Arsenal have no “serious bid on the table for Aubameyang” – Newcastle not interested

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seems to have fallen out very badly with Mikel Arteta and has been stripped of his captain’s armband. He was left to train alone before he went to AFCON, and we are not expecting him back for at least a month. It could be that he has played his last game for the Gunners, but with his age and massive wages it will not be easy to find suitors willing to take him on.

It was thought that Newcastle were rich enough and desperate enough for a striker that they could have been interested, but according to Fabrizio Romano, they are looking for a much younger player for that position.

This is what Romano said on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube Channel: “To be honest, it’s a very complicated situation from the transfer market point of view and also when I ask people close to Arsenal, because they don’t have a serious bid on the table for Aubameyang. We have a lot of rumours about Newcastle and other clubs, but as of now, it’s nothing advanced,”

“From Newcastle, I’m told they have different priorities. Their priority is young strikers at Newcastle, they want experienced players like Kieran Trippier would be, but they also want young talents and that’s what they want to do with a striker.”

Of course there is no certainty that Arsenal are even trying to find a buyer, although there have been many rumours, but can anyone seriously suggest who would buy him?

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    1. Actually he has also tested positive for idleness and being a playboy. Just get him out of our club ASAP!

  1. There seem to be a series of problems offloading Auba.
    1. Virtually no resale value
    2. High wages meaning we may have to subsidize the transfer
    3. Another player frozen out, and any interested team will clearly under-bid because they know he is not wanted at Arsenal and club is desperate to sell.

    Handled poorly from player, manager, and all the way up the chain. Perhaps a better way would have been to bench the player, and not feature in a couple matches.
    Then bring him on to finish a game we are leading 2-0 or more in the last 10-15 minutes.

    Just a thought, I am not aware of any issues behind the scenes and their may be much more here than us fans know.

  2. The rag and bone man might give us fourpence for him and be overpaying, even if he did.

    He is the sort of person we urgently need gone from our club. He is another Ozil, as he refuses to work hard and is not professional about his career any more.

  3. Why on EARTH WOULD A CLUB LIKE Newcastle, now cash rich and desperate to stay in the Prem be remotely interested in a non tryer, when their whole Prem life depends on them getting in 100% tryers who passionately want to play for the shirt.

    Auba is about the single last man on EARTH I’d wish to buy, if I managed Newcatle.
    EDDIE HOWE IS FAR TOO SHREWD TO EVEN CONSIDER AUBA, which is a good reason they may well stay up. They probably will stay up, given their financial clout.

    A pity if they succeed though, as I PASSIONATLY WANT THIS CORRUPTLY OWNED CLUB TO FAIL. I think most fans of all clubs, save only themselves, also want them to be relegated.

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