Arsenal have taken one huge step in their progress under Mikel Arteta

Arsenal continues with their upward trajectory under Mikel Arteta.

No one should get too carried away with the 4-0 win over Newcastle United, they are not a top side by any stretch of the imagination but the win does extend the mini unbeaten run in the Premier League to six games.

Arsenal has lost just one game in ten in all competitions since Mikel Arteta took charge, that is quite impressive considering the state the team was in when the Spaniard was employed.

No one is saying that Arsenal are now a formidable side, but they are certainly a far better side than they have been all season long and the win over Newcastle was the culmination of what Arteta has brought to the club.

Drawing so many games has not been good, everyone knows this including the players and manager but some perspective is required.

Only Liverpool has lost fewer games than Arsenal, Man City and Leicester City have lost the same number of games as Arsenal, six, Tottenham and Man Utd have lost eight apiece and Chelsea nine.

Of course, wins have been scarce, just seven this campaign, that is fewer than even Newcastle but once Arsenal does start converting the draws into wins then the table will look a lot different.

The win over Newcastle yesterday was a huge step because it was a game that could have easily been a banana skin, Newcastle has beaten some huge teams this season but they could not live with Arteta’s men in the second half.

Arsenal are far from being the finished article, they still have a long way to go but they are now heading in the right direction and that is all we can ask for right now.


  1. Not sure we have taken a huge step, we have taken a step forwards in that game but to be fair, its its something that we should be doing at home, just as a given. I think perspective is needed and we need to take even bigger steps forward. Its a win against Newcastle and thats a start more than a big step. Would it be a step backwards if we dont win next week?

  2. Reggie is always the pessimist! Can’t you be optimistic for once? Why don’t you give credit where it is due and blame when it is the appropriate thing to do? Why do you always look at the negative side? When we win it is an accident, when we lose it is what is expected!

    1. Im a realist pal and dont accuse me of something thats bollox. I have never said anything of the sort about it being an accident at all. Get your facts right ! Plus dont try and tell people they are negative or positive, it is opinion. I stated about the match that the first half was dire which it was and the second half was much more of what was expected, which it was. Dont accuse people for having an opinion of being negative all the time when it is not true. I have been positive about Saka, about pepe, about Gouendouzi about all sorts of things. I say it as i see it but i dont go all gushy over small things, like some.

  3. You can tell by the teams celebrations during and after the match that a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulder, I think the Newcastle game will for the first time give them real belief that we have a great team if they all put in a shift and that the future looks better then the past finally

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