Arsenal have had a brilliant transfer window, and Jorginho was the icing on the cake

If this hasn’t been a dream winter transfer window for Arsenal, I’m not sure what it has been. Normally Arsenal fans are browsing the web for Six Nations Betting Offers on deadline Day as there is rarely action from the Gunners in January.

But this time around, after last summer’s deadline, it was clear that Arsenal needed to make two moves this winter to address the obvious weaknesses it had failed to address during the summer window. These two moves were midfield and attack, and that’s just what Arteta has got.

When the transfer window opened, all indications were that Arteta would only bolster the attack, with a headline move for Mykhailo Mudryk on the horizon.

However, a deal for Mudryk fell through, and the Ukrainian joined Chelsea. Mudryk’s move to Chelsea shattered Arsenal’s transfer plans, but as Gooners may have discovered by now, Arteta is a man with a plan.

Arteta, fueled by his rage over Mudryk’s snub, went on to sign Leandro Trossard, whose versatility and Premier League experience may allow Gooners to argue that for £27 million, he was a reasonable buy in comparison to the other option of overpaying for Mudryk.

With Trossard bolstering the attack, Arteta had an opportunity to strengthen other positions. So next, he moved for Spezia’s left-footed Jakub Kiwior to provide defensive cover.

With the attack and defence covered, the midfield was the position to strengthen next. Arteta decided on Moises Caicedo, but two bids in the last few days weren’t enough. With Caicedo’s transfer stalled and Arsenal only needing to bolster their midfield, Arteta chose to sign Chelsea’s Jorginho.

Jorginho’s signing must have surprised many, and many may be wondering if he will improve Arsenal’s midfield. Paul Merson already hinted at what a force Jorginho can be; earlier in the season, as per his contributions to Sportskeeda, he named Jorginho as one of the best five midfielders in the Premier League, and stated: “We haven’t had a player like Jorginho for god knows how long now.

“Jorginho has flaws like his lack of pace, but he’s very assured on the ball and controls the game from a deeper midfield position. For me, he’s very underrated, as people really don’t understand what he brings to the table in the Premier League. Chelsea aren’t the same team when he doesn’t play, as his presence allows the likes of Reece James and Marc Cucurella or Ben Chilwell to bomb forward in attack.”

“Reece James” at Arsenal could be Ben White, while “Marc Cucurella” could be Oleksander Zinchenko.

Arsenal could become more lethal if Arteta can get the best out of Jorginho. But the question is whether the Italian is a starter at Arsenal or a squad player.

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  1. 8 out of 10 transfer window imo
    Arsenal is a team with a very good team and no depth, this is the reason most people doubt our title challenge credibility but now with this 3 incoming we are set for a proper challenge.
    Based on our recent history of no serious business in January, we can all see how serious kronkies are this season

  2. Very satisfied with our transfer activities this window, observing Jorginho stats he is almost equal in everything compare to Caicedo according to Opta data, also he is better than Partey as I saw in Skysports, fantastic signing!.

    1. We haven’t learnt our lessons of judging player from stats ?

      Going by Country-Goal-Stats Giroud is a better player than Thierry Henry, Antoine Greizman, Mbappe & Platini ?

      Jorginho better than Partey at what please ?

      Just some weeks ago we were arguing who was the better CDM in the league between Casemiro & Partey

      Now to console ourselves we saying from stats Jorginho is better than Partey ?

      I’m only pleased with the transfer cos I see it as an upgrade to Lokonga – who was a 3rd Choice CDM

      So if our CDM-by-choice is now :
      ” Partey —> Elneny —> Jorginho ”
      Then YES it was an upgrade and a good buy

  3. 8/10 Key positions covered. Brilliant. Trossard/ Jorginio unbelievable players, who will hit Ground running. No acclimatisation period needed. Also we can give Partey ( our most important player) time off. The Spezia left footed player, very good back . We strengthened this January unlike last Jan. When after injury(partey) we fell out of top 4.

  4. Some fans are feeling a little disappointed with our January but the main reason for that bids for murdryk and caicedo made us dream big. You know how we see players get their heads turned when a big team bid for them well the same thing happened to us. Honestly did anyone expect us to buy a player for 70-80m before the window opened, i certainly didn’t.

    Our main needs were a DM,LCB and a winger cover and we have covered all 3. I know fans are meh for Jorginho arrival for several reasons but there is a good player in here…. didn’t he just finished 3rd in the 2021 Ballon d’or.

    Last January we went all in for a player who ultimately didn’t want to join us and were caught with our pants down, this time we had backups in place and swiftly completed when it became obvious we weren’t getting murdryk or caicedo.

    1. Our outgoings were also really good. Marquinhos will develop nicely in Norwich and i trust Vieira to get Lokonga in shape especially mentally as he has all the physical qualities to succeed in midfield.

      1. I feel Crystal Palace isn’t the best place for Lokonga (except if they were a Championship team or another lower league team)

        Why do I say so ?

        The competition is strife in the EPL and Crystal Palace is a very very physically strong team – their game is based on Power & Stamina – things Lokonga doesn’t have and doesn’t like

        And for an EPL team who are constantly under pressure to deliver : just like us – they won’t have time to wait for him

        Though it’s the right team for him in that he needs a team to help his physicality

        But what Lokonga needs is both a physically strong team that will also have time to wait on him …unless he’ll not be groomed to be a CDM (which I actually think he isn’t, I see him more as a CM with lesser defensive duties)

  5. Arsenal performed well last season with the youngest squad. While maintaining the same core, he has added experience, leadership and a winning mentality to the team in the last 2 windows in Zincheko, Jesus, and now Jordginho and Trossard. 10/10 in my opinion

  6. Very satisfied with the business conducted this January by Arteta and Edu. I believe the team can now mount a serious title challenge. The Gunners are really in for it.

  7. Mixed feelings on the signing of Jorginho , I know he is good player and the term of his contract means he isn’t really a long term plan for arteta just someone efficient enough to cover for partey and cheap enough to not scratch any heads when he is on the bench.
    However I find it a little bit strange and not comfortable having a Chelsea reject who could potentially be a mercenary in our ranks. With the exception of David Luis, Chelsea players to have come to us have been nothing to write home about.
    We will see how it goes.

  8. Completely agree with the incomings . I now really like how Arteta is addressing what the team needs. Very articulate on where the team needs strengthening. Most of us know Lokonga wasn’t ready yet to step up in partey shoes , Joghinho imo is an upgrade , we got a maghaes replacement and trossard looks a bargain already. I wished we could get a no 9 though won’t complain. Nketiah looked tired towards the end of man city game, needed some fresh legs, boy ran and couldn’t run anymore.

  9. Jorjinho is the rite signing for us in thse january,if in sumer our man target is declane rice ,then jorjinho to seat on the bench to wait for partey,incase injury,then the january transfer was 100% ok, in arteta we trust.

  10. Considering that the January window is always extortion city for clubs needing to fill specific gaps in their squad, this one went ok, because Arsenal got good necessary players and didn’t pay ridiculous amounts for them. The “Marquee” signings will be easier to complete at the end of the season, and there should be plenty of money now too, so we should see the addition of EG. Declan Rice and probably a top-quality target-man-type striker as well. Maybe even some very good new squad players like Douglas Luis or Yuri Tielemans too.

  11. My biggest fear is Partey injured and midfield pair of Xhaka and Jorginho against a mobile midfield.

    They both have brilliant attributes neither are blessed with any kind of pace or mobility

  12. Trossard is a great signing and I expect him to give both Martinelli and Zaka some well earnt rest.

    I also think MA has been very clever with Jorginho – a 15 month contract, with money in the bank for Rice in the summer.

    I’m a happy Gooner.

  13. If anyone can get the best out of Jorginho, it’s Mikel Arteta. Jorginho is most similar type of player Mikel Arteta was, playing for Arsene Wenger at DM. Not much difference from Pep Guardiola either. I’m very happy that the 3 recruitment this transfer window consists of different type of players that the current team don’t have at the moment. Well done Edu and Arteta.

  14. The chavs have been at it again, thanking Jorginho on their website for ‘thumping’ us 4-1, albeit they are 10th, yes 10th in the league, having spent half a billion, yes billion pounds this year. Let’s do our talking on the pitch, and hope they don’t get into Europe. Just goes to show, no matter how much money you have, it doesn’t buy class.

  15. At first I wasn’t impressed with his signing, I think mainly because of his ludicrous penalty taking technique of stopping and jumping on his run up but his stats are better than Partey and Caicedo in the DM position so we will see how he does.

  16. Reasonable transfer window. For a push at the Premier League, I prefer who we bought over whom we wanted. Trossard is our little gem. Mudryk would not have been ‘oven ready’ like Trossard. Jorginho is way more positionally ready and way more disciplined than Caicedo, for an immediate PL challenge. Kiwior I know little about and he is for the future. Trossard and Jorginho are perfect for our EPL push. Jorginho is great cover for Partey, Xhaka, or Odegaard, Trossard, for Martinelli and Saka. We have ESR on the way back which is a BIG plus and Gabriel Jesus is not that far off. We got a ‘NOW’ solution, rather than a ‘BIG’ one that would benefit the future . I’m happy with the business,,,,,pragmatic but creative.

  17. Good buisness. I wish however Sambi would stay at least to play EL games or we got another MD, since we now have only three MDs for two spots, one of them is injury prone.

    1. Which means Xhaka will have to play all EL games, something that we should avoid. Unless we play ESR and Viera in MD, or some academy player steps in which seems unlikely.

    2. Don’t forget ESR is very capable of playing the box-to-box that Xhaka has been doing so effectively this season. I’m not sure that this is his now intended role, but it makes sense with Trossard/Martinelli/Saka holding down the wide positions.
      Should be interesting next season with the projected purchases and returning loan players. I hope Edu & Arteta will be ruthless in who gets loaned or cut loose.

  18. We created some depth which was important. For me, the jury is out on Jorginho. Great player, no doubt, but at his age how will he fit in when it comes to the MA’s playing style?

    We shall see. I am most curious about Kiwior and if and how he will be used. Because with Lokonga gone we are one injury away from being thin in midfield unless Kiwior is seen and a ready DM. Exciting to see if he will be used in that role.

  19. Isco is a free agent at the age of 30. We can sign him up for a couple of years. Would be useful in European competition.

  20. Jorginho is a good cover in midfield. We must take into account that Elneny is out now and in my oppinion Jorginho is better than Elneny in many aspects of the game. Hopefully he’ll not disappoint like Willian did.

  21. I want to add that Jorginho is still only a 12 milion signing. If things go well these 12 milion can help winning both the Premier League and Europa League and I don’t think I’m too optimistic.
    Remember that at the beginning of the campaign our aim was top 4. Better players will come in the summer, Arsenal are in the right direction.

  22. For better insight and judgement..why we don’t hear anything like city bid saka for 60 million or martinelli?..because they know if Brighton put 80 million on caicedo and shaktar got 100 million from mudryk..if their is any enquiry for our saka or martille we can easily put them off by ask 150 million..😁

  23. Well at first, I just couldn’t come around to the idea of signing jorgi from those vile scumbags. I detest Chelsea with every cell in my body and rightly so. Joginho is one of us now and probably a squad player in EPL but a starter in Europa which is totally fine with me. Let’s see how it goes from here.

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