Arsenal have enough quality without a new striker

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that there was no striker available in the transfer window that could improve on the quality of strikers already in the Arsenal squad, despite the worrying news about Danny Welbeck’s long term absence from the team.

He told reporters that he had looked at many ‘solutions’ but he obviously did not think they came up to scratch. Wenger said: “I have made over 300 transfers and every time the decision you make is do you buy the player to strengthen your squad, or not.

“The solutions we had were not convincing at all and in the end you do not buy to give wrong hopes.

“You want to buy because the players who come in can help your squad to be stronger.

“Buying and selling is one way to strengthen your team but it is not your only way.”

“It’s about finding an efficient solution,” Le Prof continued. “They don’t just drop down from heaven.”

“I have confidence in the ability and quality of our strikers.

“Of course I’m confident that I have enough cover and enough quality.”

Obviously we have Olivier Giroud, who is due a goal tomorrow simply on the law of averagesas he has missed so many chances in recent weeks, and Theo Walcott is also desperate to prove his worth as an out and out hitman. Alexis Sanchez has also been coming close for Arsenal and finally got off the mark for Chile in midweek.

Wenger agreed: “We have Alexis (Sanchez), we have (Olivier) Giroud, we have (Theo) Walcott and it is always a similar problem – when you have many strikers people say how do you keep them all happy? It is about the efficiency and quality of our game, we can score goals I am not worried about that.”

Arsenal’s strikers may have had a stuttering start to the season, but now is the time for them to finally forget their summer holidays and start proving that they really do have the quality. If all three start and score tomorrow then I may start believing Wenger’s confident words….

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  1. With Walcott, Sanchez and Giroud, scoring shouldn’t be our problem. The 3 players combined should be able to give us 50 goals (or about the number of goals Ronaldo will score this season).

  2. Its not how much goals we can score but the way we score them. Do you expect players like Walcott and Giroud turn up and make the differance during the crucial future matches we have to play.

    Its useless to have a player for example Walcott, who misses many chances but in one game scores 2 or 3 goals against a team who is maybe already losing.

    Or Giroud who misses sitter and kicks us ut the cl, only to score a goal in the fa cup or in the leuge.

    Does this make any sense to you people?

    1. Like Henry when he didn’t score in the two European finals we had when he was here?
      Yeah it happens.
      I am not saying they should be happy with it. Especially with monaco….but we CAN’T only blame goals scored….as lo goals conceded. ..

        1. Why the hell will they allow 3 goals at home in the first place? was it the strikers fault to concede 3 goals at home?
          Put the poor result to all the players.not just strikers


    2. No.. It doesn’t.
      It’s only when we lose people go ‘why didn’t this person score.’ But when we win you completely discredit their goals. Our primary target is the league. Every goal is important, and the way we play the first goal is absolutely crucial as it opens the game up. It’s easy to say ‘oh that goal’s unimportant as we went on to beat them 3-0,’ but if we hadn’t got an early breakthrough the mid-table and lower teams may lock up shop and play tight defence instead of pushing for an equalizer. Without drawing first blood there’s no guarantee those games could’ve played out the way they did.

      And ‘misses a sitter, kicked out of CL’ no… Just no!
      Anyone who puts our Monaco exit purely on Giroud’s shoulders is just blinded by their hatred for the player. We conceded three f@#king goals at home! The entire team was poor in the first-leg, Giroud included.

  3. What makes me laugh about this whole striker situation, is that Wenger and his supporters are claiming there was nothing available on the market that could have improved us this summer. First of all, this is just plain wrong, especially when you’re sitting on £200 million. With that kind of money, 99.9% of the market is available! Secondly, and most importantly…it’s not just about this summer though. Wenger’s had huge funds since the end of the 12/13 season to buy a striker better than Giroud, and yet he still hasn’t. So according to Wenger, there hasn’t been any striker on planet Earth, better than Giroud and available over the last three summers! To put it simply…that’s a lie!

    1. Available means that the actual club wanted to sell. Along with the player wanting to come.
      I criticize wenger but I can’t blame him if a club doesn’t want to sell. Did you read about DE gea? Those things actually happen

      1. realistically, real madrid had no replacement for benz, and PSG none for cavani. only jackson martinez would have been a go but atletico madrid beat arsenal on that one. i also like chicharito hernandez: he’s a poacher and has strengths complementary to giroud etc.

  4. Wenger words are ok. He has to give them confidence . But helas I think the players will be nervous due to the pressure of winn g and scoring.

  5. If we stay injury free are options are good but not great at ST. We should’ve added more and there is nobody on this earth that can convince me otherwise. But hey, AW is the manager and I’m just a nobody on the forum.

    3 Pts. Tomorrow…. let’s do it. COYG.

  6. If they avoid injury then Yes

    Thing is what’s the point of having OX and Theo when Ramsey plays on the right.

    Lets use our players in their best positions as injury wise we are doing well


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