Arsenal have become far too reliant on Aubameyang and they must change that dynamic

Arsenal’s summer business talk has mainly been around the future of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. It is amazing really that one player could be so important to a team that he is able to hold them to ransom by refusing to sign a new deal.

Outsiders may well ask: “why don’t we just sell him off and use the money to sign another player?”

However, as Arsenal fans, we know how crucial selling or keeping him would be to us. When a player has scored almost half of your league goals and you consider the fact that when you take away his goals, you could be struggling with relegation, then you don’t want to lose him.

With that being said, it is obvious that we are overreliant on the Gabonese attacker and that is a bad thing.

Football is a team sport and one of the most famous quotes that represent how the game is played is “no player is bigger than the team”, Arsenal didn’t think about that when we spent time enjoying Aubameyang’s goal returns.

In a time like this, we should sell Aubameyang if he wants to go and replace him while keeping the team together and showing others that they are not indispensable.

But we cannot do that with Aubameyang because he is simply too important to the team.

We could struggle when we sell him, but I believe that selling him would be the best option for us and we have to start building a team that isn’t overreliant on one single player.

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  1. Arsenal were also far too reliant on
    1… wright
    4…van persie
    6…Don,t know……………..yet

  2. Two differing points stand out in this well constructed article. Firstly, under normal(non Covid) circumstances, it is rarely sound policy to let your best player and best goalscorer, both by far, leave at all and never when any fee we would receive would certainly be low( not like when Coutinho left Liverpool for£120 mill).

    On the other hand , we have become far too reliant on one player for goals, even though he is being played wide instead of centrally. In a team game it cannot be healthy to be so VERY over reliant on any ONE player . These are both sound principles but as things stand, both CANNOT apply simultaneously.

    We therefore have a choice to make, assuming that Kroenke allows the football folk to make that choice and does not make the decision to sell Auba (at any price) for them.
    Personally, I believe it very likely he will leave and it may well prove to be the better of the two opposing choices to take. But I can easily see how others might prefer the other option. Not that any of us will have any say. After all, we are only fans – the lifeblood of all clubs – so we are as ever, marginalised and virtually ignored. Sigh!

    1. Good afternoon Jon
      Firstly again I hope everyone is well and keeping safe

      Secondly when are we going to hear about the mighty alan ball…great pieces on story, Simpson, Samuels, Armstrong but hey.. my all time player. The player that made me love the no.8
      shirt. World cup winner. Our mr dependable and in my mind would walk in to most teams right now.
      Reliant on one player scoring..we simply keep doing that time after time. As eezzee rattled off a list of names which we relied upon. Why on earth all our managers over the course of time cant see this happening is beggars belief. Share the love and share the goals around
      I love aubs and he has dug us out of a hole on so many occasions but I personally believe that on occasions his goal/s has pappered over the cracks of his own display, which is an ironic thing to say as I know he is paid to score goals.
      As a captain it doesnt feel right. He doesnt carry the same presence as Henry, either on the pitch or off the pitch. Dont know his personality but I couldn’t see him digging someone out if the player wasn’t doing his job..
      Either laca or aubs will need to go. At least get a reasonable amount back in rather then doing it the arsenal way of running down contacts and leaving for a free.
      I thought them days were gone since gadizis had left Or am I wrong about that?
      Stay safe everyone

  3. I really don’t think that Auba is holding the club to ransom!he is 30 years old,this is his last big contract,playing for a club which is far from challenging for trophies, like Henry said you can’t blame him if he decides to leave for Real!

  4. ……..’when you take away his goals, you could be struggling with relegation, then you don’t want to lose him’. I don’t belief in that comment. Nature abhors vacuum; if he were not an Arsenal player, some other player will be in his place. There is nothing like keeping him by all means, if he is not willing to renew his contract then he should be sold.

  5. Auba should sign or leave the club, get Thomas Partey in and also make Lacazzete to sign a new contract if not sell him too now. Enough of father Christmas approach

  6. Question and topics should not be on how it should start, but:

    Why clubs and leagues or pushing for it?

    Why it shouldn’t and can’t go on?

    They want it on, for money.

    Beyond football, we all need to be and stay safe in order face this tragic reality, stay strong until a vaccine is available!

    I would never wish anyone to do exactly opposite of what is required today.

    Confinement over doesnt mean all fine at all, but get used to be extra cautious until a vaccine:s available.

    Wear masks and all measures we take so far. Certainly not go brieve on someone’s neck, nor any contact.

    Simply impossible in Football, can play Tennis or pig pong tho….

    These money hungry ones have no power against covid!

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