Arsenal have no choice but to keep Wenger on – and the bookies agree

So the day of judgement is nearly upon us, with Arsenal Wenger having had a private meeting with the Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke yesterday, and the full Board meeting scheduled for today. After our long period of uncertainty over Le Prof’s future, it would seem that the bookies and gamblers are now certain that Wenger will be renewing his contract and he is as short as 1/5 on to stay.

Although it is certain that Kroenke and the Board are more than happy for Wenger to carry on business as usual, the 67 year-old may still surprise everyone by turning down the offer. Even Ian Wright, who has often been critical of Wenger this season, has now said that the Board really have no choice but to keep him on for at least one more campaign to pinpoint a proper replacement, although he is not so sure that Wenger will accept. “I’ve got a nasty feeling Arsene Wenger will walk away from the Arsenal job today – and leave the club totally in the lurch,” Wright was quoted as saying.

“And you would have to say it would serve them right, because there has been absolutely no forward planning for the day when Wenger finally left the Emirates.

“The only way the board should have allowed him to run down his contract yet again is if they had private assurances from him that he was staying.

“Otherwise, it is total incompetence from the board to get to this stage.”

Surely a Board that is so prudent financially would not have let it go this far unless they had inside knowledge of the outcome? The bookies obviously think so!

So who is right?

Sam P


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Looks like a another fine mess this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start the season with Sanchez, and Ozil still at the club, but still with no new contract signed for either of them. If Wenger stays, we all know we’ll be going into next season underprepared as usual. Nothing will change people!

  2. GoonerKev84 says:

    Arsenal board meeting – A room full of pensioners on their knees begging a man who’s ego is bigger than Wembley and the emirates combined to stay on for another 21 years! After pen to paper is done its business as usual back to 4-5-1 Giroud up top Holding benched, come March the excuses we didn’t expect Cazorla to still be out Koscielnys red card was harsh Europa league is tougher than we expected the players are fatigued after a return to form in mid April I believe this team has unbelievable mental strength we have an fa cup final to play 18 other club would love to be in our position judge me at the end of the season.

    1. bran99 says:

      lol.. super summary

  3. Onochie says:

    Wenger is afraid of leaving Arsenal where he is a semi-god with nobody questioning his authority and going to a club where he will be questioned and tasked weekly……….so he’s afraid that going to another club would expose him,meaning that he’s going to stay put. Remember he already started reminding people of the invincible season,the seventh FA cup,but forgot to remind people of 20 years in champions league with just one final,13 years without a league trophy,etc

  4. ANAND says:

    I am OK with another year of absolute confusion without Wenger. At least will see the exit of Kroenke by next year and then we will see resurgence. There is no future for the club with the combine of Wenger & Kroenke. In fact Kroenke must have asked Wenger to stay to see the sale of Sanchez, Ozil & Bellerin and retain average players. You may even hear Wenger say the Per is a new signing for the season after his great display in FA Cup Final. When you hear average players like Ramsey & Coq talk about Arsenal is Arsene Wenger, you know it a a club of losers. There is no future for the club with Wenger & Kroenke. Sorry to say this but let us face facts and move on.

  5. SAMF says:

    Another two years of misery and discontent … Useless board, clueless manager, deluded fans …
    Same old, same old …

  6. kklin says:

    Chill out guys. All we should be thinking about right now is how we can win the EPL and EL next season irrespective of who the manager will be.

    1. Janssen says:

      And how exactly does our thinking about how to win the EPL change anything? Wenger’s thinking about it for the last 13 years didn’t even change anything.

  7. Vlad says:

    I can’t laugh at all those predicting nothing but doom and gloom. Probably the same bunch that said we’ll lose 6-0 to Chelsea in the FA Cup final. First of all, how about we wait and see until the deal is officially announced. Secondly, let’s see if any changes are made, such as appointment of a director of football. Thirdly, before making any suggestions as to who we should sign, we might wanna try and keep Sanchez, Ozil, and Ox. Then we can debate who else we should bring in, and talk about tactics, formation, and so on and so forth. Last season we started poorly, and mainly it was due to our international stars coming back from playing in Europe, and other competitions. This time around it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t see us losing to Pool or anyone else 4-3 on the opening day. If we can retain our main guys, make a few decent signings, start the season strong, I see us competing for trophies, and that’s regardless of what Wenger decides to do.

    1. Vlad says:

      * “… can’t help but laugh”

      1. Janssen says:

        You assume things changing at Arsenal. I have not seen anything change at Arsenal for the last 5 years. We continue to be chaotic and reactive in the transfer market, we continue to fail to sign players who will contribute goals, we continue to have the weak mental strength and implode as soon as we are expected to deliver, and we continue to make a mild resurgence once the PL is gone.

        Signing Sanchez and Ox and Ozil would be the minimum but what did we do this past season when we had all three of them? We didn’t exactly set the PL on fire.

        I am not being obnoxious or disrespectful but I honestly don’t think it makes any difference who we sign. I doubt Wenger will change his ways and all of a sudden start believing he needs a top striker or all of a sudden realize that he won’t win the PL with Ramsey and Giroud as his mainstays. Yes, they combined for a nice FA Cup goal but can we really believe they have another gear in them we have not yet seen?

        We have waited too long and fallen too far to dream about the Lacazettes or Aubamayang’s those players are now just pipe dreams for us. Even if we keep Sanchez we need more scoring threats upfront if you ask me.

        I need a hug.

        1. vickguns says:

          @jassen.. what a nice comment. But what assurance will you give to me that any of the sticker u mentioned will make it in EPL or in arsenal. we’ve seen tales of moonlight in football. I’ve seen high-prolific striker like balotteli, ispas, immobile, and many others change team and loss their forms.
          welback is not gud enough, Giroud is too slow, Ozil don’t shine in big games, coq, Ramsey, wacott all average. come on, get over ursef and stay behind d team.
          it is high time, we as fans know our place in the game. whether wenger stays or not, he buys player or not.. once a gunner always a gunner.

          and for those praying wenger to turn down the board offer.. you better pray hard cause if he leaves then get ready to do a man u and liverpool spell of yrs outside champions league games.

          I’m a gunner. so are u.

  8. Yossarian says:

    Wright is right!

    The board appear to have done no preparation for the era that will follow the departure of a manager that will be 68 years old before Christmas, doing a high-profile, extremely stressful job. That seems stupid regardless of whether you think he should stay or go.

    I love Wrighty!

  9. Yossarian says:

    I remember Arsenal bought Ian Wright from Crystal Palace when I was a school kid.

    I was so happy. He was my first real football hero. What a legend!

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