Arsenal have already tabled transfer bid claims report

Arsenal table a bid for Real Madrid winger claims Spanish media

It is being reported in Spain that Arsenal has tabled a bid for Real Madrid winger Lucas Vazquez. Roma and Bayer Leverkusen are also said to be interested in the 28-year-old.

Spain’s El Desmarque is the media outlet that broke this news which has since been more widely reported.

Vasquez has always been a squad player at the Bernabeu and never a true starter. It now appears a change of scenery is on the cards. That said, I am not sure he is a good fit for Arsenal.

It is almost certain he would not be an automatic starter at Arsenal. There is no guarantee he will see more regular football at the Emirates. The one area that Arsenal does not need to strengthen is the forward line.

Vasquez is hardly young in football terms and Arsenal is looking at younger players in the transfer market.

Something else to consider is the comments from Arsenal head of football Vinai Venkatesham, who told us all not to expect too much transfer activity in January. Kind of strange that just a couple of weeks later Arsenal put in a transfer bid.

I am not saying that this particular piece of speculation is fake news but I am saying it makes no sense.


    1. Everything that doesn’t make sense, does in Arsenal. We have a spanish coach after all, and we are cowboys owned, Vasquez makes lot of sense.

      We do have Pepe, Nelson; Vasquez will be one more; why sign Koulibaly if we can get Luiz, and Sokratis is there as well…

      We have Saka, Martinelli, Nelson benched, Auba, Pepe, Laca all quality forwards; make no sense to strengh defense, we have worst one in EPL. Sign another forward makes total sense!

      Unreal stuff!

  1. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense because it’s untrue. It’s the oldest trick, agent makes up a plausible bid hoping to trigger interest in his client. By the time Madrid denies any such bid, everyone would have moved on.

  2. So Martinelli scored for Arsenal in the 2:2 friendly draw against Reading, I know it’s just a friendly game but the boy always seem to score anytime he plays.

          1. Sue, if this is true, it would sign the death warrant for Zaha don’t you think.

            I hope this is just a rumour, especially as we have an abundance of attacking players and tobe honest, I can’t see why we would sign anyone until the summer, when a new coach is bought in (hopefully).

            However, if we could get Zaha at a reasonable price, I would be more than happy.

          2. I reckon so, Ken… although getting Pepe did that imo.. sigh!
            Did you see that Ornstein said Unai’s contract is 3 years, not 2 with the option of a 3rd? But then if we don’t get a CL spot.. then what?

          3. Sue, I’ve been told I have to read between the lines, so I have no idea why, when everyone was led to believe it was a two year contract, we now have this “suggestion” that it is three.

            I just don’t know what to believe anymore, if I am perfectly honest, such a difference to the days of David Dein etc etc.

            I find it strange that the new regime is not being questioned after spending £72,000,000 on one player who is taking ages to adjust (he will I hope) when they could have bought a proven premier league player who wanted to play for the club for the same (roughly) amount of money.

            Monday’s game will be a real test of what UE’s vision really is, now he has a completely injury free squad, so I will be watching what team and tactics he adopts and I feel this is not a game where pepe would shine, but Zaha would have relished.

            Like you and lenohappy, I hope he releases the in form players and we attack this team, but I somehow think he will play a defensive team once again.

          4. Ken.. after seeing Zaha & Pepe combine for that goal the other night, I still can’t help wishing we’d bought Wilf… I’m getting fed up with waiting for Pepe to adjust.. harsh, I know, but 72m is a lot of money, how many times has he had the chance to score? His shooting is on par with someone we sold in the summer! Wilf would have scored (from open play) by now!
            If we finish in an EL spot again (please no!!!) I think he’ll be gone, Ken..
            Omg if he goes all defensive on us, I’m going to be so peeved.. if Auba scores then he wants to park the bus.. smh 😩 I want to see some attacking.. attacking that we’ve all been longing for!

          5. Sue and ken, just remember that Stuart Pearce said that Dennis Bergkamp was a waste of money and would fail at Arsenal. He didn’t score for a number of games and broke his duck with a brilliant double against Southampton. We all know the story from there.
            The thing that worries me about Pepe is his apparent failure to come to grips with the intensity of the EPL and the effort required for a player to succeed.

          6. Zaha’s age and most likely Palace wanted all the £80m upfront and Pepe price is in affordable instalment, I know the none business mind would not think of that but it is good to look deeper into things before commenting.

        1. Well lets hope Pepe starts finding the back of the net – as it’s becoming really frustrating waiting for it!
          Age is irrelevant

          1. How has Zaha proven himself, in terms of goals or assists?
            For the record Zaha highest scoring season was last season with 10league goals compare that with Pepe’s goals for Lille last season

  3. OT…………..

    Just watching The Chase and a question comes up…………….Who were British baseball champions in 1906 and 1908 ?

    A) Nottingham Forest

    B) Spuds

    C) Aston Villa

    It was B) The Spuds !…………………… they have won a baseball trophy as many times as they have won the league !……………..and I bet they made a Pathe news reel about it and I`d bet my life on it that it was in black and white like the last time they won the league !…….hahahaha

  4. Arsenal has a good squad in almost all positions now thanks to Sven and Vinai and Raul.

    We just need a better coach who will play Torreira and have Chambers as a backup DM, a better backup RB (but not urgently), and possibly 1 CB (depending on Holding returning to top form and Saliba adjusting to EPL).

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