Arsenal have enough firepower to win the League!

What do Arsenal NEED to win the league? by JH

This question seems to divide our entire fanbase.

Some say that in order to win the premier league, we must buy a 30 goal striker, while others say the need for a center back to replace the BFG is greater. I disagree with both. I believe this squad, IF we can keep our side fit, has more than enough goals to win the league.

Last season Chelsea won the league at a canter, they finished with 73 goals but they scored just two times more than we did.

Now think back to what we missed last year:
Aaron Ramsey missed 9 games through injury
Olivier Giroud missed 11 games through injury
Mesut Ozil missed 16 games through injury
Jack Wilshere missed 24 games through injury
Theo Walcott also missed 24 games through injury.

How many more goals could we have scored without longterm injuries. When you have so many goals in your team, you do not NEED a 30 goal striker.

Next to the defence, last season Arsenal had the third best defence in the league. Chelsea won the league conceding just 4 goals less than Arsenal. Let me tell you if you have the first best defence in the league, you do not NEED a new cb.

Last season Arsenal missed Lauren Koscielny for 11 games through injury. We also missed Francis Coquelin for 16 games, due in large to our own inability to recognise his quality-

Last season Arsenal didn’t know who our Number one was with Szcezney and Ospina having 17 and 18 games respectively. This season we know our Number One, he makes very few mistakes, and just happens to be (debatably) the best Premier League keeper of all time.

If we had Koscielny and Coquelin in our first team all season last season I am sure we would have cut our Goals Conceded column down a lot.

Last season Mathieu Debuchy and Nacho Monreal played 8 games as a center back last year. This Cannot Happen Again!!

I have said this for a couple of seasons now, Injuries is all that separates us from winning the league.
I am grateful to see that Arsene Wenger is finally addressing this, with the hiring of Shad Forsythe, which seemed to come into play in the second half of the season. This year we have hired Barry Solan.

It also seems that AW is actually listening to the advice of our new fitness expert in terms of allowing players time to work into fitness, as opposed to the way we used to just throw them back into the starting XI as soon as they are no longer injured, then all were surprised when they break down injured again 3 games into their comeback.

The fact is, which I think Jose Mourinho fully recognises, IF Arsenal can keep our main players fit throughout the season, we WILL win the league.

The addition of Cech and Coquelin for a full season will add a new defensive solidity throughout the season.

Fans will see an Alexis Sanchez that is now used to the premier league, scorer of 16 in the league in his first year, I think we can expect 20-24 if we keep him and Ozil fit.

A young Hector Bellerin, who now knows what to expect in the EPL-

A stronger, Fitter Mesut Ozil, off the back of his first pre-season with the club.

Fans will also see our new striker, Theo Walcott- Keep him fit and he will score 15+ easily.

And by the end of the season, IF we can keep our main players fit, we will once again see Arsene Wenger, wearing his magic hat, Lifting the Premier League Title for the first time in a decade.


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By JonnHirons

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    1. More than what sanchez could save his as with.
      “If players stay fit” reasoning for not improving squad strength – recipe for disaster

    2. I want to believe Shad Forsythe will make a drastic improvement on the injury front, but the reality still remains true. The man can only do so much, and in such a physically demanding league with thugs like Shawcross running around, fitness/training reigemes will only do so much. I don’t want us going into the league on the basis that we won’t get a major injury to Coquelin or Giroud because it’s not guaranteed. Seeing as you want to use the word IF, then let’s reverse the situation. What IF Shad doesn’t make much of a difference and injuries start to reoccur, 6 months is not long enough to be able to make a judgement on whether he has been successful in reducing the likelihood of injuries in our team – you need at least a full season to even begin saying there’s been a quantifiable improvement.

    3. Absolutely delighted that Cazorla and Walcott have signed new deals. Keeping all the key players tied.

      Contract details:
      Theo Walcott: 4-year deal until 2019, £140k/week.
      Santi Cazorla: 3-year contract, £130k/week.

      1. Walcott earns more than Cazorla….let that sink in.

        In fact the idea Walcott earns 140k at all. Hats off to Theo and his team, quality negotiating.

  1. I agree with the idea that Arsenal do have a special group of players to work with. Remember, the 2nd half of last season, when more players were healthy, Arsenal was the best EPL club.

    But the reality is injuries DO happen. Arsenal cannot just rely on the hope the players will not get injured. Therefore some additions may be necessary. Right now the biggest gamble is with DM. If Coq goes down there is no real replacement. And the loss of any current “wing” players is also a danger. (Ox, Sanchez etc.)

    I believe Wenger needs to get 2 players just for quality depth in key positions. Seriously, when was the last time all key players were healthy for even half a season?? The core group is there. Just need to a couple of acquisitions.

    1. Very true we can’t keep blaming injuries because all teams suffer from them,we lack depth in the striker position,we need a striker with pace who’ll be a starter against the likes of Terry,Shawcross,Williams etc then we use Giroud as a plan B when a physical presence is needed

      1. There is a difference between blaming injuries and recognising how much of a negative impact they have and trying to address why we have been in the top 3 most injured teams in the PL for the last 6 years running.

        Maybe if we had less people like you who just keep repeating “injuries happen to everyone” then we would have actually gone out and fixed this problem sooner than last and this summer.

        Top two teams last season were the same two teams with the fewest number of injuries. Chelsea didn’t win because of depth, they won because their back 6 played 95% of the league matches.

        But sure, all teams suffer equally and we should just accept that.

  2. Keown claiming Man U have done the best business in the transfer window.

    Can’t help but agree. They needed a major overhaul and they are doing it by making the necessary investment to recapture their glory days.

    We needed a GK and signed one of the best but I will be livid if we fail to improve on Arteta/Flamini as Coqs backup/side kick and do not go all out for a goalscorer to strengthen us.

    Money is in the bank and there are enough players in the world who could significantly improve our squad. If we don’t it will be because AW thinks we have sufficient quality to achieve glory.

    With DW as a non scoring forward I can’t agree.

    1. The fact that they will change more than half of their first 11 will back fire in the short term. On long term I agree they look poised to kick some serious a$$

      1. @Budd,

        Agreed. We all remember what happened to Tottenham and Liverpool. QUALITY, not quantity. Ie. Lamela and Soldado, they aren’t bad players, they’ve shown it but you can’t expect success when half of your starters are new faces. Besides, United haven’t fixed their most vulrenable area – defense. Ask any United fan and they will agree.

        My personal predictions are:

        Depay – will come good but won’t be shining next season. Needs a season to adapt.
        Schneiderlin – I think he’s United’s best acquisition, will likely be very solid.
        Darmian – he’ll be alright, not among the best of right backs but solid buy.
        Schweinsteiger – I belive he won’t be a success. I predict injuries for him (didn’t he already get injured in their friendlies?)

        Although I whole heartedly agree that we need a defensive midfielder and a striker/winger.

        1. “Quality, not quantity” – which is exactly the approach United have taken, so what are you talking about?

      2. Some clairvoyants on this site I see….

        There’s a possibility of instability but it’s not a guarantee as you’re suggesting, plus they’ve added 3 potentially first-team players so how that equates to half a team is anyones guess. More hopeful talk from the Arsenal faithful in the face of good business from our rivals. I agree with you AOT, United have made the most improvements by a distance.

        We finished 13 points back last season and have added Cech….so as everyone chews over the fact that’s not enough, they start lashing out at other teams business to compensate.

  3. Goals win games and a good defence wins the title,yes we conceded only 4 goals more but we conceded in more games than Chelsea,we never conceded more than 2 goals in any game in the league last season,Chelsea had more clean sheets allowing for more 1nil wins which was the base for them getting the title

  4. we can win all games by winning 1 nil and not concede…

    38 games of winning by 1-0

    we need a very strong defence to do that….which is impossible

    1. Check back the Titi Era. He missed tons of chances buy only needed one goal. Lot of games were won by 1-0.
      It is possible.
      And now we have a very similar defense as then.

  5. I would be sad if petr cech were to be our only major summer signing.
    We need atleast a top striker to wear the vacant number 9 shirt, lewandowski, cavani or benzema.

  6. This squad is ok. But to some fans it’s not, because we have not bought anyone apart from Cech… unfortunately to most buying is the only way,and don’t make a mistake of buying something cheap.

  7. OT

    This is a thought that I had… with the transfer of Di Maria to PSG. PSG might be looking to make some of the money spent on him back by selling Cavani. Lord Harris said Wenger is on the look out for a world class striker but would have to break our club record and that the other club would need a replacement… so i’m just putting two and two together and thought wenger might be after cavani! Iknow some people don’t like him but i think it would give us a massive boost!

      1. I agree. Cavani is the best underrated striker around…and he’s clearly (I heard him in an interview) not happy at psg.
        Now if he wants to join us that’s another story but why wouldn’t he?
        I reckon the fees and salaries would be recordesque.
        But the guy seems the t pe that won’t break any chemistry in the dressing room

    1. This is exactly my thoughts are. Think about it. When have we ever known who Wenger is after. Remember Cazola, Ozil. There also always someone they use a the distraction. This year it’s Benzema. I won’t be surprised if Wenger put him up to all that Instagram crap(just kidding).
      We all know Cavani is up happy at PSG. Di Maria going there means they have port an actual winger. Where does Cavani play in this situation.
      I have a strong feeling the man we are going for is Cavani.
      Guess what, he actual suits Arsenal best of all our supposed targets in my opinion. His runs are brilliant. He shot accuracy is crazy and is a counterattack specialist.

  8. Arsenal – Chelsea combined XI for Sunday, agree?

    Hazard Cazorla Walcott
    Fabregas Matic
    Monreal Koscielny Terry Ivanovic

    1. Falcao (only because of his successful seasons)
      Hazard Ozil Walcott
      Cazorla Matic
      Monreal Koscielny Terry Ivanovic

  9. Potentially Arsenal does
    indeed have the firepower
    to win the League.
    “If” Walcott fires all season he
    will score 20 league goals.
    Giroud the same 20+
    Sanchez 15 Ramsey 10 Wellbeck 10
    plus Ozil Cazorla and the defenders.
    90 EPL goals should be a minimum for us now.
    But Potential is one thing reality is another.
    It’s up to Wenger to bring out the best in the players.

  10. if coq gets injured we will be having flamini/arteta in cdm + need a new cdm & a striker this season transfer window looks difficult wenger may have to wait till aug end before making moves

  11. Theo announcing that he has signed a new 4yr deal at Arsenal. Signed last night, worth £140k per week acc to BBC journalist david ornstein

    1. Theo’s £140k a week includes image rights. Means the club recoup all money earned from his sponsorship deals and use of his image now to bring in a new striker + cdm coygs

  12. instead of the club paying Theo £100k and him getting money from image usage, we pay him more up front and keep that money

    1. So let’s hope he will stay fit and kill it this upcoming season so he’ll be the next cover for Sky Sports, Sports Illustrated and damn FIFA 17 as well!

      By the way, give Theo Walcott the respect he deserves. Over 300 appearances, longest serving player and just signed a contract which will tie him with Arsenal until he’s 30 years old. LOYALTY.

      1. Theo could have left a few seasons ago (following the mow fenerbarce ex man u striker footsteps), he Didn’t, so he deserves his reward now that we are better off. Having said that he still needs to justify his high salary this season, otherwise he will be targeted by the many arsenal bashers and boo boys on this site…There are many here who wouldn’t mind arsenal paying princely salary to attract players who are hardly an upgrade to the ones we already have, yet would immediately complain when the club rewarded those that have actually already contributed year in year out to get the club to this point.

  13. Absolutely delighted that Cazorla and Walcott have signed new deals. Keeping all the key players tied.

  14. Theo and Santi new contracts! Come on Theo stay healthy and give us 20+ goals this season. Looking forward to you contributing immensely to the team!

  15. With walcott signing a new contract and wenger seeing him in a central role, I’ll be more than happy with just one more signing of either Reus or Pedro.

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