Arsenal have lost the title and Man City will slaughter us if we play like that again

We’re not ready and don’t deserve it. by Konstantin Mitov

It’s time for some harsh truths lovely Arsenal people. We are not going to win the title. We’ve given it away for nothing. That performance was shocking. In all truth, in our last 3 games the pressure was too much for us. We could t handle it.

I really tried being positive, but there’s nothing to be positive about. Fighting back from 3-1 down against Southampton is no reason to be optimistic. We shouldn’t be needing a comeback anyway. What is Ramsdale doing? Why are we making life difficult for ourselves by giving them something to hold on to?

It’s got nothing to do with ability. We’re miles better than them. I can’t stand Southampton, we fail against them every time, but as devastated as I am, it’s only our fault. We’re missing Saliba at the back, but it is what it is. I am not blaming Holding for this. It’s the entire team. We couldn’t string 3 passes, giving the ball away, even players like Zinchenko with all the experience of winning titles.

I must say now that we threw it away, and we’re not winning at the Etihad, especially if we play like this, I’d like to point out that we’re scared of winning. We were practically favorites for the Europa League, but we played with such negligence. If the expectations are on us we can’t do it.

This is a trait of this team for many years and I don’t know how it is fixed. I think we need to be very ruthless. Fabio Vieira was awful. Why didn’t we play Trossard? I have to look at Arteta, subs were terrible again. Late as well.

I am gutted, disappointed and I’m telling you, if you think we’re winning at the Etihad, you are deluding yourself. Best wake up now, before you realise the nightmare is a reality. I am now expecting a slapping by 5 goals, because with the rate we are giving goals away, I can’t see nothing else.

It’s hard to speak. I can’t do it. I am absolutely devasted and I just want to cry. The way we’re giving it away is just unacceptable. Unfortunately our mentality crumbled completely. It’s last season all over again. Throwing it away against silly teams. Anger, pain, frustration. I can’t. It’s done, finished.


Arteta proud of our comeback after Arsenal 3-3 Southampton

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    1. Just shut up please. He’s right we lost the title and man city will destroy us. Your fake optimism is nauseating right now.

      1. Oh another big mouth shows up drenched in pessimism and negativity. We haven’t lost the title yet and there is no certainty City will destroy us. Plastics like you back in 1989 were saying similar things when we were fighting for the title with Liverpool. They were on a run of results and before we played them at Anfield, we lost at home to Derby and drew with Wimbledon, needing to win by 2 clear goals at Anfield. No one gave us a chance and Liverpool would thrash us and take the title. I don’t expect you even know what happened in that final game. So please, shut up yourself!

      2. If he is right, can he provide the winning numbers for the lottery please, it’s the negativity that is nauseating, I was at the game last night, and the fans are still behind Arteta and the players, we still believe, I am glad I do not sit near someone like you at Arsenal, I thought we got rid of fans like you

    2. A spot on article. The team has shown it has the same ongoing weaknesses in key games throughout the season, not just in the last three games. The title has gone, but more importantly it shows two major weaknesses of the last decade still haven’t been addressed. Just because some people choose to live in lala land doesnt mean the piece is negative in any way shape or form.

      1. The title is not gone until City are 3 or 4 points ahead with one game left and that is a fact. I don’t bother reading this persons articles anymore as he only posts when things go wrong and I was referring to the headline. Have a lovely day Marge 😊.

      2. This a place where people offer different opinions. Getting personal just shows you have no coherent argument, just empty bluster. Good luck with that by the way..

  1. Why am I having the feeling that Arteta does not know how to deal with pressure when we approach the finish line??

    1. Why, youngest manager that could win the title, youngest team that could win the title, whatever happens, this has been such a great season for us, how many of you would have taken this at the start of the season, I would have bitten your hand off if you had offered me this. The most improved team in the PL along with Brighton has the best away record, second most goals scored, and third-best defence. This will only get better and better. The question is are you on board or not? if not move aside and allow someone else to take your place

  2. So title is all but over..
    Yet another collapse…
    Last year it was for top 4
    This year for title..
    We all knew this collapse started at Anfield but nobody was brave to accept it then..
    But now it’s evident that it’s a collapse…
    At least yesterday we can’t say Areta didn’t have depth…
    Arteta had ESR, Trossard, yet he started with Viera who had nightmare season..
    Such a shocker..
    Arteta could have start with Trossard…
    It was evident that immediate rise in quality when Trossard was introduced..
    He had so many options..
    Arteta could have moved Zinchenko in Midfield and slot Tierney as LB
    He could have opted to go back to 3 when we were ahead against Liverpool and West Ham just to see out the game with White, Gabriel and Tierney as back 3
    Zinchenko or Jorginho to partner Partey
    Saka and Martinelli on wings
    Odegaard as number 10 and Trossard and Jesus CF
    The group of players which we have, Arteta can tweak or twist any tactic..
    But not sure what’s wrong with him and players…
    Now just hope we are maintaining our respect next week against City..
    Hope City is not destroying us..

    1. @ Kedar
      On this occasion I am in agreement with you. As soon as I saw the team sheet I was convinced that we were not winning this game as it turned out. Vierira instead of Trossard if you want to go full throttle or Jorginho if you want to control the middle.
      In my view 4 players played well: MO, BS, RH and GM with GJ playing well but could have played better. As for the rest of them they were not of the expected standard for PL intensity.
      MA gets a 4 out of 10 for 3 consecutive weeks.

  3. Jesus! I’m glad you’re not giving the team pep talk before the City game😆😆 Chin up, it is what it is.

  4. Well we haven’t lost the title,so that’s an overreaction,very disappointing though this last week or so .
    The Man City game is now a must win IMO but I suppose they still have the CL to contend with so never say never .
    Some very sloppy performances last night form the players to to the manager,looks like then pressure as finally caught up with us .

    1. Never thought I’ll be there one to tell Dan he was being deluded. It’s gone buddy. Over, realistically…

      Of course mathematically still possible we win the title, but with our mentality and the way we are playing? Not a chance in the world!

      We won’t win at the Etihad. Will be lucky not to be beaten silly in fact. And we will drop even more points in more games to come.

  5. Ramsdale was shocking. Vieira was ineffective, but at least he didn’t make huge mistake

    Man City are in-form and Guardiola knows the inverted-LB tactic too well, so Arteta and the coaches must find another way to win at the Etihad. It could be done, as long as nobody makes huge error again

    1. Gai,
      That’s exactly my fear with Arteta he doesn’t twick his tactics and seem too rigid at times.. In the absence of Xhaka he could have allowed Zinchenko play beside Pathey while bring in Thierney to combat with pacey Walcot. If PepG could adapt to 3:6:1 formation and even used J.Stones in midfield to win games. Arteta must come up with a strong strategy if not Arsenal would have no chance at all in the game.

  6. Ramsdale getting far too cocky
    Thinks he’s Bobby Moore playing out from the back.
    Put us right in the proverbial after 20 seconds

  7. It does seem over but all we can do is hope for miracles. Man city game ? It will decide our fate for sure. We lose we stop dreaming, we draw then there’ll be a little glimmer of hope, we win then it goes back to a 50/50 scenario.

    Even if we beat Man city, we will remain underdogs in this race and rightfully so. Lately we’ve been shocking honestly

    1. If we beat city I think everything changes. It would give us the belief that we can win it, and I think we’d see a different side in subsequent games. Big “if”, though.

  8. Arteta still has a whole lot to learn.
    A modern coach needs be more flexible and adaptive to changes. In-game tactical dynamism is a major marker for success these days.
    Being too rigid in all aspects of the game, be it selection or style of play only gets you this far.

    Even the likes of Pep has shown considerable dynamism this season.

    Arteta still has a whole lot learn.

    1. Condescending nonsense.
      In spite of recent setbacks Arteta has been one of the most effective managers in the PL this season.

  9. I think the man City game is coming at the right time for us,
    We are going into this game not expecting to get anything out of the game,
    This is when we might shock man City (Big might),
    We need to change a few players and go all out for it cause if we loose its over so I would go with this team.
    White. Hold. Gab tierney
    Ode. Partey. Zinc
    Saka. Tross. Martinelle

    1. @JW
      I quite like your team. Not too dissimilar to mine.
      First and foremost Arteta has to show maturity.
      We should not go to City trying to win it but make sure we are hard to beat as there are still 6 games to go. If we go gung ho like we did against Southampton, we will loose and the title race is over.
      If we get a draw against City, we still have a chance of winning it albeit a slim one as I am reasonably confident that Man City will not win all their games.

      My view is a 3-5-2 formation to control the midfield and provide protection at the back as below:-
      3: Holding, Gabriel, Tierney
      5: White, Jorginho/ESR, Odegaard/Trossard, Partey, Zhinchenko
      2: Saka, Martinelli

      Subs to be brought on at 60th minute and that includes Jesus or Nketiah to effect the game.

  10. I will probably get sticks for this but I think for Arsenal to become a world class team to win the EPL and UCL, we must be able to upgrade on Odegaard, and Jesus must accept other roles for a more prolific striker to come in. We need a better defender than Zinchenko. Vieira and Holding should be sold. We need a starter CB to rotate with Saliba and Gabriel. More importantly, Arteta needs to be less rigid in terms of formation, player selection and tactics.

    1. Meedo, how many attacking midfielders have had a better, more consistent season than Martin Odegaard?

      1. Odegaard jas had good performances for us this season, no doubt. But his role this season is central midfield rather than attacking. Don’t just focus on what he does, think about other role expected of a central midfielder and captain of a team.
        P.S Odegaard is a natural 10 but he plays right sided 8 for us this season.

    2. Upgrade on Ødegaard? He was one of the better players last night.
      Players at fault last night for their three goals were Ramsey, Gabriel and Zinchenko, in that order. Tell me what Ødegaard did wrong?

      1. You might wanna watch Southamptons second goal again and who gave the ball away .
        I’m with meedo ,he’s good when the team are on it but when the chips our down he’s invisible which as been the case for the last 3 games

        1. Yes it was a terrible pass but overall I think he played well and of course scored. I don’t agree he’s been invisible in the last 3 games.

          1. Agree to disagree on him 👍
            I’m just not fan but obviously we all see things differently ,I’m a massive Tavares fan but 95%of our fan base think he’s dogshite ,strange thing being a football fan sometimes .

            1. DK I am curious as to what qualities you see in TAVARES and also what faults you see in Odegaard.

              I reckon only a tiny few Gooners will agree with you on either player. Last night, I agree that Odegaard did give theball away for one Saints goal, but overall he was by a distance our single most effective midfielder; I reckon our only midfielder who played VERY well and was constantly involved.

            2. Yet Marseille is so disappointed with him, he will never make it with us or anyone in the PL

      2. Yes, upgrade on Odegaard if we are to use the same formation and tactics next season. Otherwise, tweak the team to suit Odegaard better. I don’t mean selling him, but he can’t be a guaranteed starter in that role for a title and UCL winning team.

    3. Agree with everything you said except Odegaard. He’s a midfield gem. Send viera on loan move zinchenko to no 6, sign a defensive mid and backup left back. Sign a conventional right back and move White to deputy right CB of Saliba. Tomi can fight for his place along that back four.

    4. Meedo, You are certainly out on a limb by yourself on the very special Odegaard.

      Opinions are fine but that one is so ODD that it is impossible to understand HOW you can possibly think such a thing!

      I d like to ask WHO you see as a possible upgrade on Odegaard?. I say you will not find one world wide who we have a hope of ever getting and there are VERY few around anywhere better than him, in any case.

      1. You speak of ‘special Odegaard’ as if he doesn’t have many flaws that make him unsuitable for a central midfield role. No one can deny that he has been very good for us this season but you can’t also deny that he goes missing when there is a midfield battle. It’s not his fault, though. It is Arteta rigidity of not tweaking the team to suit Odegaard when we play some teams.

        1. Your comments lack balance and perspective. Odegaard has been one of the best midfielders in the premier league this season. There have been games where he has not been as effective as we would like but he does not go “missing”.
          As for tweaking the team. That’s easy to say from the comfort of your chair. How many truly top class midfielders do we have?
          Also who are the players that you think are an upgrade? Are you suggesting that Odegaard should be benched for this “imaginary” player you are going to bring in? Or are you advocating that we sell Odegaard?

          1. I acknowledge in my post that Odeegard has been good this season. No, I am not advocating we sell him, only that he shouldn’t be a guaranteed starter if we are serious about winning titles and UCL.
            Again, you are also focusing only on what he does and not paying attention to what is needed of a central midfielder. We play a 433 and not 4231. That role is not just about tricks and flicks. Not just about flair. There are matches when you are in total control and all that will work but there are a lot of others when you don’t have the space for that luxury and all you need to just do is the basics and be very physical and resilient if you have to. Look at the title and UCL winning teams in the last 5 years in Europe top 3 league and tell me if there is a replica of Odegaard featuring for them consistently in their runs.

  11. Arsenal can still win the title but that will be because City collapses from too many games. But, if there is any team with the mentality, fitness and strength to win the remaining EPL, FA cups and Champions league matches, it’s that City team. It’s hard to imagine them not winning the remaining EPL matches.

  12. The city game is our last chance. It could go very badly, I agree, but if we turn up, it will be competitive.
    It does appear that we’re floundering now. Arteta is making strange decisions that seem to be costing us and even the players we bought from city with the experience of winning the title aren’t looking right. It looks like we’re not coping with the pressure at this point.
    Let’s see, although it feels like it’s slipping away, it’s not over and it is still in our hands. Whatever happens, I’m behind the manager and team for next season. They’ve been great this year and the trajectory is promising.

  13. Still statistically possible to win the league, provided Arsenal beat Manchester City at the Etihad. A gigantic turnaround required on current form, application, concentration and mentality from players and manager.

  14. It certainly looks like we have blown our chance to win the title but it isn’t over till City win the games in hand and against us. We are in a rut and only a win at City will give us the Mental boost required to win it. Near impossible if we continue to play like this.

  15. Offensensively we are still on the same levels we were when the season started but defensively we have dropped so badly , ever since saliba got injured and tomiyasu isn’t available to replace we’ve been leaking goals. April was the month we were all afraid of but to be honest I didn’t expect us to draw to westham let alone s/Hampton. 3pt out of a possible 9 . We need an international break now for us to regroup and restrategise, its almost like the fight has left us . As it is the title is no longer in our hands we will need other teams to do us favours not one but at least 3 , yes 3 favours and we MUST win every game that comes up.
    Painful and disappointed cos I was one of those who stuck my head out and said we have already won the league. But all isn’t really lost there are still twists that can still come up in the upcoming games I will keep hope alive but the confident optimism I had is all gone. COYG.

  16. Certainly apainful day for us all but I do try – and urge others to do so- to lokk furthe rahead than this season and count our blessings for thr undeniable fact that our belove dclub is making huge and excoting strides Yes we came up short this season and I personally think our key injuries, esp to SALIBA have been the most damaging cause .

    It was always on the cards with our small (in real top quality) squad. Very small in top quality players, esp when compared to City.

    Building true depth takes time and time means patience. But patience is not generally in abundance on fan sites, nor this one either.

  17. Only positive for me is that even our expected ‘collapse’ yielded a string of annoying draws that in season’s past would have been crushing defeats.

    1. That’s not true.
      Going 2:0 up and losing the game in the past?

      You need to calm your laurels.
      I remember Arsenal coming from 3:0 down to draw 3:3 against Bournemouth.

      They still have the same issue of the past, so no positive.

      We’re lucky some big team like Liverpool and Chelsea are not in it this season.

      Do you think Chelsea will not be part of our tough game had they have a good season?
      We even have chance against Liverpool coz Liverpool are not the same.

      So no positive from the 3 consecutive draw

    2. The last three draws were in their entirety as bad as three defeats, when you analyse what happened in those games. Massively damaging draws and horrible performances.

      1. Arsenal can’t take the pressure it’s simple has that ,they are a young Side I know but seem very cocky in their playing sometimes, Again same old arsenal after winning in some games they sit back even if there 45 minutes to go then loose or draw, viera completely out of he’s depth more like a trainee, gesus let’s be honest not a prolific goal scorer that’s why pep guardiola got rid of him and zinchenco seems stale at times,, I feel sorry for saka he seems the only one that’s looks like he’s giving he’s all but if players around him can’t perform you can’t do it all alone , ramsdale a great keeper but again at fault for some goals specialy against Southampton again that’s the cockyness,,face it arsenal need maturity and lots of confidence which they havnt got if they don’t win the title now not sure they will for a while , mancity are a mighty force and manunited, Liverpool, Tottenham and even Chelsea will only get stronger

        1. Yet we have been top for most of the season only two goals behind City in scoring, the best away record in the PL, if you can’t see this team getting better, stronger and more experienced in the future, then you have no idea about football

          1. Thats not what is being discuss!!!!!! What is being duscussed it the problems that were always on the horizon and have come to fruition. We haven’t (if we have) lost the premier league because of city, we will have lost it through obvious failings. The last 3 results have been shambolic from Arsenals point of view but a lot of people saw it coming. Thats the worry.

          2. There is obviously a great future we can look forward to. It would be disappointing if we can’t win the PL having led for so long but this team still has great potential.
            Unfortunately, there are some fans who are completely invested in relentless negativity.

          3. Why aren’t you managing Arsenal? Or Real perhaps? Hell, why not go whole hog and manage England? Because according to you, the only person that has a right to an opinion, a ‘correct opinion’, on anything regarding football – is you.

      2. Reggie, the mathematics of it is that 3 draws yields the same points as 1 win and 2 defeats.

  18. I think we should not condemn the opinion of the fan that wrote that we have list the title battle for ManCity. Let us be realistic, the guy is not alone because I have the same believe that we have lost the League title to ManCity. Its obvious the roles played by Granit Xhaka and Saliba just showed our weaknesses at the back and midfield. We should note that we lost 6 points in three matches securing only 3 points from 9. Too bad. To win the Premiership, the team must be consistent. In the last couple 9f matches we have not been that consistent at all. We need the full points in the drawn games. I do not see ManCity dropping points now and for that reason, I think we have lost it. I was expecting we would pile up points yesterday by beating the bottom log team by 6 goals to reduce the goal difference, but alas what did we get? Just lucky to secure one point. We were horrible yesterday. Zinchenco was too slow for my liking showing his indecisiveness with the ball. Vieira did not perform at all and showed he had no business being in the team. At the beginning we had a very good defence, but now it’s horrible conceding stupid goals anyhow. Runners Up is there for us. Too bad. This uis football

  19. The problem that writers such as Konstantin have , who vent their spleen so vociferously and so often on a site peopled by fans who deeply love our club, is that most of us- myself included – simply write them off as lacking any sense of perspective and forward thinking and pan their articles, predictably too.

    Perennial woe seekers such as Konstantin would be well advised to look up and act upon the meaning of the words “BALANCE” and “PERSPECTIVE”.
    I am in the process of writing an article for JA with a TOTALLY different take from Konstantins about our immediate future, esp after this season.

    Whatever remains this season will soon be unravelled, but whatever happens, what we have already achieved as a club and as a team is STUNNINGLY POSITIVE!

    Wiser fans would be well advised to keep that in mind.

  20. A friend sent me a funny video clip of an Arsenal supporter in a panic because Arsenal were ‘top of the league.’ It was funny because it played to this sentiment that ignores reality in favor of hyperbole.

    Arsenal have not lost anything. In fact, Arsenal have 5 points more than Manchester City. Points on the board are always preferred to the proverbial ‘two in the bush;’ that is, the two games Man City have yet to play.

    A reality check. City has dropped twenty points this season; losing four times and drawing four times. While City certainly do have the potential to win both of the two games they have not yet played, they also have the potential to lose them.

    What Arsenal have done is surrender control of the title race. Before this run of three draws, the Gunners were i nthe driver’s seat. If they won their games, they were champions. While that makes a nice story, it was always unlikely. Arsenal had and have a brutal run in; with Liverpool (A), Man City (A), Newcastle (A), and Brighton (H).

    City have an easier run-in, but that is a funciton of having already played and beaten, drawn or lost to the teams Arsenal have yet to face. Even so, a City run-in of Arsenal (H), Fulham (A), Chelsea (H), and Brentford (A) is no cakewalk.

    The title is still very much up for grabs and Arsenal, while no longer able to determine their own fate, are still far from beaten. It would be nice to know why Smith Rowe, someone with a good goal scoring record is seemingly out of the team… hopefully this is not a cut of his nose to spite his face situation like last season’s banishment of Aubamayang.

    Regardless, it will be an exciting race to the finsh line.

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