Arsenal have a Plan B if they fail to land Maddison

Arsenal will turn towards Jesse Lingard if they continue to struggle to sign James Maddison.

The Gunners have been in talks with Leicester City over signing Maddison for some time now.

However, it seems the deal will ultimately fail with Football London claiming that progress is hardly being made in the talks.

Arsenal knows Leicester is a tough club to negotiate with and there is a good chance that they will not meet their asking price for his signature.

The Englishman wants to join the Gunners, but he will not cause any trouble to achieve his aim.

As the deal appears tough to pull off, the Metro claims that Arsenal has an eye on a move for Lingard.

The Manchester United midfielder spent the second half of last season on loan at West Ham and he was one of the finest players in the Premier League.

However, he would face more competition for a place at Old Trafford following the arrival of Jadon Sancho and he could leave.

The report says United values him at £25m, significantly less than what Arsenal will pay if they want to sign Maddison for Leicester.

However, it remains to be seen if the Red Devils will sell to a direct rival like the Gunners.

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    1. I have a few I used to maintain, I can sell you, RSH. All in good condition, however no toll income at present.

  1. I find Lingard’s situation quite similar to that of Willock. Fantastic spell that he’s had but a bit difficult to tell whether it’s sustainable or just a flash in the pan.

  2. TBF to Jessie he played amazing in the second part of last season Abit like willock ,would I welcome his signing ?would I ****
    These rumours are getting more silly as the days count down to the first game (4 days left mr Arteta)
    And now bloody jessie
    The mind boggles !
    Well mine does anyway

    1. As do mine….the thought of any one, or all four of these players taking the field for Arsenal depresses me.

  3. OMG…Lingard. He is not the creator we need. He is not an answer to our midfield problem.

  4. Martin, you have not read through the story. Metro misquoted Lingard is a potential target for Leicester if James Maddison leaves.

    1. If Jesse is a target for a top 5 club to replace the man we are interested in signing, then how can he be useless for a club that finished 8th?If he can play for a manager who won in Scotland and came close to winning the title in England, how can he not play for an amatauer manager who was somebody’s assistant manager not long ago?The same Jesse will have one good season with Leicester and then will move for another 70 grand. Why cannot we hire him for 25 grand, develop him and boot him out for 70 grand? Remember the golder era of Wenger, when we used to play entertaining football with lesser known names and were still competetive.

    2. You’re actually right 8 read the article in question Martin got it completely wrong I was expecting this article to be taken down by now but it doesn’t seem to bother JA.

  5. Arteta and Edu are confused if this story is true. These guys don’t even know what they want! Haba!

  6. 18:00

    Sky Sports News’ Dharmesh Sheth on The Transfer Show:

    “Arsenal do want to offload some of their players who are in the final year or two years of their contract.

    “We’re told Fenerbahce are interested in Sead Kolasinac. His contract is up next summer so this is the last chance Arsenal can get any kind of money for him because in four or five months time, he can sign a pre-contract with a foreign club and leave for free.

    “We’re told that Arsenal are listening to offers and if a deal can be struck, he will join up with Mesut Ozil at Fenerbahce so that could potentially be something that Kolasinac would welcome, but it would have to be right for Arsenal.

    “Hector Bellerin is one we have been talking about for the past four or five weeks. There was a time in this window when it looked like he was nailed on for Inter Milan. Now all of Inter’s financial problems have come to the fore, it’s going to be very difficult to do a deal, unless it’s a loan with an option.

    “As it stands, his contract is up in 2023. There are no talks or will to extend that contract, so Arsenal are in danger again of letting Bellerin enter the final year of his contract.

    “As far as ins, we know they are looking for an attacking midfielder. There’s been interest in James Maddison, but that might be a bit too expensive to do. Leicester are under no pressure to sell and he’s still got a number of year left on his contract.

    “I think Arsenal are still keeping an eye on Martin Odegaard’s situation at Real Madrid. Let’s see if Real would allow him to leave and Arsenal would definitely be in for him.”

    Latest on sky sports

    If we get Odegaard then for me that will be the final nail.

    1. Says it all Dan…

      If Odegaard is all we get… then let’s look at 10 to 15 next season.

      Just wake me up when 21-22 season is finished as this is so underwhelming.

      Emirates will be like Covid19 again… nobody there☹

    2. the only thing more potentially tragic than buying Ode outright, for a vastly inflated fee, I would suspect, would be if we sold Willock and the only midfield help we secured was another loan agreement for this underwhelming player who can’t handle the rigors of a League without time and space, who’s likewise unwilling to put his foot in

    3. “…but it would have to be right for Arsenal”that’s the club in a nutshell for you!the guy is nearing the end of his contract won’t be playing just get him off the books is that so difficult??

  7. Talking of plan B….scraping the barrel. Maybe we should just re-sign Jack Wilshere; bring a little excitement back to the Emirates.

  8. Personally rather sign Auoar than Lingard.

    Is Lingard on that famous “list” Arteta and Edu have been preaching about since the Spring?

    Typical Arsenal;
    1. Midfield creativity was the major problem over last couple years

    2. So waste 2 months and yet again waiting until last minute

    3. Use expensive well known player to excite fan base

    4. Spend weeks waffling and haggling, never making serious offers, only to not sign the player

    5. Panic buy at last minute, then brag about transfer business.

    Rinse and repeat every Summer transfer window.

    At least Arteta and Edu changed the culture and business at the club like they talked about. Gazidis would never ride a jetski, at least that’s new.

    1. These muppets couldn’t organise a rock fight between Spurs and Arsenal fans, let alone sex in a brothel or a piss up in a brewery.

  9. Odegaard wasn’t pulling up trees either in his spell with us. He did have fantastic 2 games though, more than Ceballos or Willian can claim.

    I’d rather save the money to spend later if the choice is Lingard or Odegaard.

    Tuen Koopmeires not worth a call? Zakaria not worth calling either?

  10. Now I will believe in all the rumors that I have been hearing that Mikel Arteta has something personal against France and players from there!
    This will be the biggest Stupidity should Arsenal take Jesse Lingaard as a plan B over Houssam Aouar.

  11. People need to understand that we can sign whoever we want, if the tactics and speed doesn’t improve then nothing will change.

    1. There are consequences when you hire an inexperienced manager who never built anything like this in his life.

      Some would have you blindly follow Arteta and ignore the regression surrounding the club currently.

      “Trust the process,” even though neither Arteta or anyone has explained what the process is.

      I see nothing remotely “Arsenal DNA” from Arteta-ball. In 20 months he still has no identifiable style of play, only his philosophy of negative football.

      I support the club first, before players or managers, and Arteta has only arrested our decline at best.

    2. Indeed I do Phil and it wasn’t that long ago was it????

      Phil, do you really believe all this rubbish regarding players we are in for?
      Kev told us it was a 100% deal that Xhaka was gone and yet!!!!
      Another fan said there was no way in hell that we would sign White and yet!!!.

      Then there was the claim that Kolasinac would never pull on the jersey of Arsenal ever again and yet!!!

      Just three examples of fans who think they know what is going on, but really don’t!!!

      The only people who know what is going on, unsurprisingly, are those involved at our club with regards to transfers.

      The media are linking nearly every player to the club and it happens every window.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Willock stays and Saka is linked to a move to the spuds, simply because they applauded him on Sunday.

      Did you get my season ticket message?

  12. Hey Ken- thanks for the message and mine turned up today too.
    So, the rumours. I just do not believe we are not in for a number of reasons-inforcements. We need Auaor or Odegard that’s for sure. If the club want Bellerinbout then we need a RB. And if we get Abraham on loan and sell Lacazette ( would prefer it was Aubamayang but we won’t shift him with that contract) then that’s not the worst window.
    My point Ken was this Plan B issue. We used to identify a target and get him. We never needed a Plan B. That just sums us up at the moment and shows how far we have fallen.
    The only bright spot on this ever darkening horizon is the youth players we have. Saka, ESR and Tierney are all quality. Balogun “could” be special. Saliba will likely get his chance next season and from what I’ve read about his first appearance for Marseilles then he may be as good as we all hoped for. Martinez is special but needs game time. Taylor-Hyde is very highly rated. Azeez oozes class. Patino is rated the best we have had for decades. But they need a platform in a settled side with a system. They will not get this at Arsenal with a manager who is coming across as desperate before we have even kicked a ball. If Arteta and Edu done get this window right then they are both responsible. It’s time they got their act together and not come across as the incompetent duo they are looking like at the moment

    1. I too believe we will sign one or two players, but this endless list of “targets missed” is becoming ridiculous.
      Totally agree regarding our young players, we have some incredible talent.
      I just hope MA /EDU use them wisely.

      Not sure how far back you are going with regards to going out, targeting players and getting them though… wasn’t that one of the claims about AW, always leaving it to the last minute?

      Oh for those days of being a proper club though Phil, be it plan A, B, C or D – the grass is always greener they say.

    2. “Martinez is special but needs game time” what an interesting slip of the “pen”, he must have been weighing heavily on your mind at the time Phil…strangely, the sentiment was bang on as is

  13. This makes absolutely no sense. At his best viz. the player who starred for West Ham, and not the pretty useless Lingard who lost his place at Old Trafford, he is a goalscorer. But I would argue that in that respect Willock seems his equal, and wouldn’t have cost us any money. We need a more creative player than Lingard.

  14. If Lingard is to be signed, than why sell Willock. Makes no sense. Willock is home grown, goal scoring midfielder and is Arsenal through and through, yet they want to sell him, so so sad.

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