Arsenal have a HOOT over Chelsea transfer bid

This is the sort of Arsenal transfer rumour that used to send a chill down the spine of the average Gooner. But that was back in the lean years when the club was asking Arsene Wenger to somehow keep the team close to the top of the Premier League table and therefore in the lucrative Champions League.

The fact that the Frenchman managed to do so every year, despite being forced to cash in on our best players like Adebayor, Nasri, Cole and many more, is remarkable. It also meant that the Gunners came out of the financial shackles imposed by the building of a new stadium as early as possible and that means that we are now looking for top players to sign rather than struggling to keep the ones we have.

And that is why the report in The Mirror today about the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho making an audacious bid for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can be viewed with amusement and even derision by Arsenal fans.

The story goes that Mourinho, after seemingly failing to stop Petr Cech coming to play for Arsenal, is trying to get one of our players going to Stamford Bridge as part of the deal. And you will not be surprised to see that the report claims that Wenger is not even willing to entertain the idea but just wants to give Chelsea the money for their keeper.

Chelsea might have been wiser to try for one of our fringe players like Gnabry or Akpom and even then I don´t think the prof would have gone for it. Attempting to get one of our best and most promising stars of the future in the Ox, however, is just daft. Jog on blue boys!

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  1. I’ve not see any quotes anywhere attributing this idea to Mourinho. So I think it is the usual media spun storm in a teacup.

    Let’s frigging sign him or anyone else already before I repeatedly stab chopsticks in my eyes to prevent myself from reading this drivel.

    PS Zlatan Is Coming!

    1. zlatan is coming?……… This message is supposed to have been delivered 15yrs ago……. Apologies fans?…. It was an error in communication

        1. We would never take vanpussssy back, he’s not good enough. Giroud is much better than him. I hope IBRA is coming after all. We have number of options in the market currently but I guess it all depends on who signs who. If real get aguero then we can go for benzema. Or if cavani wants to leave we must take advantage of the situation.

    2. Ox will never happen, we would happily give them our very own diaby. With Mikel rumoured to be heading for turkey they might find signing diaby a good idea after all, he can join flopcao and play for Chelsea.

      1. But I strongly think it all depends on cech himself, if he wants to stay in London and play every week who better than the gunners. Its all about cechs family, if they would like to live in Paris for a while then PSG would be cechs destination. But at the moment with all the news going around he wants to join us, I’m sure we can at least offer him a salary between 100-120k a week. He should be our number one. Hope this transfer actually goes through.

    1. Could someone please explain to me, why is it that we need Kondogbia? So having recently looked in depth at Kogdobia’s stats for last season in comparison to Coquelin. There wasnt a single thing he did, that was better.. Coquelin had more interceptions, more tackles won, more airiel duels(I’m even shocked at that one), More ground one on one duels and coquelin played 300 less minutes than him, the only thing he beat him on was the fact that he had more assists 3 and more goals 2 that’s not really something to be impressed by. My question is why is he so special?

      1. Because the Daily Mail said that he would be great for Arsenal. Same as last years bs with Kadeira – before that with M’villa (everybody knows i can continue this list forever. As soon as they get linked with suddenly love the player and he would be great for AFC. Same bs with Martinez (Ballotelli last year). We don’t need any more good players – we have plenty if we sign somebody it will be a superstar. So be patient we will only sign 2 players this transfer window. Petr is definitely coming and 1 superstar. There might be the odd youngster thrown in the mix somewhere, but that’s are transfer window and I for one would be very happy with this.

      2. We nerd a back up for lecoq we can’t depend on flamini or arteta.that’s why we need kondogbia or even wanayama

    2. I agree with you on kondogbia, I’m down with that. He offers the much needed steel to our team. But I’m not a laccazet fan, he is promising but we should go for a proven goal scorer someone who has done it in different leagues. Someone like cavani, benzema,higuain or even IBRA

      1. “Much needed steel”, Some of the best ever defensive midfielder’s have not been you’re 6ft+ behemoths. Claude Makele, Genaro Gattuso to name a few under 5 ft 9, were known for their ability to read thier opponents movements, tackle and retrieve balls for their teams and feared for their ability to do so not so much their physical attributes. I feel Jack could develop into that type of player, he has recently showed that he is capable of it with regards to steel its only evident with the City game were he went one on one with Yaya Toure, he likes to get stuck in, isn’t afraid of a challenge. We have the steel but for some reason people dont seem to understand that…

        1. So your saying lecoq our first choice and jack our second. So we don’t need to bring in a DM? You must be kidding, jack can’t play the deeper role the way kondogbia does, we need someone like kondogbia to challenge lecoq. Jack should play a more attacking role.

          1. Well why not? We haven’t tried it, Hodgson played him in a deeper role for England, he looked pretty good and has discussed numerous times how comfortable in that role he is. I’m saying Jack would be good as a different tactical approach to the side he seems to fair well as a Box to Box midfielder where as Coquelin is a Ball winning one. What would adding Kondogbia do tactically? he is the same player as Coquelin an based in last seasons statistics not even a close second. If we haven’t tried something how can we be sure it wont work?

            1. There should be someone who can challenge coquelin. I bet coq will not play whole season. Either he ll get injured or loose his form. Remember its his breakthrough season. We don’t know how consistent he would be next season. So, we need Kong or schenderlin, sevilla guy, imbula.
              Whoelse is there diaby released, arteta/ flamini, dunno they ll get chance easily. N finally injuries likes arsenal. Quality!! squad depth is highly necessary.

              1. You’re preaching to the choir here mate, but the problem i have is why people see Kongdogbia as a person to challenge him, His stats aren’t all to different from Joey Barton(But i dont see people raving about bringing him to Arsenal, especially as he is now a free agent) for 22+ Million what are we getting, He is not good in air for 6ft3/4 Joey Barton having won 26 more Ariel duels, Not that very good tackling having only won 12 more than Joey. Dont get me wrong he is physically imposing and shows potential but the one thing that makes me hesitant on the transfer is he has never played in the premier league and in a less competitive league hasn’t put up phenomenal stats and were willing to spend 22 mill on him, that’s questionable?

                1. Kondogbia had a solid performance for Monaco against us and many fans still remember that

                2. @SEANCALI you’re judging him based on one performance, where we underestimated the team. I remember Anthony Vanden Borre playing fantastic against us in 2 games against Anderlecht, but i also remember him playing crap for Portsmouth.

            2. To go with stats over a 13 game period is not conclusive at all. Remember we are going by nought point something of a percent in the difference. It could take between three to five games for that nought point something to add up to one tackle. Over the season this could add up to a handfull of tackles or more, but the next thirteen games could just as easily read in Kondogbias favor, top form is never permanent. I looked up Coquelin vs Kondogbia squawka stats comparison and it showed Khedira Schneiderlin and Bender as well as those two and done it in a thirteen game time period more or less. They all looked to be doing well except SK, but none had a thirteen game period where they bettered Coq. They were close though, like i said we are talking about fractions of a percent.

  2. Arsenal will sign Cech this week (or at least next week).
    Arsenal will tell Mourinho to do one re. our homegrown players.
    Arsenal will see a new midfielder in the coming weeks (hope its Schneiderlin, Vidal or Kondogbia).
    Wenger is going to wait until the last week to MAYBE sign a center forward.

      1. Yeah surely, if Wenger waits that late we might end up with another welbeck situation. Welbeck will come good in a years time. Have my word on that. But why can’t wenger sign a striker now that there are lots of options. Martinez is ready to join us at least he was. I’m starting to get frustrated already

    1. I think wenger will buy cb. Kos has some problem, sometimes he played with injury. Meet is getting old, he can’t handle pace. Gabriel is new, he played well. Nacho is not a CF. We should avoid playing players out of position. Chambers, still we don’t where he ll play. We need to buy out n out CB.

      1. Nacho is not a centre forward, id take him over Sanogo any day… not really. You meant CB i presume and im with you, i dont like fullbacks in the centre one bit.

        I wouldnt mind if we got that young Italian fella, only because Italy produce quality defenders and they where the only nation which came close to producing anything like our famous rearguard. Nkoulou, i wouldnt be surprised if we targeted him with him being so versatile.

        Other areas need the improvements more so i reckon.

        1. before january nkoulou was one of the best cb in europe
          wenger haas been watching him ever since his breakthrough year

  3. If Mou and the chelski chiefs don’t want a straight deal with us?…….fine…….that thus Leaves the ball in Cech’s court…….if he doesn’t force a move……. He will have no choice but to fLatten out his a*s on a bench and play deputy to freshman courtois…… WIN – WIN

      1. Hope your right, but i have a feeling still that the mats about to get pulled under from us. Id say the only reason for mour maybe wanting Theo Ox is because he knows well refuse and this is his way of starting an argument. Hell probably bring up how they couldnt sign Cole without giving away Gallas.

        Hopefully the negotiators will be more level headed and less manipulative.

  4. Iv said in the beginning, Walcot will be veryyy much integral. If walcot sings a extension, its safe to say, we will not buy a “30 goal season striker”, whats this obsession with this 30 a season striker?
    are messi,ronaldo,hazard,alexis,neymar strikers? noooo!!! but they contribute a lot of goals.

    I for one wont cry if we purchase a gem of a versatile winger like (griezeman, el sharraway, rues, auba, etc). Wenger might sign sneiderlin or Konogbia. Cech is debatable, but if the arrows are showing to our side, I wonty say no.

    Ox- boy do I like this player, if he has 3 consistent seasons (without annyy extravagant English hype) he’ll be alongside hazard’esque bracket.

    I think wenger knows next season is defining, he is verrrrryyy quiet. He might be working on the correct recruits.

    I can picture us lifting the PL and Cl trophy with our new dope kit, (YES CL, if we seriously grown a pair)

    Lets cheer our gunners on.

    Stop slating the players, ya’ll sound like spoilt bullies…….listen to some T.I.,

    #YA GUNNERS YA!!!#

    I want chocolate custard.

    August better come sooon, bored to death.


  5. never!!
    never sell the Ox!!!
    dont even write the words in the same sentence!!!
    this year no need to sell anyone….even less the Ox!!!

  6. Jose knows full well that signing Cech would be a big phycological boost for us. Cech is one of Chelsea’s most established commanders and if these swap rumours are true, I put it down to nothing more than Jose gesturing to the Chelsea fans/ players that he’s not being passive in the deal. Realistically, he probably knows he has no chance of gaining a player in return, but he has to be seen to put up a fight.

  7. am willing to bet 100G with anyone on these site that by November everyone will be eager n looking forward to the January transfer window like hell if we don’t add a top quality goal machine(doesn’t have to be a center forward)…
    its sequence n series people..basic math unless u became a fan last year ill excuse u

    n before u stake ua cash, just think of a barca without messi, a portal without martinez, a madrid without ronaldo etc


    1. …… And imagine Arsenal without????????? Thus one good thing about this team, unles injuries pile up, this team is not far off……
      Morin loud mouth must be sick somewhere don know exactly where, but swaping a 33-year old keeper with the future of Arsenal,,, what is he smokin at the Bridge???

    1. “They are doing well, but they need another strategic direction. They need more direction than the current situation, where they just develop players and sell them.”

      Sounds like he is a couple of seasons behind.

      Still scares the living crap of me though. No loss to anyone other than me but if we embark on a PSG or City project with Afro-petrol cash it is the end of my Arsenal love affair.

      1. Completely agree Jones. If he’s interested in buying the club, he should probably make an effort to keep up with the current state of the club… which makes me think he isn’t much of a “fan” after all. Besides, I like you love that our club still has some romance attached to it and hasn’t recklessly thrown money around.

  8. £10m + cech for the ox is a tempting offer, for a player that has so many injuries. I am not sure I would take that, but if they come back with £15m it will start getting interesting. Hearing they are also interested in one of our keepers and gibbs too.

    I’m really hoping we keep our main squad together and only sell those that we really want to.

    At least 5 players need to go either permanently or on loan, just so we can make the 3 signings we want. My guess is those 5 will come from the 3 keepers, jenkinson, podolski, sanogo and campbell. It looks like flamini arteta and rosicky are going to stay, so the only other 2 players that could miss out are wellington or chamberlain.

  9. If Flamini is not off loaded and a Class/young/commanding DM does not come in, we will be up poo street if le Coq (Francis not AW) gets an injury. We will only have the ageing and less effective MF or MA to protect our back line, which as we know has not been that successful in the past.

    Without a WC (25-30 goal) Striker, we will also fall short again.

    I would add the need for a Griezmann/Reus to offer greater equilibrium on our right wing when the OX gets injured or for competition and depth in general. Both Reus/Griezmann can play anywhere effectively along tge forward roles so will contribute to our goal tally.

    Would be good if we got Cech also but even with those two signings we would be hugely strengthened.

      1. Might be hard shifting Arteta as club captain but no need to have two backup old timers. There are better/younger out there.

        I doubt Wenger feels the same though.

  10. Again like a few others here recognize but I’m going to repeat it again, I don’t think Wenger is getting another ST because it just doesn’t add up to me and here’s why.

    1. Wenger said Walcott is moving centrally like he did the last 2 games
    2. We have Giroud as an option with Walcott
    3. Welbeck will be central as well when Alexis and Ox are available for selection
    4. So that’s Walcott, Giroud and Welbeck fighting for the spearhead of the attack
    5. John Cross said in an interview had we loaned Welbeck instead of a permanent deal then yes but now highly unlikely
    6. Podolski and Campbell look set for the exit door and will need replacing by a goal scoring versatile WINGER like Alexis, Griezmann comes to mind
    7. For everyone crying out for a ST and all the media links Gazadis himself said that 90% of that is complete rubbish
    8. Schneiderlin was a priority this summer but Coquelin changed that
    9. Jenkinson might find it harder to return now because of Bellerin
    10. Would love Cech but someone has to make way and I can’t see it being Ospina as we just got him last summer

    That’s my 2 cents for the summer. Enjoy the transfer window but don’t give yourselves a heart attack. Who ever comes in I just hope it’s before the Community Shield match against that blue team from West London.

  11. Give us
    and we will give you Flamini, Podolski, Campbell, the mighty Sanogo, Szczesny, Arteta and Welbeck
    That’s 8 top claass players for a measly 5. Really good deal. We still won’t give you Ox or Theo lol

    I made a wish that this is our starting lineup this season

    Lacazette or Martinez or Cavani

    Even the other players makes a good team


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