Arsenal have great motivation to beat Man City (and Spurs!)

Arsenal are set to face arguably their biggest game of the season at the Etihad this weekend, and it is not just for us to finish above Man City and clinch the usual Champions League quaklification, but also to stave off Tottenham finishing above us for the first time in Arsene Wenger’s reign at the Emirates.

Man City have got to get over their massive midweek disappointment but Arsenal are just as focused on catching Spurs: “For us it’s important to finish third, or even second,” Hector Bellerin told Sky Sports.

“Obviously, as a team we want to finish as high as we can, and in a good moment to be ready for next season. We’ve got to start with these three points at the Etihad and the team is really focused on that.”

“As an Arsenal player there is always that motivation [to beat Tottenham],”

City are not in a good place right now. They were humbled 4-2 by Southampton last week, and after they were meekly beaten by Gareth Bales goal for Madrid, Paul Meron thinks that Arsenal should have little problem on Sunday.He said: “If there’s ever a chance for Arsenal to win at the Etihad again, this is the game.

“If they don’t win this game, you’d have to ask serious questions. Man City are there for the taking, all day long.”

So over to you Wenger and the boys. Let’s do this!



    1. To finish above the Spuds … oh .. and to win the wenger trophy, of course! ?

      What else did you expect from a bunch of bottlers and a has been manager with a book of 1 million and one excuses? ?

      1. When last time your ass been kicked by Spuds fans fatty? 1970’st? Because I’m sure no hole will big enough for you to hide. Haha… That’s a motivation or not?

  1. we will beat man city an put on such a awesome display that de bruyne an aguero will come to our dressing room an beg to sign for arsenal

    1. Kev and Kun 🙂
      We don’t need em.
      We have Arteta Roza
      Wilshere Chamberlain
      and the mighty Sanogo.
      We don’t need class because we’re ar#e.
      Ox injured again eh. So who’s to blame?
      Norwich, the Bayern Medical staff mole
      Mike Dean or Lewis Hamilton’s mechanics 🙂
      I blame Donald trumps hairstylist 🙂

      1. And I blame Colonel Sanders for poisoning the world with his chickens. Haha…

    1. Hahaha .. Come on Sevilla… you can doooo it!..
      You can rely on us, to rely on You! ?

  2. The good news is that man city have a few players out injured… 5 plus another 2 doubtful,
    Kompany, D.Silva, Kolarov are out.

    If Wenger can remember the same tactics as when we beat them 2 nil there last season, we will have a good chance of at least getting a draw … ???

    PLAN B: Come on Norwich and Southampton! ?

    1. Kompany has been injured
      all season while Kolarov
      is over the hill and
      D.Sila has been out for a while.
      Write City off at your peril.
      It’s Pellegrini’s last home game
      and maybe the last game for Yaya..
      ECL 3rd place is at stake so expect
      no favours at the Etihad.
      I’d take a draw all day long.
      Plan B? He played left wing and is a Gooner 🙂

    2. He won’t forget that surely. He’s a master of “repetitions” remember? No managers in this vary world can “repeat” as consistent as him, haha… The question is, will Pellegrini change his approach? Because if that happen, the old log book is potentially won’t work.

  3. I get so worried when our boys run their mouths and boast of what they’ll do in a game. When they talk as if they are all pumped up for a game is when they play lackadaisically and end up losing the game. When we are sure of winning a game is when the boys lose it. I beg for them to shut up their mouth, be men for once and let their performance do the talking. I pray they win but they should pls effing stop talking and perform instead.

  4. Sanchez has got the hump! with Wenger! ..
    And Wenger has got the hump with everyone that wants him out! ?

    Arsenal are prepared to pay £50 million for Lewandowski
    And have also inquired about Arda Turan, who mocked us recently lol ?

    ——- Lewandowski
    Arda —- Ozil — Sanchez
    ——- Elneny —- Kante

    1. Then why Arda Turan still on your dream team? Have you taken evening pills Fatty?

  5. With Wenger, its been 12 years of excuses, with Ranieri, its been 9 months of EPL trophy. Wenger failed this season. He should step aside. Fans should demand his resignation. Wenger Out, Bilic in.

    1. Useless demanding. Arsene just sign another contract extension. The best we can do is yell for team squad changes. Arsenal need to overhaul the team basis if we seriously want the tittle. Arsene’s famous “cohesion” proven too shallow and inconsistent in every part except Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech. We need to make new cohesion and it’s already sound non Arsene policy. At less Arsene should use all of his brain capacity to learn from this season. It will be very embarrassing if a man of his intelligent still not figure it out about what happen to his team let alone his opponents. Like Forrest Gump usually been boost of : learn Arsene, learn!!

    1. To be honest I don’t see us doing the double over city just like we have not done to any of the top 6 rival bar Leicester so all I can see is a draw at best. Would be glad if we win though. Draw and a win against villa and we are sure of 3rd place. And our so called beloved coach would be happy with that

  6. “City is there for the taking all day” wait a minute, some pundits just like our manager don’t seem to learn, the same was said of Chelsea this season, united at Old Trafford but what happened?
    For me there is no such thing as a team being there for the taking especially when it comes to us, we have had some painful experiences in the past. If u play well u can beat anyone, ask Diego Someone

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