Arsenal have FOUR top-class strikers! Really?

Was Wenger Right In Not Signing A Striker For Arsenal? by AT

Having led his side to a promising position at the halfway point in the season, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has defended his decision not to sign a striker in the summer. Despite being urged by many of the club’s supporters to add more firepower to the Gunners’ frontline, the Frenchman decided not to go into the market, a move that seems to have paid off, at least until this point.

As quoted by the Daily Mirror, Wenger said: “I could not understand the frustration of the fans. We had Giroud, but we also had Theo Walcott who I believe is a world-class striker, we had Alexis Sanchez who is a world-class striker, and we had Danny Welbeck who is a world-class striker.”

Okay Giroud scored 19 goals last season (all comps), and 15 so far this campaign, definitely a good haul. Walcott scored 7 and 5, hardly world class finishing. Alexis’ tally is 25 and 9, not too bad. But Welbeck scored 8 last term and hasn’t played this season. Definitely NOT world-class…

Wenger continued… “You have to spend a huge amount of money to improve on that four. Giroud has the ­confidence. I have said that many times. He has the mental stature to play in this position.”

To be honest, I do not completely agree with what the boss has to say. With all due respect, I really do not think Walcott and Welbeck are world-class strikers, well at least not yet! When it comes to Alexis, no one can deny that he is world-class, but the Chilean isn’t really an out-and-out striker, is he? After seeing him lead the line for a short spell last season, I’m sure we can all agree that his best position is on the left wing.

If you’d ask me, I still believe the squad could do with an out-and-out striker. Olivier Giroud is the only one of those we have at the moment and while the Frenchman has been in excellent form so far this this campaign, it remains to be seen if he can effectively lead the line for the rest of the campaign. For me, the main problem here is a lack of alternatives for the Giroud, as both Walcott and Welbeck are both injury prone!

But with the team flying high and having no problems scoring goals, we Arsenal fans can’t really complain too much about Wenger not signing a striker in the summer. However, it will be interesting to see whether Le Prof can actually have the same words to say at the end of the campaign.


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  1. Wenger needs to apologize to the entire world for that statement.
    He might be imprisoned for that.
    The british media and commentary hates the manager the fans and the players.

    The manager
    Always making excuses and being a hypocrite.
    For thinking that hes the smartest manager in the world
    for bringing foreign influence in the pl

    The players
    For being all foreign
    For humiliating themselves in the ucl embarassing the whole pl community.
    For earning unwarranted salaries.

    The fans
    For being as deluded as their manager.
    For being too many.
    For supporting mediocracy always paying high ticket prices.

    The rest of england wishes that arsenal would one day not be in the ucl relegated
    from the pl

    #the shame of north london, london, england and britain.
    #the laughing stock
    #poverty football

    1. The entire world? You’re having a laugh. There are folks worrying over flooding in these parts. Who cares a twig what Wenger has to say about his strikers? 😀

    2. Disgraceful post for any gooner.

      The world respects wenger for his ability, his principles and his commitment. Madrid would take him tomorrow.

      Our ‘foreign’ players are sensational and light up the league past or current…Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Overmars, Vieira, Petit, Sanchez, Koz, name but a few.

      Our fans used to be known as the most loyal and informed. Before your day I would surmise. Today I agree many of you are spoilt kids who don’t know how to support a team and constantly seek out any reason to whine about something.

      You are the shame of AFC. Disgraceful, ignorant and totally deluded post which merely highlights the depths that our fan base has hit. I doubt you know where London is let alone The Emirates.

      1. Lol. I give up. A complete idiot like goonthinker getting thumbs up on this site for that diatribe. Gooners you are so lame. Admin I don’t know how you get up in the morning sometimes – I’m certain you’re pro AFC, know our club, our history, yet how you contend with that sort of ‘opinion’ so regularly is beyond me. Would a spuds fan write anything more obnoxious? #noloyalty #noidea #shameofarmchairgooners

  2. Jesus christ its one thumping that tbh im glad we got as wenger, i agree, came out with something stupid that we have 4WC ST… well thats a lie! Alexis is, Giroud just below WC bracket, Walcott/Welbz havnt proved that yet bt Walcott is better up top! Thats as a fan of the club but as afooty betting man lost £580 because Arsenal lost after biting my nails waitn on Everton to score on 90+3mins lol had to be my own team that let me down for money amd the whole club down to go top.

    Still 2nd, 2points off top need to dust ourselves down and win v Bournemouth. Bad result but maybe a blessing as it proved we need more firepower after his silly comments on having it all already. Said before Wenger has to win the league or leave this season, last chance saloon n im n backing him until at least May.

    Wanyama bought on the 1st Jan would be a good start. Bossed the game last night

    Attacking Winger and CB. Just bloody spend the CLUBS money Arsene

  3. How can those same 11 players be so good in 1 game and be so god damned bloody poor in another game just a few days later.Lets destroy Bournemouth tommorow and get that bad display out off everybody’s system. And let’s not pass on another chance to possibly go top

  4. Im not angry that we lost. Playing Southampton away was always going to be difficult

    It’s the manner in which we lost and us not taking advantage yet again of Leicester and United’s defeats and Wenger’s lame excuses (ref and bad luck)

    Next PL week we have:
    Arsenal v Bournemouth
    United v Chelsea
    Leicester v Man City

    Wenger and staff need to sort this out with the team. We must start winning immediately against Bournemouth

  5. You have a manager in fergi who is the all time best and he says things like. Besides working with so many players, i had only such ammount of world class players around at manure.

    Wenger. All of my players are worldclass players, they cant do wrong. See the diff.

    I am scared bec Wenger is guilty in two big things we will come short once again in the end. Prone to favorisem, prone of being stubborn.

    1. Haha. Fergie said this in his book AFTER he’d finished managing….do you think he’d have said that whilst in charge at Utd? See the difference??? Even when he said ‘we only had 4 WC players’ he dismissed Schmeichel, Keane, Robson as world class. Able to spot the difference yet? No? Ok it is clearly too complex for you to understand, morale, marketing, book sales. Who needs negative press when our fans twist everything to score their own sad little points.

      1. So you give Wenger the green light to lie bec he is currently our clubs manager or what? Fergi always knew how to make a point. He was no afraid and not up to delude and lie to make a point. Benching good players and doing everything to his powers to make his team deliver was his job.

        What wenger is doing is feeding bs so people like you can sleep better during bed times. Dont come up with this negative bs of yours mate. If you cand handle proper critisem then p. off back to your basement.

        1. No I just didn’t give YOU a green light to BS. What Wenger says or does is his affair.

          A quick Google says Fergie lied to van Persia, Keane, Rooney – you’re I’ll informed, but no surprise.

          There’s only one of us preaching negative bs – and it ain’t me. Oh and by all means criticise me, but random, incorrect comments about Fergie, Wenger or the rest of your cliched rubbish is just bs, ain’t ‘proper criticism’ or even relevant to me. Get an education kid.

          1. It is not only his affair mr wengerit. Qiuck google tells me that Fergi knows how to deliver, where Wenger not so much.

            Fergi was eable to persuade Van persi to join him at manure, make them champion and then he left with his head up. This is whati call archievment. Do you see a problem here?

            When Wenger says i have such an ammount of players and they are all world class besides them being not, then he or is lieying to delude the tards of your kind, our he deludes himself. Feel free to choose.

            When he says that we have the money to spend but he cant find top top players, then again he is lying or again deluding himself. Feel free to choose.

            1. There’s so much more to management than spending. Ask Leicester with their 70m squad compared to Chelskis 370m or City’s 380m squad. Ask Mourhinho about man management. Pellegrini about spending 120m in the summer only to find that actually when Kompany or Silva get injured there is no bench player that can replace them. Ask Utd or Liverpool about getting the latest rising star of a manager as their saviours. Ask Utd about their youth policy..that’s disappeared. Sure, Fergie was in a class of his own, no issues. I think he bought RVP (in every sense of the word) and then left the squad in a crap state, so yeah he was happy, he delivered, but left Utd in complete disarray with an aging squad. You’re simply anti Wenger, I’m not.

              1. They have the trophys where we dont. Making Cl football or not is no concerne to them.

                Crape state? Their form will always shift from no good enough into champions in an instant. Where our form is constantly not good enough. Thats the diff.

                no you are wrong. I am not anti Wenger, i am anti failuare. If he does the right thing i will be happy, if not, no happy.

  6. Anurag, 2 problems led to the Gunners collapsing at St Mary’s yesternight.
    1. The Gunners were not fully prepared for that game in the way they should have mentally & physically prepared for the match. They were a pace behind the Saints in the entire course of the match. I think they have ate a lot of Christmas dishes and drinks and thus became sluggish on the field of play, thinking they will just brush aside the Saints who haven’t won in 6 games.

    Why should Arsenal(the Boss&Gunners) prepared for the Saints match as if they don’t have Premier League football experience? I sounded a note of warning to the Gunners not to underrate the Saints because they’ve not won in 6. I said they could use the big Arsenal game to pounce back into winning ways. And therefore Arsenal must be careful not to allow the Saints their wish. But alas!, all my warning fell on deaf ears. All my pre-game comments on this game are on Arsenal Untold and for verification.

    2. It’s true Arsenal have no need to sign any striker at the beginning of this season as they have, Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott with the first 2 as specialist strikers while Walcott is an adaptable one.

    But at the start of the season, the mid-right winger Wilshere got injured and Ramsey was drafted to the mid-right wing. And Giroud & Walcott were alternating leading the line. An injury to Cazorla forced the Boss to switch Ramsey to holding play maker role at the Gunners’ midfield base. And also Flamini came in to replace the injured Coquelin. While Walcott is switched back to the mid-right wing position and Campbell was brought in to stand in for the injured mid-left winger Alexis. Kudos to the Boss for his quickness for re-ordering his starting XI without losing the balance of the team despite the loss of Cazorla & Coquelin to injuries.

    This balance new starting XI have won 4 games consecutively including a Ucl game away to Olympiakos. Then, what can one say is the reason for their dismall performance at St Mary’s that led to their humiliating beating at the hands of the Saints? To me, the reasons is, Arsenal have no quality bench from which the Boss can do quality substitutions to alter the course of the game in favour of Arsenal. Infact, there is no any out and out striker on the bench for the Boss to sub Giroud with as it wasn’t his day yesterday to score. And I don’t think Oxlade is an upgrade sub for Campbell.

    Finally, the deed has happened. We shouldn’t panic but be calm. It is this same new balance starting XI the Boss should start against Bournemouth at the Ems tomorrow. And I believe they will collect all the 3 points that will at stake in the match.

    There was bad referring against the Gunners yesternight. The Boss is correct. But the Gunners did not score. Even at Anfield, I watched Mr Atkinson refused the Reds a blatant penalty in the 2nd half that would have seen the Reds go 2-0 up. That’s the Pgmo at their wrangling against us yesternight. Vedio referee will eventually bailed us out of their intentional bad referring one day.

    1. no need to sign a striker u are right if 3rd or 4th place is the goal….here is the simple truth a team that has walcott giroud campbell merteshaker flamini and ramsey starting wont win trophies … not one is a top class player in their position … having two on the park on regular basis is not a problem and three can probably still ensure 4th place…if we want to go beyond that we need to bring in two top class players in to the midfield and attack (thats in addition to the quality returnees we do have) and to increase the work rate particulalry when we dont have the ball by a good ammount… that was true 3 years ago 3 months ago and 3 days ago…wenger had the nerve recently to say not signing an outfielder in the summer had been vindicated… the man has been drinking his own kool aid

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