Arsenal have BIG problem with EPL and UCL fixtures

Arsenal and luck! Would you Adam and Eve it? As if we had not already had enough bad luck this week, with a dodgy offside robbing us of a vital win over Liverpool, a terrible away draw with Tottenham for our first Capital One Cup tie and then getting one of the two teams we really wanted to avoid in the Champions League.

Well I have just taken a little look at how the Euro fixtures have been arranged and I could not believe my eyes. I had just seen an article on Metro that was saying that Chelsea had been handed a grueling travel schedule that would give Arsenal a boost in the title race. Yeah right.


Our very first UCL game sees us make the long trip to face Dinamo Zagreb and of course it is on the Wednesday and of course we have a Saturday Premier League game to follow it. And not just any, but the early lick off and it is away to Chelsea. Chelsea, of course have a home game in the Champions League that week. Oh and just to make life interesting, our nightmare week will be completed with a trip to White Hart Lane in the League Cup the following Wednesday. So thanks a lot for that football gods.

Apart from that, the way the fixtures fall is not too bad, except that the trip to Germany to face Bayern Munich is followed by the north London derby with the spuds, but at least we are at home for that and it is on the Sunday. Let´s just hope the Gunners find top gear and quickly.

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  1. I don’t care..arsenal should have enough players to rotate and stay safe..barca manages playing for all trophies there are in the world.they have very little break coz even after the season is off they have why not arsenal .that’s none of my business.let’s the stubborn Wenger deal with it.all I want is a win..otherwise I will pronounce him a surplus to arsenal management..mhhh.getting worse with age.more arrogant.maybe he is some how mad.Wenger out

    1. early kick off on saturday away at chelsea?
      last time that happened we lost 6-0 (wengers 1000th game)

      i say play our second string at zagreb leave key players at home
      arteta gets a runout, welbeck, wilshere,

      another drubbing this season an the aobs will turn it into notting hill carnival

  2. Admin, like another fan suggested i think you should create another site called, for akbs like budd, johnestone, john Morris, ny gunner etc, at least they would be able to take turns getting their heads in Wenger’s ass, i think a poll is in order.

    1. I think there’s 2 classes of arsenal fans, and I won’t say its AKB and AOB, but I will call it WF and AF, (1.Wenger First and 2. Arsenal First). Which group are you guys??

  3. Our problems lie way deeper then having problems with the Cl fxture. Other teams are actually happy that they got us on their group. Bayern for example has no fear whatsoever against us. And the other 2 small teams see Arsenal as an good option to get points from, so they are not going to have an actuall show down amonst each other for the 3 place.

    Arsenal in the Cl should not have a place, bec we are no Champion, only fellow travelers who will see the end of the read very fast.

    1. I kind of hear u but maybe it would be good to read what the gunners say about bayern.
      Are they afraid or did they say they Re happy to draw them?

      1. They dont care not bec they are eager to beat them, but more due of them knowing their place. Be real Gigi.

        1. Hahaha I know. But my point is no one can really know from comments from players how do they feel.
          Bear I mind that they went thru one time on goal differential.
          Bear in mind also that we have actually beaten them in their own backyard…..and I don’t think they went like easy cuz they thought they were already in…that’s not bayern mentality.
          And look I like them so I am being totally honest here.

          1. I live amongst germans, and many of my friends are bayern fans, they all happy and sending their symphaty to me in advance. Hehehe.

            We lost the game at home at that time, the same way we lost to monacco, the same way we also lost the first game against milan 4:0.

            Keane is right. We are a team of childish twitter and six pack show offs. Something like kamfgeist doesnt exist at Arsenal.

            1. come on man…mention also the way we beat them there.
              I lived in Germany, hence why i like Bayern.
              They are the “cules” of Germany…really cocky, so what do yu expect again? same goes with players?
              Or arent you defending Arsenal when other fans come bug you?

      1. so welbeck mertesacker an giroud are not even good enough for our squad?

        i rate all three of them, maybe not first team every week- but definite arsenal squadron

      1. psg want rid of lavezzi…5 mill bid as short term fix- hes quality- we would only couple years at most outta him but still ,

        lavezzi and a dm ?

        1. yesssss
          platers that want to leave should be the target!!!!
          Lavezzi was killing Germany in WC 2014 final, they took him out and it went downhill.
          Guys a beast.
          Kind of a Tevez on the wing.
          I say go for him, goals can come from him

  4. The “big problem” is not with the fixture, but rather how we prepare and go into these games.

    We have a big squad, though injuries always hamper us. I’m more worried whether our team will be in form by then and our forwards firing. We look so blunt at the moment and the team looks so disjointed on the pitch as though the players are still in pre-season mode.

    Good squad rotation (which our manager is not good at) will be key during these time and of course good form by the players too. Throw in a couple of WC signings and we are good to go.

  5. Whoah is us!

    Stop moaning about how the odds are always stacked against us. Wengers recent excuse disease is really infectious.

    PS getting tired of the cult of Wenger claiming we are ‘bad’ and not ‘worthy’ fans for daring to question the club we love.

    We do have a say and if we didn’t pump money into the club and support it it would simply not exist. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

    1. Hey, Leo!!! Any hope??? What’s going on, man? Any moves made by our comic daddy, Arsene the Mr. Bean? I’m not smiling.

      1. @kicka$$fan down to wenger we are trying but some AST members believe we are done still hope not we have been offered pato for 10m

  6. arsenal board has taken us fans for granted they know no matter what we will support them/wenger. benik afobe sold for 2m (Norwich recently had a 10m bid rejected for him) while wenger kept sanogoal + flamini staying are all blunders made by the board/arsene wenger

      1. I don’t care what wenger’s fans thin I used to support wenger but now he has become too stubborn the Chilean media were convinced vidal to arsenal was done but wenger pulled out because he thought it would affect coq’s progress

        I support arsenal fc not wenger fc or kroenke fc

        1. dunno if that vidal rumuor is true but he would have completely chnaged our season.
          no question for 5 million then we payed for calum chambers he would have improved us greatly.

          its unlikely we were even in for him tho

        2. Shh, Wenger works in mysterious ways. You must believe bec the mentality and cohesion is just right.

          1. You might not like the idea of cohesion, or not buy it. The truth is that cohesion is a major factor in team sports. Cohesion is a brilliant way of describing the Barcelona teams. When you see a world class player not fitting into a set up, you scratch your head and wonder how. Di Maria is a WC player, someone most people would say could walk into just about any team, but he didn’t. Ibrahimivic, anyone would think he could play anywhere ..but he didn’t fit into Barcas great cohesiveness. .There are many examples, also looking back to histories best and most attractive football sides you will see a great example of cohesion. Great defences hold this quality in spades. Do not mock what you do not understand.

    1. Listen to yourself, lol. Sure if we had of shown faith with Afobe he would be just another piece of ammunition for you to say Aguero Bony Dzeko ..Costa Remy Falcao ..and we have the **$ Giroud “&%&& Theo @%$* Afobe

  7. I hope AW can get the guys to buy in on the rotation process. Many might think a rotation is a sign that someone is taking someone’s position. Not so. I hope Ospina sees more games, Gab, Chambers etc. Some of the younger players we saw pre season.
    It is such a long season lets get behind the team and let’s get a W tomorrow.

    1. Jim, rotation at Arsenal means when someone gets ill or picks up an injurie. What has a player like Ox or Paulista to do, to play more?

  8. There was a point at last season where we played 5/6 games in a row in London away London derbies as well as home games, we still played poorly in those despite minimal to no travel, so the travel doesn’t mean anything.

  9. What you see as a problem, I see as an opportunity. Why do fans complain when we get very good teams in draws? I’d rather see arsenal play Bayern & co.

  10. Most of the fans here can manage arsenal better than wenger atleast they could buy a DM&ST and use players in their right position,besides calling wenger a specialist in failure is factual

    1. ridiculous comment- embarrassing infact.
      cos managing arsenal takes so much u wouldnt make it past the toilet.
      no one here could come close to handling arsenal

      i get everyone is on this super negative slump but enough lol

      1. The point is that many know what needs to be done by listening to others experts in the world. I am not tllk about a handfull but from a lot of people.

        I dont get you muff. You are not happy with Arsenal being on the losers side, yet you are happy with what we got.

        1. no im not happy, its supremely frustrating to be that close to first at the finish line, have the money to get there, an to not use it.
          wenger is consistently making mistakes an choosing to not correct them.
          i do believe his time is coming to an end

          but he gave us 20 years, the best team we ever had, expanded us into a global brand.gave us one of the best stadiums in the world.
          changed our style of football to some the best seen outside of barcelona

          people calling him names insulting him, downplaying what he does for this club.
          na sorry not me bro

          1. The point is. It was not him alone. And this is what is wrong with many fans. You all give him the sole credit for every posetive thing at the club, but when it comes to failure, everyone else is to blame besides him.

            20 years in charge and being eable to win only 3 titles is not a great archievment. You as a fan will remember him when he is gone, but be sure that the football world will not do so.

            You own Wenger no loyality whatsoever, bec this man became one of the richest earning managers in the world by working at Arsenal. Everything what came from him, came bec of the fans who pay the price. This men did nothing for free to make fans a god out of him.

            The stadium has turned into cash machine to milk the common fans dry. One of the most expensive ticked prices in the world. This Stadium can go F**ck itself bec its quit like a library and it fails to a fortress for other teams.

      2. Oh, plz Muff. It’s no f***king joke. Many here, sadly, know better than Arsene. Forget the fact that no one knows anyone here, we are not all idiots.

      3. Says the guy who constantly puts down our team and always predicts we will get beat cause we’re 3rd tier team like you say.

        And don’t be so salty little man not one place did you say pounds on the last article so how can you call other people stupid?

  11. is there any manager out there who can do a better job than wenger?
    pep-lost 3 0 to luis enrique and truth be told he can take bayern nowhere without robben and ribery
    klopp-an excellent tactican yes but dortmund finished 7th with him in charge and we also beat him with sanogo as striker chambers at rightback monreal at centreback and martinez as keeper.
    simeone-won the la liga but has mourinho like qualities of parking the bus and also recieved backing of costa courtois koke and turan.
    ancelloti-he didnt do much for chelsea. he doesnt seem much of a top manager.
    we would miss wenger if he leaves. arsenal is not yet a stable club

  12. meanwhile Juventus may meet with both Zenit and Schalke in Monaco to discuss Witsel and Draxler the old lady is singing loud & clear

    why isn’t wenger going for them he is taking a big gamble by playing sanchez who clearly isn’t 100% & he doesn’t even trust theo

  13. Konscielny is also in training.So a CB pairing of Gab-Kos will be great or would rather see gibbs/monreal as cb with Gabriel than chambers

  14. Also the trip to Greece should of been mentioned as that is longest travel, we don’t have all good memories from those trips. The tott game I would have said that we will probably get a chance to see our young hot shots but many of them are on loan. Least Adelaide is here, Adelaide to the rescue.

    Donyel Malen, to play his way into the set up after putting two past spurs. Then pundits say well what a ya know, they had a striker all along. Vlad Dragomir, to show lightning strikes twice. Adelaide to rival Sanchez for Arsenal player of the year. Maitland Niles recalled and shows everyone Arsenal have Coq replacement.

  15. Wenger Out, I want peace of mind, I want progress for my Arsenal and Arsene can’t offer that any longer. The best Arsene Wenger can offer is 3rd Place finish….
    Wenger Out!!!!!

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