Arsenal have real concerns about burnout of Alexis Sanchez

There was one good thing to come out of the Copa America match for Arsenal fans last night, and that was that our Player of the Year Alexis Sanchez did not pick up an injury. He and his Chilean international team Eduardo Vargas edged out Peru and will now play the final against Argentina or Paraguay on Saturday evening, or the early hours of Sunday morning for those of us watching in Europe.

So just one more game for Alexis before he gets a well earned rest and boy, does he look like he needs it. We know that the 26-year old is a bit of a machine and just wants to play football, but Arsene Wenger spoke about him getting close to burnout point halfway through last season and it started to show on the pitch.

He did not really get much of a break even then as the boss could not risk doing without him, so after playing 54 games for Barcelona and then having an extended World Cup finals in the heat of Brazil, Alexis played another 52 games for the Gunners in a season extended by the FA cup final and now by the south American championships.

We can take some heart from the fact that the striker did look fresher in the first three group games, after just a short break, so we can hope that the three weeks or so he will have after the Final will be enough to recharge his batteries, because he did look jaded last night.

Alexis did try his best but could not exert his usual influence and just did not have that same spark that made him such a hit in the Premier League. Could this turn out to be a major problem for Arsenal at the start of next season?

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  1. On that 52nd match of the season alexis scores a wonder goal in the fa cup final ! Load of bollox if u ask me.the guy has as much natural stamina as anyone . I think people get a dip in form and burnout confused . He will get his rest tho anyway

    1. Huh! Should finding a remedy for a burnout be a problem?…….copa america ends 4th july and our next game is on the 2nd of august……. What’s the gap for!……c’mon, give his a flight Ticket to dubai or to north korea’s finest spa, so he could have a warm bath and a massage

  2. Sanchez is a superb player- but I’m not sure he knows how to look after himself-

    Think Wenger over used him at times, hard to blame him for that – he carried the team in the first half of the season

    I hope and believe we can give him a little more test this season

  3. He will play Argentina. They just beat Paraguay 6-1.
    He has a Little time now, and then some after.
    Important IMO is …NO injury pls

    1. I think an injury that keeps him out for about two months would be a blessing in disguise, provided we buy another world class attacker who gets a full pre season. That will mean we’ll have a fully rested Alexis in the first week of September, just after the window closers. He deserves a rest and I can’t think of any other way he’ll agree to one.

  4. We have Villa and West Ham at home followed by Palace away with no Champions League play off games to prioritize.
    I hope we give him his well deserved rest and he comes back fresh. If we’re not confident of getting through those three fixtures with 9pts in his absence we have bigger things to worry about…

    1. precious 9pts…….won’t give that away for anything………those tiny teams sure knows how to cause an upset………we gotta be careful!

  5. We do have back
    up for Sanchez.
    12 players at least.
    Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry
    Podolski Wellbeck Campbell Sanogo
    Rosicky Ramsey Wilshere Ozil Cazorla.

    1. not good enough…

      Alexis single handly win games for us…..

      we need a quality backup…

      1. i recall u saying “Alexis is sh*t” sometime ago and i also recall u cheering for villa and benteke in the last F.A cup finals..u even went as far as giving em handicap goals……. This one’s for you Hafiz

    2. I think 12 is pushing it. But Arsenal have at least 5 players who can fill in here and there when needed. Walcott, Ox, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky, etc.

  6. Arsenal should look beyond his burnout and seek his guidance on fitness and form. Players like the wilshere,ozil or giroud are not a 60+ match fit players where their motivation relies on sporadic form. Look at Chelsea and their back four unchanged for whole of the campaign and this should be the motivation rather than a story of burnout.

  7. How many silly articles about this will we see prior to September.

    Yes. He will need a rest. But resting him is easy – just don’t play him for 3 or 4 weeks. Arsenal are a deep team and should be able to handle that easily. Please.

  8. walcott and wilshere are back. so will the ox and Danny bwoy. that’s three players who can play on the right. not to mention oz and tomas. no need to play him the first couple of games.
    I see the vidal rumors have died down. back to reality are we. vidal to be a backup do coq or play alongside him as santa, ramsey and jack sit on the bench.

  9. This quistion highlights our weakness if sanchez is out we need a top varsatile left winger,Abumeyang is the best option for me trigger his buyout clause and dortmond will be powerless to keep I rate him higher than reus who is more expensive.Wc strikers are not available but we should aim for versatile winger fekir greizmann,reus …..

    1. Wenger almost never goes with 2 wingers anyway. Last season he was mostly using Sanchez on the left and Ramsey was sort of pretending to play RW but we all know he was really just another CAM. Even Sanchez rotates out of the LW and goes central often.

      So if Wenger does not use Welbeck or Ozil as replacement LW he will just put a winger on the right and put a CAM on the pitch to pretend playing LW instead of RW.

      When was the last time Arsenal used 2 actual wingers at the same time?? I would like to see 2 wingers, but with Wenger I don’t see it happening.

  10. We dont need a DM Jack Arteta Chambers can assist le coq seeing they are taking wages and they dont get game time,Ramsay already playing on the wing bcuz of Santi we cant afford any other midfielder this obsession with another dm must stop! monacoh game shows need secret weapon upfront sometimes

  11. We dont need a DM Jack Arteta Chambers can assist le coq seeing they are taking wages and they dont get game time,Ramsay already playing on the wing bcuz of Santi we cant afford any other midfielder this obsession with another dm must stop! monacoh game shows we need a secret weapon upfront sometimes

  12. Wenger has already said sanchez will get at least a month off and will miss start of prem league season so he will get a decent break then will come back fresh and be ready to fire the gunners to be prem league champs!

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