has one?……neither ospina nor sczesny has said a thing…… Where does the acclaimed dilemma come from?

      1. Hahahaha! Naa, see, u start out pretending like u are focused on it, then it gradually starts slipping in. For my own good, had to like it.

  9. Cech is 33, both keepers are almost a decade younger and Szc especially needs a kick up his backside if he is to fulfill his potential. As for Ospina, I recall a certain Manuel Almunia displacing Jens Lehmann in one season and once Lehmann was out of the way the next season, he became a flop, that had lack of serious competition written all over it. Let’s stop feeling sorry for our players when they face competition,that’s why they elite sportsmen, if you fear competition within your own team are we supposed to compete seriously against outsiders?

    1. Lehman was old and wanted to retire and that’s why almunia took over his place. As far as I remember he was around 37…cech will lose his place at arsenal when he’s 37. Mark my words. Lehman was a world class keeper, he was one of the best and he even managed to bench khan at the national team. One of the best keepers we ever had…

      1. Lehman did come out of retirement to help arsenal, he was 40 at that time…we were having an injury crisis in the gk department. Man I remember like it was yesterday.

  10. Classic transfer rumors being disseminated @ seemingly the speed of light. Lol

    Was curious what the masses would feel about a potential Ozil 4 Vidal switch plus $15-20M cash?

    I am a huge Ozil fan and think with a Benzema/Lacazette/Higuain class striker he would probably lead the the Premier League in assists but will he ever reach the necessary level to appease the ARSENAL fanbase? Has he really adjusted to life in London and the physicality of the Premier League?

    Im all for having multiple world class players @ every position but it just seems that with Santi, Ozil, Ramsey, Jack, Rosicky, Chambo, Coq, Arteta plus the young guns that somebody isn’t going to be content riding the pine or being played out of position(Ramsey)

    Based on fanfare is Ozil the one who should be sacrificed?

  11. Personally, i think its a good problem. This is the kind of problem we should be having as a big club. For me the solution is simply. Send Szczesny on loan to get lots of playing time and experience. I think he will turn out to be one of the best hands out there in the near future, so it will not be wise to get rid of him too quickly only to regret soon after. Cech is not getting any younger and may not be at his very best for too long so Szczesny will definitely get his time in the sun sooner than later.

  12. I don’t really care about the money becos that is what arsenal is know for wasting money. It is better to use it for three good GK rather than diaby, sonogo and so on who really hv no contribution to the clu. good thing diaby is got, next….

  13. Two ways of looking at this:
    1. Keep 3 keepers for one season and see who responds best to working alongside Petr. Decide who to keep then.
    2. Loan Schez out to a lower league PL side, (Watford, Bournemouth) where he will be worked hard. We then see what he is made of. This could however ruin his confidence if he capitulates.
    3. Loan Ospina to a PL side as he looks good but a little flaky towards the end of the season, I think we need to see more of him.

    Either way a nice problem to have!

    #buy a DM player and Striker.

  14. Ospina and szczesny are two good young goal keepers and are long term solution to Arsenal goal keeping problems. Why did Mr Wenger spend £10 million in transfer fee and £100,000 per week in wages on Cech I really dont know.
    Petr Cech signing is a total waste of money.

    The same applies to Debuchy last year, why let Sagna go free to Manchester city and then go and spend £12 million on debuchy who is almost the same age and plays the same standard of football with Sagna.

    You have to count that as poor business made by Mr Wenger.

  15. To b honest I think Arsenal is now attractive cos of the cups we have lifted and d figth for the top spot last season

  16. I think the one that will come out on top is shez
    He will have had that chat with the manager and it’s like he is going to school now sitting his GCSE
    Thing is he has no one to look up 2 so it’s a good thing. As for D O he will have another season again looking up to PC
    All a good thing

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