“Arsenal have a BRILLIANT manager!”

Arsenal made quite a few additions to the First Team Squad last summer, and other than the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, perhaps our best buy was the Colombian keeper David Ospina. Since he has displaced Wojciech Szczesny between the sticks, Ospina has been instrumental to us going on a long winning run which has seen us move up to second in the table, and he believes that their new-found success is totally down to Wenger’s management.

“I think that we have created our own way of playing,” Ospina said on the official Arsenal website. “We have excellent players at our disposal but now we have to keep on track. We have a brilliant manager in charge who has been able to put us on course for where we want to go.

“The defence I play with is full of experienced players who have played many games in strong national teams. It has helped for sure. We take pride in doing things well and I’m sure we can achieve a lot.”

“I adapted to the English style and the style required by the team quickly,” he continued. “I tried to put it into practice in the role I play in the team, in the best way possible.

“I have to thank all the fans for the experience they’ve given me. It’s been important to me and this team, and has been a great source of pride for me. As I’ve always said, I will always try my best and dedicate myself to the team, and I hope I will be able to give my all until the end for Arsenal.”

One can only have praise for the way Ospina patiently waited for his chance to prove himself in the team, and then grabbed his opportunities with both hands (sorry I couldn’t resist that one!). If he can keep another clean sheet against Chelsea this weekend, I will stop suggesting that Arsenal should buy Petr Cech this summer…..

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  1. We have a good manager but far from brilliant lets hope he can brind the title home next season then maybe we can say he is brilliant. Cant wait for Sunday im going for a 2-0 win for us COYG

  2. So Per is likely not to play, SOMEHOW I think it’s good news. The combination of Gabriel and Koscielny has always been interesting, it means we shall have a pacey back-four. However, I do hope they will be disciplined enough not to be badly caught on the counter by Chelsea.

  3. I have a feeling Wenger has the edge in this game,Last season at the emirates Arsenal were close,this time if the fans turn up then we could really shake the Emirates,I smell a 9th consecutive Victory,COYGGGG!!!!

    1. They battle shall be decided in the midfield. The better tactic shall be made obvious in the kind of players selected to play in midfield by both sides.

      1. @KickAssFan the thing is we already know what kind of game Chelsea will play and how most likely they will shape up. Now its up to Arsene and his coaching staff to find counter tactics.

        Using our possession very intelligently, getting on the front foot from the 1st whistle, avoiding set pieces, keeping sharp and trying long range shoots as in the pool game I think would be good to try out.

        1. @007, my problem with us is that we never shoot from outside, more like it’s not our thing and it’s made us too predictable in the past. It’s often “pass, pass, pass, again pass, another pass, now tap in.”

          Let’s surprise them, take wicked shots from outside!!! Our lads should be encouraged to shoot.

          1. I tend to agree, trying to wield the surgeon’s knife with every attack has got up my nose big-time in the past. Think there is a bit more variety there now. 3 goals from outside the box against Pool springs to mind. I think I am also right in saying that we have the most set-piece goals in the PL – 20. Now that is a surprising stat and suggest we are mixing it up a little more recently.

          2. Are you sure you are talking about Arsenal of today or that of last few seasons? I am asking this question because of late Giroud, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla have been making shots at goal quite frequently. In previous seasons it is true our players were not shooting at target from far but this has greatly changed and most of ur fans agree with this.

      2. Chelsea leaving us with 80% possession makes it easy for Coquelin to do his job. But if they decide to use Monaco’s tactics and break up our play then we need Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud to be extremely efficient in front of goal. They need to take the limited amount of chances we’ll be given cause Sanchez can’t do it on his own.

    1. Bellerin cz debuchy isn’t match fit yet but all depends on who plays on the right wing…. We might need debuchys experience

    2. Ill go for Debuchy,judging by the Liverpool and Man utd Fa cup game,Bellerin sometimes struggles against players with lots of pace,surprising because probably he believes with his pace hell get back and cover up on time but when he plays with Mertesacker that isnt possible so if gabriel plays i say go with bellerin,but if Mert plays I say go with debuchy he is more defensive minded even though this could depend on who plays ahead of him,when walcott came on against reading he sought of pushed the fullbacks a bit back,a pacy winger would be need to assist debuchy but if its bellerin probably Ramsey would play there its more compact and less room for the Chelsea boys to pass,and Aspilicueta has been shaky against pacy wide players recently so it would be a huge test

      1. Well, @Bigperf, if Debuchy were not fit, I’m sure Wenger would have said something in that line, so I hope and think he’s fit.

        @Brian, I do agree with you, if Per were to play, I’d go with Debuchy becuz he’s not as adventurous as Bellerin and he’s more disciplined.

        However, I’d still go with Debuchy if Gabriel starts, becuz Gabriel is not as composed as Per and Bellerin to is not the best when it comes to being composed and calculative. Having Bellerin and Gabriel together in a game like this one would be like leaving two kids in the cockpit while the captain is away.

        1. Bellarin provides that X factor to our game. I am more worried of us cracking Chelsea than defending against them for some reason. If we can match there midfield as well as having a good balance between attack and defense, Bellarin is the man.

          Lpool game comes to mind.

          1. @007, I’d say The Voice, not X-Factor. Lol! But u do know that just one goal against us and it could be well over? Chelsea can defend like crazy ducks, so must we. If we do not win, we must make sure neither do we lose.

    1. Ozil and Carzola to outshine Fab and show the world why we don’t need him.

      The guy proposed to pay part his transfer away from us, let it go mate.

      Having said this, let us show our class by not booing him during the match (the only players who deserve booing in my book is Nasri and RVP for been c**nts)

      1. But don’t think he deserves Boos….Look wat a cool reception Mata got from Chelski.
        Maybe we should save the boos for Chelski tactics, if then tend to bore the game out…

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  4. I will go with Bellerin cos Debuchy is not match fit yet. I know he is more experienced and composed but lack of fitness can make even the best in the world commit errors that can mar a game. Bellerin should start however wenger needs to tell him strictly not to be too adventurous.

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