Arsenal have the arrogance to KNOW we will win!

Reading may not be the hardest opponents in the world for Arsenal to face today, especially on form and history, but the Gunners also know that last year Wigan took us right down to the wire before going through to the Final on penalties.

This year will be different, according to Mikel Arteta, and he believes that Arsenal are a better team better prepared, and even thinks we are more arrogant!

“We are very determined now and we believe that we can beat any team,” the Gunners captain said. “We have a little of the arrogance that you need before the game, where you are sure if you do the right things you will win the game.

“We’ve got the best squad that we’ve had for years – since I’ve been here, for sure the best squad in numbers and quality. We’re in a really good position now compared to where we were in November.

“The experience last year was a bit stressful because we were the big dogs and we had to win it,” he added. “In the semi-final and the final things went against us at the start and we had to get back into the game to win from a losing position.

“That was a big experience and this week we have prepared really well, we know a lot about Reading’s threats and where we can hurt them, and I think everybody’s going to be very aware because we don’t want to go through that again. If we can score early, it will be much better.”

It will be much better for the fans too, as we had to endure the torture of nearly seeing Arsenal lose the semi-final (and the Final!) last year. Please don’t put us through that again Mikel…..

VIDEO – How Arsenal got to Wembley this year

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  1. We MUST win. But we can lose if we field a weaker team and not play our best.

    We shouldn’t be arrogant. We should be positive and believe that our quality and strengths will see us through If we work hard. No arrogance. Respecting Reading is a key to winning

  2. We must not be complacement!!! Not to make same mistake as Monoco!!! We give them a reading LESSONS!!!!

  3. Dont worry guys, even if Wenger place slightly weaker team it doesnt mean we will lose, competition in teams means if you play bad you will lose your position if you don belive me look at Szcz, so they will not have that luxery to play bad, so i belive we will defeat them no matter who plays!!! coyg 4-0 for Arsenal !!!

    1. Our good run coincidentally started when Wenger acted tough with Szcz.
      And arguably more energy and pressing has been shown by team since then.

  4. We’ve already won this one, wish i were there to cheer dem boys but dang ur boi he jobless n broke so, i check the scores on my phone, coyg, foys, foyc,

  5. We’ve already won this one, wish i were there to cheer dem boys but dang ur boi can’t afford that now, the future is great tho, id check the scores on my phone, coyg, foys, foyc,

  6. I don’t think sanchez will be dressed, i couldn’t spot him out in training on photos taken on friday.
    Could someone else confirm this?

  7. All i really hope for is Arsenal to take this match serious enough to do what it takes to win it, as well as not to put in too much in this match, making us not optimalized for the chelsea-match. If we want both FA-cup and 2nd place, we (of course) have to win against reading, and a win against Chelsea would surely put us on a safe run for the second place (hell, if manure beat them too, we might even have a shot at the PL title too, but lets not worry about that until it’s a good chance of it happening

  8. I’m going to say this and it’s really tough for me to say. I want Chelsea to win to Utd away from us and we’ll have a game in hand to extend the gap to 4 points if we beat Sunderland at home which I expect us to. Let’s face it Chelsea aren’t going to slip to allow anyone to catch them and with that I rather get 2nd than 3rd…

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