Arsenal have given Wenger the Freedom to Fail – Adam Kemp

Adam Kemp – Arsene, I know many things that you don’t know – or that you ignore!

Arsene Wenger irritably shielded his judgement to start David Ospina over Petr Cech in Arsenal’s ‘shock’ defeat at home to Olympiakos, which has risked their hopes of qualification to the last 16, stating it would be a “farce” to blame the culpable Columbian. I mean the goalkeeper only came for a routine cross and somehow managed to fumble the ball into his own net. I am sure Petr Cech needed to be rested due to all the running he had done in the previous match, getting up and down that pitch, taking its toll on the dynamic box to box goalkeeper! Yeah, right! Arsene Wenger’s arrogance and complacency is what has killed Arsenal’s chances of progression to the knockout stages. I said it five years ago, and I’ll say it again, Wenger Out!

I think it is unanimous that the fans are frustrated at the clear lack of progression from a so called big club. Arsenal are now in an exceptional financial position with increased turnover, increased profits, cash reserves quotes in excess of £200 million and limited borrowing. According to Forbes, Arsenal are valued in excess of £1 billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable football teams. So with this financial muscle and a manager with a solid early track record, why is the club still clearly a level behind the elite trio of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich? The blame is firmly down to the manager and he is given the freedom to fail. Say what you will about Jose Mourinho, but his most recent comments are spot on!

Arsene Wenger will always be due respect for the way he revolutionised the English game. Between 1998 and 2006, the team played exceptional football. His previous teams were so good, you pretty much knew if you played teams with the calibre of Zagreb and Olympiakos, nothing but a win was on the cards. Nowadays Arsenal fans look at these games with a sense of hope that the team will turn up. As when Arsenal turn up we win these games. When Arsenal have an off day we have it is us to implode and make plenty of errors. The Olympiakos and Zagreb games are no one off. Cast your eyes back to West Ham at home, Aston Villa at home, Bradford away and Monaco at home; as but a few examples of losing to opposition ‘on paper’ we should comfortably beat.

But then Arsenal can go away to Bayern Munich and win, go away to Manchester City and Manchester United and win! This cyclical inconsistency is somewhat tormenting for our fans. Arsenal seem to be able to play well when there is less pressure or little to play for. They crumble when the going gets tough and have no real leaders on the pitch. What is frustrating is that arguably they now have several world class players: Sanchez, Ozil, Cech, Cazorla and Koscielny are arguably at the elite level. The club also has technically gifted players in the mold of Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott and Giroud to name but a few. They have a great squad with some exceptional youth players to come through in the coming seasons. Individually the players are all great players, but the problem is the similarities in their qualities.

Arsenal in my opinion are possibly two to three players away from having the complete team. I would argue another centre back with the same quality as Koscielny, another ball winning midfielder to complement the outstanding Coquelin and a truly world class striker. I know there aren’t too many players out there better than Giroud and Walcott in that position, who are realistically available. But rest assured there are players out there who could improve the spine of this team! The problem is the manager has no conviction on who to buy. He flatters to assert himself in the transfer market and feels that he cannot pay over the odds for the quality of the player. Simply having Joel Campbell still in the team shows how flawed our transfer policy is!

When Arsene decides to retire, due to his untouchable status with the board, the new manager coming in has the resources to take Arsenal back to their previous level. What is so frustrating is that you would hope the stubbornness of the current boss, could be altered in his final years to give something back to the fans. He is fast becoming a ‘farce’ in his own right. He is incredibly deluded and season after season we see the same mistakes resurfacing, over and over again. How on earth the manager could not find one single outfield player in the summer transfer window, is just incomprehensible. We are set for another season where we a likely to face an earlier exit from the Champions League, probably scrape into the top four and may have a decent cup run.

This home defeat to Olympiakos will have far greater ramifications for the season. With Bayern Munich coming to the Emirates next there is no room for error, and no room for rotation. Quite why Petr Cech has yet to play for Arsenal in the Champions League is baffling, but resting this world class goalkeeper for the first two group games has spectacularly failed.

Adam Kemp

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      1. He lost me with putting GIROUD and Ramsey has technically gifted .

        YouTube the following players from the same but few generations ago


        That is what you call gifted and technical

      2. He lost me with putting GIROUD and Ramsey has technically gifted .
        Gifted and technical .
        What exactly do they bring into the game that you won’t find in players of the same level playing for West Ham,Liecester
        YouTube the following players from the same but few generations ago


        That is what you call gifted and technical .
        By the way ,

        I will happily swap
        Giroud for Lukaku
        Ox for Adu
        Ramsey for Mares of Liecester

  1. I don’t deny the title conclusion but there must be said that Cech also had a blunder in the first game this season. And that was also a must win sort of speak. Yes, Ospina was at fault but $hit happens and when is combined with such a team display it hurts more.

    1. I don’t blame Wenger’s selection either. That team yesterday should be able to match most teams at this level. Its the level of tactical awareness shown by our coaching staff and the luck of showing hunger or motivation to win games. (If I had a boss who just sits and watch me while I make mistakes I would try harder to improve).

      Ox was not having a nightmare having the best of games and Theo was nowhere to be seen most of the time so why not take the Ox off and put Theo in his place with Sanchez going through the middle? Wenger never changes things, he has no idea of how to motivate or mix things up when times are tough.

      Its time for the old man be accept football has changed now and only those who are willing to change will succeed. Unless his trying to say we only play to participate but not win then I’ll say Wenger forever and ever.

      1. If you think we lost the game because our attacking was poor then we can never agree on anything in life. 2 goals are sufficient to win any game any day. Theo and Alexis were rotating positions. For the second goal Theo drifted wide before sending in a cross for Alexis who was in the middle. So I do not see the basis of your complaint here.

        When you lose a game after scoring two goals you can only question your defensive performance. If you look at the three goals we conceded, the first two were gifts coming out of nothing. Lack of communication between defenders leading to needless corners conceded. On the speculative effort that was diverted in by Ox, I argue that Ospina could have done better by shouting to his teammates to leave the ball for him as he had it covered and he had clear sight of the flight of the ball. The second goal the blame rested squarely on Ospina.

        The third goal while coming from a good build up play by Olympiacos, Alexis and Ozil were guilt for not tracking back. Its not like we were caught out of position through a counter but those two players did not track back to maintain a good defensive shape for the team. For me the result was due to poor defensive play by our team.

        1. Goals wins games.

          Had we scored more goals than our opponents we would have carried the day (e.g. The Leister game). On the other hand I agree with you that our defense was quite poor in the incidents were we conceded.

          Overall the entire team was poor, strikers would have scored more, defenders would have defended better, Ospina should have been sharper, Wenger should have fixed such in training as what we saw happens almost always against Arsenal, etc.

          1. Like I said if you think a team should score more two goals to win games, in last night’s case 4 goals, then we will never agree on anything. Barcelona went 1-0 down at home and won 2-1 at the end. This is the same Barcelona team that was hammered 4-0 in the Spanish super cup by the mighty Athletic Bilbao before being hammered 4-1 by the mighty Celta Vigo a week ago. Had they not sorted their defense their two goals would not have won them the game last night. In short our attacking play produce enough to win the game but our defensive play cost us the game.

  2. Like Wenger said we don’t know what he knows ?
    He is in a different deluded world to everyone else!
    You can’t win an argument with an ignorant stubborn fool ?

    The only thing that I can think of,
    Is that wenger made an agreement with Ospina,
    to keep him happy at the club, as we all know he wasn’t happy with the arrival of Cech and that he was fretting to leave during the summer transfer window.

    Ospina can’t moan about being benched from now on,
    Especially after his latest balls up!

  3. Where is theTactics?
    We are useless at set pieces and it’s plain to see that we don’t practice either attacking or defending them on the training ground.

    Apart from working on their Stamina and ball control,
    I can’t see what else they do!

    I’m guessing a lot of banter and trumpet blowing, along with showing each other their latest selfie’s and not forgetting the who has the best 6 pack that can be seen from the moon competition lol.

    The most important tactic is the WILL to win,
    to bust a gutt for the team!
    Talk is cheap, Acton speaks louder than words and unfortunately our player’s rally cry’s and we can bounce back chants!
    Don’t mean ?, when they keep losing to average teams!
    We lack real motivation, whereas player’s and managers from mickey mouse teams like West ham, Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos say that they can beat us and they f###ing do ?

    Something needs to change at Arsenal,
    The only time wenger gets off his arse is to argue with the 4th official, Why can’t he get up and motivate the team when needed?

    George Graham used to get the whole subs bench to warm up along the touch line and that motivated the players on the pitch because that told them that he wasn’t happy with their performance.

    1. Physically and mentally too weak….this lot would have been easily steam rolled over without mercy by the Invincibles! Time for an another divorce!

      1. Hahaha
        Well the invincibles steam rolled practically every team in the league, so that’s not really saying much,
        When you consider that we are already losing to average teams ?

    2. Dinamo covered more distance in the game vs us, so did Olympiakos. Makes me think we are not fit enough apart from a few players, or if we are their is no willingness to defend with desire.

  4. I don’t think it could get any worse for Arsenal.
    Wenger out.
    It’ll be a miracle if we make 4th place…or Thursday night football.

  5. The fans have to show there frustrations. Get a new song going for the board and wenger to leave… we make songs for players easily!

    Na na na na, na na na na. Hey Arsene Goodbye!!!

  6. Well, there was a quote from Wenger at the start of the season which made me quite concerned and unhappy, but I didn’t say anything about it at the time.

    He said something like ‘I don’t feel pressure to win the title because staying in the champions league when the club was in financial danger was more pressured than winning the title’.

    That statement just stinks of ‘I’m not taking this seriously anymore’ and ‘if we don’t succeed, oh well, we’ll try again next year’. That’s what I thought at the time at least, and not buying a striker or defensive midfielder really kind of confirmed that for me.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that whenever Wenger actually comes under real pressure from the fans, the players actually start performing, which also can be seen as evidence they don’t feel the pressure to win most of the time. I don’t want players that play for the manager to keep his job because he’s such a nice guy to them, I want players that play for the club to win titles, because that’s what they’re paid to do and that’s what I expect any self-respecting footballer would do.

  7. As I am frustrated now and claiming for wenger to leave at the end of the season (and that’s because he owes us now), truth has to be our main tool.

    It’s not true that from 98 to 06 we would have easily beaten any tram in Europe.

    There was actually a logo (see today’s areseblog) for that period when we didn’t make teams sweat in Europe. In epl yes he was revolutionary but in Europe actually was later on. Maybe even from 05 to 08 or 09.

    Remember Vieira left us before thst ucl final in 06. And I read a quote from him that we didn’t have European ambition.

    1. The champions league is like the Olympics for Arsenal,
      It’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part! ££££

    1. It’s irrelevant to me mate!
      What are you worrying about the 4th spot?

      I would rather they both lose,
      so it heaps the same misery on their fan’s and dents the confidence of their player’s ?
      The last thing we need is a confident Utd rolling up at the Emirates on Sunday ?

      1. In the last two consecutive season Man Utd has the lowest confidence in beating teams and also the whole club was in difficult position but they still managed to win or get a draw at the Emirates nonetheless.So yes i want City and Utd to win, not because they will get confidence but also because EPL need that 4th position in CL.Can you imagine the humiliation and embarrassment, if Arsenal finish fourth in EPL not being able to qualify for CL next season because EPL quota is reduced to three clubs? So yes, i will swallow my pride and wish City and Man Utd a good luck today.

  8. Just to say it again,it is totally unacceptable for a man of Wenger’s stature to be giving the same excuses year in year out ( especially at Arsenal’s level where fans pay top Pound to see them matches),they say, of course they say,repeating the same sh*t over and over again expecting different results is madness of the highest order. I am seriously tired of him repeating himself everytime when he gets beat,I think it’s a big big yawn for any sober Arsenal fan.And it seems Wenger is getting consistent in the wrong area from my point of view too! I mean surely what does he do with the team behind the scenes? All those errors,motivation and lack of consistent play for instance? Or maybe it’s a cash cow for him and his whoevers? That would be the only logical explanation in my humble view.

    To refer to one of his adages,that, you should do something so well that it becomes an art! Ohh,that will be the day when he attains that,but then again it’s just a pipedream, aint it?
    Just so everybody remembers on here,”Familiarity Breeds Contempt” !
    Maybe the geezer has some secret contempt for true progressive fans who try to chip in with their free advice always pining for the Real Arsenal to stand up and be seen!
    I could go on and on but it maybe just a waste of words and space!

  9. Wenger Must Go.
    Let him focus on rebuilding his life after divorce. Travel the world exploring countries, cultures and people. Take cocktails, read books, sun bath, climb a mountain or just sit and contemplate quietly.

    Whatever he does, he should get the **** from my football club so someone else more driven, focused and technically competent can bring it back up to the heights were it belongs to be.

    1. We need to play Coquelin and Paulista in DMF if we are to get anything from Bayern Munich. Otherwise they will find many gaps. Stick Sanchez and Walcott up top. If we become mentally stable like we usually are when trying to turn over a first leg defeceit in last 16 we can get one win.

      Olympiakos can beat Dinamo in both matches. Best would be both to get two draws, I don’t see that as Olympiakos are far stronger and given the fact of Dinamos awful UCL record.

      Bayern won’t be resting players until they get 10 points atleast. Unlike our manager.

  10. I don’t understand Mertesackers post match comment. He says if we play like that we have no chance. Then why play like that again. They already played like that vs Dinamo albeit Mert didn’t play in that match.

    But there was a ton of mistake for the third goal. Bellerin and Ramsey are both beaten easily, then no DMF, so ball is easily chipped over where Gibbs doesn’t have a clue who is making a run behind him, then Mertesacker doesn’t show enough desire to atleast block the shot or intercept it, show more desire, he just lets it go. It would comfort Ospina to see how worse Scseszny did yesterday.

    I still can’t find a clip where it shows what happens right from the kick off after Sanchez’s goal, after the replay they easily are into our third of the pitch straight away. That is a sign of a mentally weak team. This comes from the players but mainly from the manager. You hardly ever see him shout at our own players during the game. He always gets up to complain to the referee.

  11. Last night was so demoralizing
    I still feel it today and it will continue through to the United match

    Losing to olympiakos was bad enough but losing at home was devastating
    Our Home record so far is terrible

    We have lost @ Home to West Ham and Olympiakos. We drew with an average Liverpool side at home

    Wenger must play

    OX / Ozil / Alexis

    (I think Cazorla won’t be available and not sure about Koscielny injury)

    Walcott and Alexis are on FIRE
    Dropping either of them against United would be ridiculous

    1. Whatever the lineup I hope we don’t play with Ox. He is a defensive liability, and isn’t much effecient when on the ball. 9/10 nothing happens when he is on the ball, no end product. Occasionally you will see the superb long range shot, but I don’t think that is enough to warrant a start. He has been more involved in opposition goals this season than goals for Arsenal.


      This is the most balanced team right now. You have to push Ozil on the left to accommodate Cazorla. Ozil does create a lot of chances from the left as well. Sanchez can play on the right side. His late runs in the box is something Ramsey should be doing more often or Cazorla.

  12. It won’t be long before Wenger blames injuries for defeat again. So far 50% win ratio this season. He was so desperate that he got Coquelin straight back into the team after Arteta and Flamini were out injured, and Coquelin didn’t look 100% for me. Clearly there is no depth in the squad.

    On matchday 3, we go head to head against the team with the best squad depth in UCL. They have their best two wingers out and still they score many goals.

  13. Wenger’s arrogant complacent attitude towards transfers is coming home to roost. It robs the players of belief that they are at a club with ambition and demotivated everyone. He isn’t capable of motivating anyone anymore and the board don’t seem to care as long as they are making money.
    Again he has been proven to be wrong but he is never held accountable. Absolute power without any responsibility is an insane way to run a football club.

  14. We are an absolute disgrace in Europe, no wait let me rephrase that, we under Wenger are an absolute disgrace in Europe, 19 seasons and 1 final !!! And same thing over and over again, and this man refuses to change, he was talking about how we have learned our mistakes from Monaco debacle and yet we commit same mistakes over and over again. Oh and by the way aren’t we suppose to be the best team in the world as according to the great Arsene Wenger there were no players available in market that could improve our squad, and don’t get me started over his arrogance, we all hate mou’s arrogance and his attitude but atleast he achieves success year in your out unless our own deluded fool of a manager.

  15. Mr. Adam Kemp: A Response

    First I would like to welcome you back from where ever you were hiding. I guess you were praying and fasting for all these years for this moment so that you would come out and say I told you so five years ago. Having said that I feel that your post is palpably out of context and seriously lack in perspective.

    To read in full, this comment has been moved to this post at the request of The Analyzer:

      1. Losing 3-2 is rarely a humiliation. I have other things to do in life rather than being a bitter keyboard warrior.

        1. Then you are not a true fan if youvare not bothered loosing at home yesterday to such a team. It is not just the 2-3. You mean you are not bother bothered about arsenal loosing on a consistent basis to average teams? It speaks volumes about your level.

          1. You must have started associating with football yesterday if you do not know that the outcome of any match is either win, draw or lose. It is for this reason that there nearly 5000 olympiacos fans in the stadium. They would not have bothered to come to the Emirates if Arsenal had the divine right to beat Olympiacos.

  16. You are right ArseOverBoob oops ArseOverTit! He should get away while he can,cause the way am seeing it, it’s like he’s taking the team on a free-gear downhill ride with no breaks.The more it seems we are getting there the further it seems we are getting away from the envisioned glory!

    Someone with the va va voom, the passion, the grit, the daring to do things in a different and much more refreshing way needs to be coming in like yesterday.The truth is, this is not the way to manage a club like Arsenal,out of the shadows now,then next week we are not! No No No that don’t cut it at this level…Fourth Best or better yet second best is no option!

  17. Adam Kemp

    Please let me educate you before you carry on making an ass of yourself

    “According to Forbes, Arsenal are valued in excess of £1 billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable football teams”

    £ – this sign is a pound sign. We use it in the UK.
    $ – this sign is a dollar sign. Americans use it.

    Now knowing that, I am sure you will agree Arsenal are actually valued at £860m not a billion?

    And further to this, just to put this into perspective. Real Madrid are valued at 2.1 billion.
    Knowing this gap, I am sure you will not carrying on assuming Arsenal are a rich club. They are a club with the fastest growing turnover (thanks to a new stadium) in the last 5 years but by no means anywhere near Bayern, Barca, RM or Man Utd.

    1. What about the mediocre teams we loose to? Are they in the league of RM, Barca, BMunich and ManU? I fail to understand the point you want to make.

  18. It is pathetic and heart breaking that we have been reduced to settling for the fourth position after just 7games in the epl. What has happened to arsenal for goodness sake.. I can’t understand how any Arsenal fan can tolerate such mediocrity. Fans, particularly the AKBs must wake up. It is time for Wenger to leave and allow a manager that is after the hearts of fans. For goodness sake we need to win quality trophies.

    1. After 7 games Arsenal sits 3 points behind the log leaders. After Sunday Arsenal could easily be 2 points behind the log leaders. So what is your point here?

      1. Can you confidently tell me that we are well equipped go win the title or at the very least have a real go at it? And let’s face it even if we do miraculously get out of this group, we are not going to have a shot at CL and that is a shame especially when Wenger says that no player in the transfer market was available that could improve our squad which means we should have a real shot at winning the CL and league, both of which are not going to happen, its best that we part ways with Wenger and this mediocrity at the end of the season

  19. I always enjoy an Adam Kemp article. A professional and brutally honest assessment of AFC and Arsene Wenger.
    Wenger’s failure to buy in the transfer windows and his persistent team formation is becoming ridiculously annoying. I have watched now for years the same problem with Arsenal playing teams like Chelsea that sit back and play the counter and Wenger falls for the same trick every time.
    I don’t have a problem with Wenger picking Ospina because he played very well last season and merits game time though he might see his game time now cut after that performance. What frustrates me is seeing one of the best PL midfielders, Aaron Ramsey play on the wing, seriously why? Ozil is lazy and because of that he never shows up for the big games although his price tag would suggest he should be a leader, he simply isn’t. And although Coquelin has emerged as a great midfielder, when will Wenger realise that his best years as a manager were with a bit of steel like Patrick Vieira and Gilberto playing together. Coquelin playing with a strong DM, change of formation and a world class striker, Arsenal could be great again.

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