Arsenal have been dragged in to a ridiculous bidding war

Arsenal has now matched Tottenham’s offer for their long term target William Saliba but this transfer saga is far from over.

According to reports in France, St Etienne has basically put a halt to any transfer and decided to wait to see if either club will up their offer and you can hardly blame them.

The French outfit is also waiting on a response from the 18-year-old to see if he has a preference for either club.

This is now madness, Saliba will not even be available to us for another year and while he may be a massive prospect his cost to us is rising all the time and we need a central defender right now.

This suits Tottenham, they can easily put down another couple of million and drag this out even further, they can wait a year and know that even if we were to win the bidding war we would not gain any advantage in the short term, if at all.

What if we do not make the Champions League next year, then next summers transfer budget will have been massacred before we even get to the starting gate.

This was always going to happen because Arsenal just messed around trying to negotiate a better deal, which is fine if you can see off any poachers, but ridiculous when you cannot.

This deal should have been done already, instead, we are now in a bidding war with a club that has more money to spend and is not in the same desperate situation that we are in.


  1. Agree, a mess of our own making. I don’t know why Sanllehi thinks he is so clever when he has only made the club look like complete imbeciles the entire summer. It’s hard to believe this man is supposed to be experienced at his job. Of course the limited budget makes things difficult, but this Saliba debacle has been going on all summer and it seems like Arsenal has wasted so much time haggling over small things to the point it let Spurs join the race. Now those small things don’t seem like a big deal anymore do they? We are doing the same things with Tierney as well and could end up with neither of these players.

  2. Consequences of haggling for pennies. Definition of insanity to repeat actions and expect different result.

    Should have wrapped up Saliba and Tierney last week if serious, now running risk of possibly losing one or both.

    Look at bid for Saliba, now £35 million for Soares after £40 million for Zaha. Celtic holding out b/c we have the money evidently with other higher bids.

    If people want to get at Kronke, then boycott the sponsors and let them know why. Short term pain for long term gain if they are serious.

  3. Better forget about this kid. We even have to wait for one year before we can use him

    I believe we can get Upamecano or Konate with 30 M

    And Arsenal should try Medley in pre-season

  4. Stupid transfer anyway – we need someone now not next year! Pull out of this deal- let the Spuds have him.

    We are not going to get any of our targets – none.

  5. Out financial behaviour hasn’t changed with Wenger gone. We have this team full of average players thanks to Wenger but the financial aspect hasn’t changed

    We had Lemar in the bag. He agreed terms, the clubs agreed transfer fees. But instead of putting pen to paper we waited till the last day and that put Lamar off.

    We’ve gone back to penny-pinching and nobody wants to buy our players because of high wages.

    We are headed for 6th place this season if our starters include Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan

    United will be better than us this season

    1. That’s not true the reason we didn’t sign Lemar is because of Sanchez,we agreed 60M with city but then he changed his mind,we were going to use that money to pay for Lemar!

  6. This would be a good signing if he plays this season or we loan him back but still buy or get on loan another CB for this season

    But getting him for next season and keeping Mustafi for this season will kill us.

    Get anyone better than Mustafi. Even 33 year old Gary Cahill on a free transfer for one season would be better.

    1. Mustafi has more interceptions and tackles than Cahill, Koscielny, Holding and Sokratis in the last two seasons

      The aforementioned CBs also spent more time in the treatment rooms, whereas Mustafi is usually healthy and available

      Mustafi made a lot of silly decisions, but I expect that would change with Bould’s new role

  7. A former Arsenal wing wizard, now a director of football at Ajax, Marc Overmas, has advised our ranks to dump Ozil and buy Ziyech cos he’s better.
    Is the advice worth following?

    1. Only issue is, Ozil isn’t going anywhere, as he is earning top money and living in London. There is no club willing to offer money for him or pay his wages, without subsidisation by Arsenal.

  8. OT: Lyon has signed Joachim Andersen for just £22m. What are our negotiating team actually paid to do. Just thinking out loud. ?

  9. The logic of making an investment for the future when we are strapped for cash and need quality defenders now, is beyond me.I have resigned myself to yet another season of mediocre defending as no one in their right mind will take on Mustafi,Socratis,etc.It really does not matter a damm if we sign wingers or an attacking midfielder as we will continue to ship goals with ease at the other end.With Wolves, Leicester and Everton pressing for a top six spot I suspect we better get used to mid table mediocraty.Sorry to be so pessimistic but nothing has happened during the close season to suggest a brighter future at least in the short term.

  10. Happy to take a chance on our own youngsters.
    We are going nowhere under the present ownership/management and their embarrassing attempts to con the fans.
    Demos such as walkouts during matches and refusal to buy merchandise need to happen to show disgust with the second-raters pretending to run the club.

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