Arsenal have sold Joel Campbell – But who to???

I think all Arsenal fans knew that we wouldn’t be seeing Joel Campbell in an Arsenal shirt again after yet another unproductive loan arrangement last season. Campbell has been a Gunner for seven years but only ever made 23 appearances for the club and was sent out on loan an amazing seven times to France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. But now he has finally found a club in Italy who are willing to take him on full time, but to be honest I have never heard of the team, called Frosinone Calcio.

The Daily Star reported it like this….

Arsenal outcast Joel Campbell is undergoing a medical at Frosinone Calcio this morning ahead of his proposed move to Italy.

Frosinone want the deal rubber stamped and are giving the Costa Rica international the once over, according to media outlet Calciomercato.

Reports yesterday suggested he will pen three-year deal at the Serie A side.

Campbell, 26, spent last season on loan at La Liga outfit Real Betis.

Unai Emery was seemingly unimpressed with the pacy forward in pre-season and is ready to sanction his departure for a nominal sum.

So who Are Frosinone? They are a newly promoted side from the Lazio region of Italy, who came third in Serie B last season but won through the play-offs, and this will be only their second ever time in the Italian Top Flight. They also came up in 2016 but went straight back down after winning just 8 of their 38 matches, but when you consider they only reached the dizzy heights of Serie B just 10 years ago they have definitely been improving!

They have also moved to a new 16000 seater stadium which means they will probably break their record attendance this coming season, which previously stood at 12000. We may not have heard of them but I’m sure we’ll get regular updates on them this season, especially if Campbell plays well and saves them from relegation….



  1. sig denizen says:

    *”but to whom?”

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Hi Sig – if you’re going to start correcting the grammar on this site you’ve got one helluva task in front of you. For instance below are just two examples which you’ll find repeated every five minutes – imagine correcting every single instance!

      Could OF, should OF, would OF blah, blah, blah instead of could HAVE etc

      Loose instead of lose e.g. I didn’t want us to LOOSE against City (Let loose the dogs, don’t lose against Chelsea)

      So maybe just ignore for the sake of your own mental health – at least that’s what I do:)

      1. Sue says:

        Don’t forget they’re, their, you’re ??

        1. GunnerJack says:

          . . . and of course the old favourite ‘Guendouzi is better THAT Ramsey’. Sue we could go on for hours and have great fun but it’s now 11pm here in the Philippines and time for this old boy to hit the sack.
          PS If you get bored you could compile a list for some of us to have a chuckle at! Not sure it would be appreciated by all on here though . . . 🙂

          1. Sue says:

            I might just do that! Sleep well

      2. jon fox says:

        Also “Arsenal have”, instead of Arsenal “has”. Arsenal is single, being one entity, and not plural , so “has ” is correct. But do I give a damn on a football site? No, I dont! As a lfelong student of English language, I CARE DEEPLY ABOUT USING CORRECT WORDS TO DESCRIBE THOUGHTS. But to correct the spelling and punctuation- or lack of such- from others is arrogant and liable to inflame opposition. So I do not do so. So glad you feel the same way.

  2. barryglik says:

    Joel Campbell’s career thus far
    has involved no fewer than 25 moves
    in a bewildering footballing odyssey.
    Saprissa to Puntarenas to Saprissa to Puntarenas to Saprissa
    to Arsenal to Lorient to Arsenal to Lorient to Arsenal
    to Real Betis to Arsenal to Real Betis to Arsenal
    to Olympiakos to Arsenal to Olympiakos to Arsenal
    to Villareal to Arsenal to Villareal to Arsenal
    to Sporting to Arsenal to Sporting to Arsenal
    to Real Betis to Arsenal to Real Betis to Arsenal
    to Frosinone to…
    From obscurity to obscurity and back again 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. McLovin says:

      He’s been travelling!

      Costa Rica

  3. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Don’t care where ever he joins good luck to him.waiting for elneny,bellerin,xhaka to be sold off as well

    1. gotanidea says:

      Don’t sell Bellerin, he is still a good attacking right back

      He is good in taking on the opponents, unlike Ozil, Xhaka and Mkhitaryan

  4. McLovin says:

    Maybe we can offload Mkhitaryan and Özil to China next summer? Özil has a huge fan base so I think a Chinese team would pay a lot of money to Arsenal and the player himself if he was to move. Same goes for Mkhitaryan.

  5. l says:

    I am becoming increasingly worried about your comments and if you do not stop trying to incite others I will ban you completely.
    Last warning – Talk honestly or don’t comment at all….

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I don’t think this ‘I’ is admin – and so should be immediately banned for impersonation:)

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