Arsenal have signed a real STAR says Wenger

Arsene Wenger is clearly happy with this particular piece of transfer business, although it has some way to go before it starts to look as good a transfer as the signing of the superb Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona in the summer.

But the manager is very happy with what he has seen so far from the Gunners’ first signing of the January transfer window. The Frenchman is of course reluctant to put much pressure on Krystian Bielik, but he has suggested in an report that the 17-year old midfielder from Legia Warsaw could start to feature and have an impact on the Arsenal first team a lot sooner than most of us expected.

Our new Gunner has been training with his new team mates this week and Wenger admits that he will not be available to play for about three weeks or so as the winter break in Poland, as well as Bielik’s age and physique, mean that he is not ready for the rigours of the Premier League and English football just yet. But he has obviously been impressive in the training sessions so far.

Wenger said, “I would say, considering his age, he’s more one for the future.

“But let’s be open minded and let [him] surprise us. The first signs that we see are very positive in training.

“Because they had the winter break in Poland, we are just at the starting point of building him up fitness-wise.

“He’s a young boy and he has a huge talent.”

I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing this young Gunner on the pitch, especially if he really does deserve the comparisons with our former captain and midfield general Patrick Vieira.

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  1. Krystian bielik will get his time to shine for arsenal! He definitely has the talent to be a future star for the gunners! Coyg!

    1. Some rugby kids over here in NZ
      at 17 are 6′ 3′ 110 k or 17.5 stone
      so it been happening for a while.
      Mind you these are mostly Pacific Island kids
      Samoans and Tongans. Actually Samoans and Fijians
      breed fast powerful brilliant athletes who are
      footballs great yet to be discovered gold mine.

  2. All you can do is try to get players who appear to have the talent – the rest is training followed by speculation, luck and hope.

    We shall see in the future if he is a star. Now he is not.

  3. We do not need a star at DM.
    Just some one who can do the job.
    Arteta and Flame are over the hill
    Coquelin is a tad small. A B2B like Vieira is not needed.
    Delaying and weakening the attack before they
    reach the back four is his major responsibility.
    Get Bielik on the tackle bags at Saracens rugby club
    and give him some sparing at the no teeth boxing
    club and boom a striker murderer is born 🙂
    I reckon Wenger will keep Arteta next term + use Chambers
    as cover and groom Bielik to be number one in 2016- 2017.
    No Scheiderlin Wanyama etc now.

  4. Carlos Nearly from south America has almost sighned without a work permit or passport.
    Jamie Carragher and the X manure player(I’ve forgoten his name)have promised not to do selfies because their too ugly.

  5. “we are grooming him up fitness wise”, no, you are not grooming him up fitness wise but injury wise.

    1. Our CM are the most injury prone ones ever.
      Arteta, Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey and Wilshere have all suffered long term injuries.

      1. Some hate hearing excuses, but its a real problem with how we can rarely make one mistimed tackle without getting carded and yet others are allowed to go two and three bad challenges or sometimes worse. Its as if refs believe Arsenal arent the most physical team so there not allowed to get physical whereas others are tall and physical so there allowed to be so.

        On Beilik… i have a feeling we are going to see him allot sooner than we expect which is an indictment on what is in front of him, all it will take is an injury to coq.

        I can see the benefits for some youngsters training with the first team but the worry is what do the seniors gain from this. Keown and Adams have spoken many times on how hard a time they gave Henry and co during training and even mentioned on how it was the making of them. We play very attractive football and it does entice opposition into a certain toughness of mindset but is it this brand of football that we train so hard to play or is it that we train with children which makes us so under prepared for battle, an element of both maybe but i think its a huge concern that we have a bunch of kids practising within fist team.

  6. Get rid of Arteta, Diaby and Flamini who are not good enough for Arsenal. Sign a new world class CDM in January or next season.

      1. @akuma gouki
        Thats no way to speak of
        our wonderful honest friends at Utd.
        The term is officially
        Fiscally. Related. Authorised. United. Development. 🙂

  7. Don’t get into a frenzy over this folks as he said the same of Quincy-owusu, Stepenov, Arshavin and the one Didier Drogba destroyed each time he played against him ( he now plays for. Aston Villa after his stint. at Fulham… know who I mean) and the list goes on. We shall have to wait and see if his statement here is true. As long as he doesn’t play him out of position or even in goal, thereby destroying yet another talent!

  8. It does look today as if Paulista deal will go through…can we apply for a work permit , and get one, BEFORE the transfer window closes, or are we just taking a chance here?

    It looks like the deal will in fact be over the £10 M ( with add ons) that will be one of the criteria next season, so perhaps Wenger thinks they will get it through this year

    I hope we get him, he looks a player

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